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  1. AMAZzzzzzzzzzzing!! is right.....totally bitchin' movie. Of course had I made the movie.....Bullitt would have trashed the Mustang, beat up the bad guys, taken their 68 Charger, then drove off into the sunset....... end of movie. 48D
  2. ......... Movie..................................Why................ 1. Vanishing Point...............either one, 1971 or 1997 version 2. Le Mans...........................Steve Mcqueen 3. Bullitt................................1968 Charger and Steve McQueen 4. Rush..................................realism of the racing and level of story telling 5. Senna................................its just one of those documentaries that felt like a movie. 6. Crazy Larry Dirty Mary......Filmed in my neck of the woods and the crash scene was filmed on our field (they didn't ask..lol) 7. Star Wars 1977.................Han Solo and X-Wing Fighters (like I even needed to write that!) 48D
  3. Front end brace...? 48Der....
  4. The BBQ will be different this year… ...a mere gathering of a few locals, to acknowledge what normally is a simple gathering of so many. A place to say “hey” to vintage trucks, cars, and the old guys who love them. When the event is underway, a few forum names would come up....some asking questions like "wonder what he's like?" "wonder if he'll come out next year?" or "wouldn't it be great if that guy was here, I'd like to talk with him". But this year, it's a hope that everyone who has ever been here, everyone who’s hoped to be here, won’t forget, and try to be here next year. I feel a personal void, maybe its just me that hopes no one forgets. I really enjoy seeing everyone and plan to make the most of what I can, with what little there is. You guys are awesome. Each year I give out an award to someone who symbolizes the fun of meeting a person known only from the internet, someone you’d hope would be at the BBQ. It's what created the "Wish You Were Here Award". An award that reminds everyone on the forum, no matter where you're at, you're invited!! Past winners: 2008 Don Coatney 2009 Merle Coggins 2010 Hank aka HanksB3B 2011 Ed aka Young ED 2012 Bud aka Budstruck 2013 Tim Adams aka Plymouthy Adams 2014 Mark aka ggdad1951 and Davin aka Desotodav 2015 Joe Hanely aka 52b3 Joe 2016 Dave aka Dave72dt 2017 Rob aka Dodge4ya 2018 JB Neal 2019 Todd B This year it's tough, because I wish everyone was here….but circumstances say otherwise. I truly do wish you were here! But the reason so many of us have become friends is because of the continued efforts of one person. Someone who has been working at this for quite some time. He’s the gentleman behind the curtain, the trucker who tunes the algorithm when it's out of rhythm. He’s a dude who loves the old iron just as much as the next guy. He’s the reason I have so many friends across the globe. I can’t thank you enough! • 2020 GTK Webmaster • Forum Admim/Webmaster Extraordinaire Congratulations Sir!!! Look for your trophy in the mail my friend.
  5. More like keeping it "Real Timers"......lol. Thanks for the kind words Rob.....a bummer for a lot of us I think....I still plan on "handing" out a few trophies. It only seems the right thing to do. 48D
  6. Well......I imagine y'all knew this post was coming. The 13th Annual Clements Tailgate BBQ has been downsized.......to dang near nothing. It will be attended by no more than a few that will toast our friends who couldn't, wouldn't or shouldn't be at the show. Its just one of the things that might be debated way past my attention span.....I will lift a drink to all those who wish they could be here. I will be available for conversation and discussion by any who need an ear or whatever. There isn't going to be a reschedule or post dated show. Lucky 13teen will be remembered for what it is.....a strange and unfortunate occurrence. As many of you know, I work in the medical field as well as the cattle fields......I've been experiencing the pandemic first hand. Its work, and it will /needs to be done. I'll do my part. I'll miss seeing those of you I see once a year, and hope we make up for it in 2021! Tim aka 48Dodger
  7. The instructions to help slow COVID-19 say no more than 250 people in a gathering up to the end of March. First. The gathering is in April. Second. I don't think we've ever reached 250 attendees. Third. its an outside event that allows for more than the maximum distance from anyone if you choose. Fourth. The majority of individuals at this event are friends and respect the situation. As of this posting, the gig is still on. Fifth. Rain is predicted on the day of the show............frick. sigh.....it may change soon, fingers crossed. Tim aka 48D
  8. Possible vacuum leak? Have you tried the hand over the carb to see if it tries to surge back to life? If everything is snug, it should start to stall and die. If it has a leak, it'll "fight" to stay running. 48D
  9. Yeah, those guys left Detroit in 2008 for the first Tailgate BBQ ......they should finally be here in 2023 for the 16th BBQ!!! 48D
  10. Its 24 days away.......24 DAYS AWAY......24 DAYS AWAY....24DAYSAWAY!!!!!! I've been cleaning and mowing and mowing and cleaning....can't wait to see y'all. I have no idea how the posts on Facebook will affect the turn out, but it seems like I've gotten a larger response to the flyer than years past. I'm also the Club Secretary for The Franklin Syndicate... so a few of those guys will be there as well (if they can find the place...lol). I'm expecting us to just miss the rain again this year, looks to be wet 3 or 4 days before the show....but just the one day. TUNE IT UP!!!! TUNE IT UP NOW!!! :D 48D
  11. Just a reminder to all the car guys on this forum....YOU'RE INVITED!!! I know a few have made the deal a time or two in the past and hope to see you 'al again. Its a safe place for anything Mopar or vintage related. No reason to judge harshly we gotta drive something! Its not a car show.....its place to hang out with friends and talk shop. On a trailer? bring it. Got a picture book? bring it. Drivable? Damn well better bring it. CYA There!!!! Tim aka 48Dodger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsksBJbVNws&feature=emb_rel_end
  12. Try Wilcap Transmission adapters. If you go to the home page they have a list of many adaptions many different engines. 48D
  13. Its gone....and I didn't get to see it...oh well. I guess it would help a thread if we save an image from a craigslist post. Seems we lose a bit of steam when this happens. 48D
  14. I looked through the green 50's cab....all looks good. So I'll use the 5 window cab from it and the front end of the redish whiteish 50. I'm planning on using the frame from the the redish white as well. 48D
  15. Hey Craig, I'll get the moderator to move your question to the regular forum. You'll get a much better response. 48D
  16. 2016 Clements Tailgate BBQ Jim Shepard brings in the Wilton locals......."The Wilton Gang" as it were.....lol 48D
  17. ok.....sort of got it......I need practice...lol. 48D
  18. Hey Roland, I'm not a parts store but I do my best to help when I can. Members of this forum are kind enough to donate parts to help with the cost of the BBQ I put on every year. But mostly I can't stand seeing an old Dodge truck rotting under a tree, forgotten, and mistreated, so I figure out how to buy it. My ranch can sometimes seem to an untrained eye as a island for misfit trucks. That's fine by me. I do restore muscle cars and trucks on occasion to make some money, mostly mopar, but off brands are welcome too. So i'll be doing my own welding and painting etc. The offer of parts is always welcome, because I just don't know whose hands they'll end up going into come BBQ time. And that usually leads to a newly finished truck for some future show! But having said all that, lord knows there'll be something I don't have and will appreciate the help. 48D
  19. I vote for the low side myself, but I get what you're sayin'. 😀 Anyone who wants to help in any way is welcome to jump in. I'll keep posting what happens to it here. I'm planning on calling the museum Monday to get a feel how this sort of thing works. 48D
  20. These are the candidates for the build. Lots of parts, and lots of frames. I believe the redish - whiteish 1950 is the best one. What y'all think. 48D
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