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  1. Looking over that hood brings back memories of driving my 33 coupe years ago. Thanks.
  2. Check out the tech tips on this forum, they are listed in the header at the top of the page. There is a lot of good information there.
  3. That was my 65 Barracuda, I had bought it just before the meet and it wasn't running very well. I wish I had driven the 48 coupe.
  4. Greg, Your car always looks good.
  5. I ran one wire back to the light switch for power and it worked just fine.
  6. Wish I'd seen that years ago when I ended up taking mine to a repair shop.
  7. I used a piece of small brass pipe cut to length and beveled the ends.
  8. Herb Ellinger who wrote the book was one of the teachers for automotive engineering when I went to Western Michigan University.
  9. You need to make some guide bolts for installing the trans. Find two bolts the same thread as the bell housing with the unthreaded portion about 5 inches. Cut off the head and cut a slot in the end. Screw these into the bellhousing top holes then slide the transmission in on them. Use a screwdriver in the slots to remove the guide bolts.
  10. I had good luck with flare fittings at a local AutoZone.
  11. Waldron exhaust in southern Michigan makes pipes to the original patterns. I put their exhausts on both my 48 convertible and 48 coupe.
  12. I used a Steele windshield gasket in my 48 convertible years ago. It fit with no problems.
  13. Years ago I sprayed my 48 Plymouth clock with electronic contact cleaner then oiled it with clock oil. I also soldered a diode across the points to keep them from arcing.
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