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  1. I looked through the green 50's cab....all looks good. So I'll use the 5 window cab from it and the front end of the redish whiteish 50. I'm planning on using the frame from the the redish white as well. 48D
  2. Hey Craig, I'll get the moderator to move your question to the regular forum. You'll get a much better response. 48D
  3. 2016 Clements Tailgate BBQ Jim Shepard brings in the Wilton locals......."The Wilton Gang" as it were.....lol 48D
  4. ok.....sort of got it......I need practice...lol. 48D
  5. Hey Roland, I'm not a parts store but I do my best to help when I can. Members of this forum are kind enough to donate parts to help with the cost of the BBQ I put on every year. But mostly I can't stand seeing an old Dodge truck rotting under a tree, forgotten, and mistreated, so I figure out how to buy it. My ranch can sometimes seem to an untrained eye as a island for misfit trucks. That's fine by me. I do restore muscle cars and trucks on occasion to make some money, mostly mopar, but off brands are welcome too. So i'll be doing my own welding and painting etc. The offer of parts is always welcome, because I just don't know whose hands they'll end up going into come BBQ time. And that usually leads to a newly finished truck for some future show! But having said all that, lord knows there'll be something I don't have and will appreciate the help. 48D
  6. I vote for the low side myself, but I get what you're sayin'. 😀 Anyone who wants to help in any way is welcome to jump in. I'll keep posting what happens to it here. I'm planning on calling the museum Monday to get a feel how this sort of thing works. 48D
  7. These are the candidates for the build. Lots of parts, and lots of frames. I believe the redish - whiteish 1950 is the best one. What y'all think. 48D
  8. Thanks for the kind words Tom. I always look forward to having a reason to hang out and work on a truck with my friends, in any capacity...lol. I've been working hard at the computer trying to find any independent museum that might be stowing a Pilot House in the wings, but nothing so far. I did find this article about Dodges in a museum close to Brent in Oregon. Pacific Northwest Truck Museum 48D
  9. Personally I thought he was doing a burn-out to wake up the neighbors. 48D
  10. I've been looking for sometime for a B Series truck in any California Auto Museum and haven't seen one yet. I know I've seen a picture of one every now and again, I believe its dark green, in some museum somewhere online. But I've decided to build a factory correct 1950 Dodge Pilot-House to either loan or donate to the museum in Sacramento. As many of you know I have several parts trucks and lots of friends to guide me through "Factory Correctness". Yes I'm taking about you guys. So I plan to begin this project at the 13th Annual Clements Tailgate BBQ. I'll roll the truck I have in mind for the build out, and put its "ugly iron arse" on display so we can all wish the B2B good luck. My love of racing has influenced my builds for many, many years. My love of history is just as long. My admiration for friends who build these trucks as close to original specs is on full display at the BBQ I throw every year. I will do my best. I look forward to a good outcome and see this as a gesture of love of all things Mopar and more specifically 1948-53 Dodge Trucks. Tim aka 48Dodger California Automobile Museum
  11. More work this weekend on the digs. Might even fire up the B1BQ this weekend...lol. Looking forward to seeing everyone.... ITS ONLY 2 MONTHS AWAY!!!!!! ROCK AND ROLL BUILDERS!!!! THE ROAD IS A WAITING AND THE DAY ONLY SO LONG!!!! BRING THAT FLATTIE L6 TO LIFE AND RIDE BROTHERS!!! Oh look......Brent DOES have a friend!! 48D
  12. You've got friends, knucklehead...lol. photo: Brent getting an award at the 10th annual Clements Tailgate BBQ and holding me back as Chevy guys stole my brownies. Nick work Jocko....looks great! 48D
  13. An Emoji, or emotional reaction with a picture, is just a way to acknowledge a post....positive or negative. If a reader doesn't have an answer for you, or wants to be supportive...they tag your post with an emoji. A quick response is in the lower right corner....4 choices, all basically positive. In the text area, its a little more diverse. For ex. ...........click on the happy face where the Bold/Italic/Underline, etc are..... These are all ways of putting an emotional response with a written response. Not everyone is a good writer and a simple smiley face can help relate the intend of the response or post. Hope that explains it.... If it doesn't, don't get mad.... I didn't mean to confuse anyone... I did my best..... Good luck with the emoji's..... 48D
  14. Yes.....I've since reshaped it to sneak up through the slots to pull it better. 48D
  15. Call me old fashion.....( I'm 55), but I print my pictures (the good ones) and put them in an album..... I also save them to Google and a USB Stick. Lately I've been scanning my super old pictures (1980's...lol) to a USB Stick. 48D
  16. Estrada MotorSports 1948-53 Dodge Trucks: Water Distribution Tube This may or may not help. 48D
  17. Its getting here Fast! Rolling up like a freight train!! Knocking down the door like a wrecking ball!!! Get your RIG READY! Dust off the trailer, get your plans rolling! We have a BBQ to throw!!!! My plans? 1. Flyer by this weekend 2. short bed mounted (replacing the high side) 3 . working on the yard 4. working on the yard 5. ....AND working on the yard. Its a free show driven by donations of labor and love of friends......don't bring your money, bring food and old truck parts and ...well ok, money does kinda help. lol Its all put back into the next show, or rims for my racecar, which ever comes first. Watch for more updates and instructions on how to help. Mostly encouragement is what I need most. The BBQ ain't for the glamour, it's for friends to get together, laugh and share our rides! Tim aka 48Dodger
  18. I keep calendars everywhere around my place (house, shop, garage) ......can't see not having one with my crazy schedule. If you make a poster style calendar....I would believe its easier to pick up mid year...month by month, IMO, is still good to offer until spring. 48D
  19. Ten years ago....almost. Time to go back..................................................... 48D
  20. Store the beast at my place John....I'll bring it down to you after words and hang out at your new digs for the weekend. 48D
  21. 49ers and Green Bay..........best of luck my Wisconsin friends. Let not the crushing blow from the mighty Niners ruin our friendship, cuz its gonna be a blow out! 48Dodger aka 49er fan
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