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  1. Toliet paper rack for the big Taco Tuesday make up party...... 48D
  2. Worked on my race truck today, "The Brick"........doing my best, to continue to domesticate the poor bastard. lol I sorted out a low-side bed for it, and unfroze a correct "side" mirror. The replacement mirror always bothered me....well, because I knew it was wrong. The correct mirror frame, casing, housing, which ever....has its pivot off center. I unstuck the pivot and got it ready for some shaping and new reflective glass. Its slightly larger too, but not much, .....so there you go. My truck is far from original, so who knows why an incorrect mirror would bug me. 48D
  3. Hmmmm.......restricted diesel particulate filter? 48D
  4. OK.....Thank goodness for Brent, Tim and Mark to keep me on my toes.... COVID-19 has kept me pretty busy out here......and not with the trucks! IWOYTD is normally in the last days of May, so the International Work On Your Truck Day #9 is ALL WEEKEND AND MONDAY!!! No excuses from me, its awesome to know its still a thing nine years later. The Five Rules: 1. Work on your truck. Not Mark's, but yours...unless you are Mark, then work on your truck buddy. Its not done....it needs a working pass side mirror. 2. Report what you did to the Forum, not the girl at the post office, she doesn't care, she's just trying to get the junk mail sent out. 3. Post a picture of what you did. Its all good, sitting in it counts.....but at least hold a hammer or something. 4. Explain how you got the truck, what inspires you about it. 5. Try to share the days experience as soon as you can!!! Sharing is caring!!!.....Believe it or not, your story could inspire one of us to get back to it! Your story could help build another truck!!! Good luck!!!! ITS HERE NOW!!! 48D
  5. *sigh* We lost greybeard a few years back and Don Coatney just at the end of this last year........ They both posted great stuff, glad you're using the search option my friend. 48D
  6. 1948-53 Dodge Truck: There's a U bracket that all the front sheet rest on. The U bracket rests on the cross member for the engine. The U bracket is shimmed with washers to bring the front fender and doors jams inline with each other. I've never seen more than 2 or so washers per post. 48D Enjoying your thread Thrashfit.
  7. This is the stand I took the motor off of. The 230 is a teaching motor, so to speak. I might get it running, I don't know. The stand is made from a wrecked frame that I welded some legs on. I didn't know I'd use the dang thing so much, so I'm welding up the weak spots and then painting it. The engine will go back in and continue to entertain those who want to learn. 48D
  8. What's funny is I made an engine stand a few years back out of a cut frame (sold the back half) and just lifted the engine off of it yesterday. I plan on cleaning the stand up and painting it today. Guess I should show a picture of the levitating connector jammer deal. gimme a few minutes........ 48D
  9. I use a 2 point lift attachment. The tabs are flat steel and allow the Head Bolts to be torqued down pretty tight. I also remove the Doghouse so the lift height isn't to high. If you have a fluid-drive, and not a standard 3 or 4 speed....... you might consider taking just the engine. But usually they are removed together. Here's a series of videos I did on removing the Doghouse 10 years ago. links to the rest: Estrada MotorSports 1948-53 Dodge Trucks: 48 Dodge Truck Front Clip Removal part 2/4 Estrada MotorSports 1948-53 Dodge Trucks: 48 Dodge Truck Front Clip Removal part 3/4 Estrada MotorSports 1948-53 Dodge Trucks: 48 Dodge Truck Front Clip Removal part 4/4 48D
  10. I covered that in a Youtube video back 2016.......I'm sorry you missed it Jocko. 48D Estrada MotorSports 1948-53 Dodge Trucks: Steering Bracket
  11. I only open these posts to see what Frank sez.......lol. 48D
  12. I have the part and are cleaning it up for delivery! Glad to help Fiddy. 48D
  13. Looks good, and you done good! Was that my video you were referring to on youtube???? lol. 48Dodger Estrada MotorSports 1948-53 Dodge Trucks: Water Distribution Tube
  14. Jimi Hendrix ask to join Cream on stage during their rehearsal........they knew nothing about Hendrix at the time. They were the elite band .....they didn't know what to think. Hendrix plugged into Bruce's bass rig and played. What isn't said in this video is how much Jimi and Clapton grew to respect each other. 48D I am, a Hendrix fan.
  15. Its an on going concern about individuals that are posting only ads, not an active member so to speak......harmless, I guess, if you're not looking for anything Mopar specific. BUT, it is what it is...... 48D
  16. Last one I saw online was for $78,000 Hemmings Here it is...... 1956 Dodge Fageol 48D
  17. Glad to know you're in the garage Paul and not in the hospital......keep at it brother! 48D
  18. That's what we run in the Stockcar division, 4412 Holley.....of course they are 2bbl's on steroids...lol 48D
  19. The adjustable port valve is in a tough spot. I realize you could dial it in lil by lil....but having it up top would make it easier to make those adjustments. In circle track racing, the port valve is next to my shifter for adjustments on the fly. The rear brakes need to come in after the front brakes. It may not seem off until you hit it hard and lock up the back before the fronts have a chance to do their job. The plumbing is first rate, but I would like better access to the knob. imo 48D
  20. If the block is mild (slugs not zero at the deck and or stock valves) not sure a 650 dbl pumper is the best bet. If it's a spread bore vac/secondary it might give more back. Timing is dependent on vacuum....get that set first then find your advance. What's the bottom end like? What is your conv/stall spec? What is your rear axle gear ratio? What is your final drive ratio? What is the vehicle weight? Just trying to get a feel for the drivetrain. 48D
  21. Yah.....I think limited publication has kept the price high.....I plan on getting a hard copy for a bit of coin. 48D
  22. I'd like to think I helped create this monster.....thou I think its all our faults. Dr. 48Dodgerstien
  23. I'm sure it's bot of some kind....not an actual person. Never any replies to comments, etc...... 48Dodger: certified real person with a REAL DODGE/MOPAR TRUCK! Dang Dodgeb4ya....it does feel better..lol.
  24. BBQ 2020 is in the past, the future is now........I'M READY FOR BBQ #14 2021 BROTHER!!! Lets hope we get through the year with our health intact, and our jobs sound! Here's to friends!!!! Tim aka 48Dodger
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