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Sharing P15 Ads


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Life/Post Magazine ad for P15 Plymouths

These are two part scans of my collection that I have mounted on card stock and 10mil laminated.

I'll share more as I get them scanned. If there is any interest.

Not for sale. 




P15-Only Ply.JPG


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Well Ed, if no one else cares, I do....very nice and thoughtful of you to post these....I have already placed a copy of this in my albums.....thanks so much...for sure interested in seeing all the others.   I have a ton of collected ads for one of my little British cars but not to the degree as yourself mounting and laminating.

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One of my resources for projects other than my car is our local library. They have a 3D printer and an industrial type scanner. Really economical as a 12 X 24 color scan is usually $3.00 Canadian...that's 1.75 USD or something close I am sure.  Dave

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Just to close the loop, here is my montage in a 16x20 frame. I like!  :)


I can email this file if anyone wants it, it is sized to print correctly on a Staples 18x24 poster print.







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On 2/3/2023 at 5:29 PM, Young Ed said:

How did you scan these? I have a bunch of them but most are too big for my scanner

Scanned them in two part and then used my (Freeware)

GIMP photo editor to put them together.

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