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  1. That’s awesome Rob! even wore the shirt! Dang, that is a “no joke” brake system!! 😎
  2. Today I started the flatbed, cause I hadn’t in a month..... Then worked on the rear brakes on “buck”, Reinstalled the wheel cylinders, packed the bearings, roughed up the drums ( inside) bent a couple lines. then the rain drove me inside, so I made a tube “nut holder” ( 5/16” on top 1/4” on the bottom) I made it for salvaging tube nuts that are in decent shape but rusted to the old brake lines (cause it makes me smile 😊) Fun day!
  3. So, from what I can tell, the real lesson on this thread.... Don’t let that Tom’sB2B talk you into bidding on stuff 😂 ( crazy Californian 😘)
  4. Kind of sounds like it could be the “blend door” to me, but your mechanic probably has a better idea. That stalling out thing is weird... I suppose the pressure at the fuel rail was checked. I heard that “ slime” in the system is a killer keep us updated Todd, I am curious
  5. oh, well there you go, never mind...… i'm just lazy
  6. I like how close you placed it to the sandblasting shed, spent sand = good drainage our is next to the chicken coop
  7. yeah, but when we gonna get some "new" vids from him??? come on 48 get on it!!! (the crowd is chanting in the back ground, "new vids, new vids, new vids....." )
  8. LOL, you are NOT alone, in fact we need to start a "club" for those who get sidetracked.... been working on my b3b for 35years!
  9. Great job Glenn! I also like the vice jaw guards 😊
  10. Jeez Roland this one has me “stumped” LOL It’s a tree separator, used to encourage social distancing in conifers 😁
  11. we also haven’t done a garden in years Julie and I recycled the wood from a one ton truck bed recently planted cool weather veggies in this raised bed. Have a larger area in a sunnier spot in the ground for the warmer weather veggies, but are a month away for that.....
  12. I took a gamble one time on a set of double horns for my truck. I was willing to pay a certain amount but, every time I placed my bid,I was immediately out bid. Getting frustrated I kept bidding until I drove the price up to three times what I was willing to pay. I figured, if they want them that bad they’d have to pay. looking back it wasn’t cool and I could have been burned..... i haven’t done it since, but it sure made me feel better at the time 😊
  13. Ok, cleaned up the booster, blasted and zinc plated (home done) some parts. Threw on some leftover paint cost= free Installed a “minor” rebuild kit cost= $50. eBay Most expensive area so far, Sent the wheel cylinders up to be re sleeved cost= $400. Includes; re sleeving, brake switch, bleeder screw for the booster, new “crush washers”, the 3 rubber hoses and shipping 1-1/2” Master cylinder Rebuild kit Cost= $22. Rock auto Parts look SO pretty, too bad it won’t last 😊 Cleaned up some more of the two speed parts. The back of the speedometer switch had a rusted pivot and a disintegrated spring. I was able to pop the rivet, work the pivot free and replace the spring with one I had lying around. I took apart the shift cable and cleaned it up, took some kinks out, re lubed it.... little smoother cost for both= free (so far just the labor)
  14. Glenn, you gonna try and make it? hey 48d, hopefully you are not gonna try and serve those burgers and dogs that were bought for the 13th are you?
  15. can't wait!, although, when l tell Julie about this event, it will be "international work on your truck month" ( SHHH, don't say anything to her )
  16. Congrats! 😊 Hey ignore the PM I sent you.. good luck
  17. What’s the verdict? You driving it yet? 😊
  18. Well it’s about time they wrote a song 😊
  19. If it was me, I’d check the compression first (like PA and Rob said)
  20. Lol, here’s one Paul https://portland.craigslist.org/clk/bar/d/tenino-trade-for-cummins-work-truck/7114064619.html
  21. OK, I confess!!! I am JAMESSHANKS!!! I post Chevrolet adds cause I like to get Frank all worked up! LOL, not really but now I am considering it...…
  22. (pssst, dude, your rubbers cracked ) come on Haydehn! all the cool kids are double clutchin'...….. "can't find em, grind em" I want a 5speed!!!!
  23. All the deaths are sure not a good thing but, personally, I am seeing a few benefits as well. .In some respects, I feel like I have been given the “gift of time”. (Getting to some projects I’ve put off) .We don’t watch the “news” anymore.... all they talk about is the virus. .Been in Contact with more family members some other things I notice is; .I see neighbors getting out and talking with each other .i hadn’t seen a “pan handler” on an off ramp in about a month... make me wonder if they are now getting help from the resources that can help. .local traffic reminds me of traffic 30yrs ago . Fuel prices are low Just my observation 😊
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