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  1. On Wednesday from 5-8 pm the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners MI has a cruise night. It's free to get in for both participants and spectators. They have food, ice cream and beer for sale. There is live music also. Last summer there was over 1100 cars one night. normally there are 500 or so. I enjoy this cruise a lot more than the sit around all day car shows.
  2. I used Northwest Transmission for the 2 ODs I rebuilt.
  3. Our public library has Hemmings on the shelf. I stop in occasionally to look for parts.
  4. I'd call Moore's auto part in Rapid City SD and see if they have a good used drum.
  5. When I built my engine I used a mixture of half STP and half motor oil for an assembly lube. I dunked the pistons in it before I put them in and coated all the bearings with it. The engine now has about 15000 miles on it , it runs smooth and doesn't burn any oil.
  6. I aways like to have an extra coil, Carburetor, and tire pump.
  7. I got my muffler for my 48 coupe at Waldron Exhaust in Centerville Michigan. They make oem style exhaust systems for classic cars. The muffler I got from them was quiet.
  8. Does your throttle linkage open the throttle plate all the way open?
  9. I used an allen screw with a diameter the same as the pin and a shoulder that was the length of the pin. I put a locknut on the the screw , I think it was 10-32. I got this at a local hardware.
  10. I had a fuel pump pin fall out years ago. I went to a hardware and found an allen head screw with a shoulder a little longer than the pin and a diameter the same as the pin. I installed it with washers and a locknut and never had the problem again.
  11. The diode doesn't affect the clocks operation, it just keeps the points from arcing
  12. I soldered a diode across the points to keep them from arcing. I had seen this in an article years ago in the P-15 Driver.
  13. I used Amsoil synthetic motorcycle oil in my R 10 overdrive. I can't remember what weight it was . I drove it that way for 5 years, it shifted easily and was quiet.
  14. Merry Christmas to all the Plymouth people
  15. I still have the Delta 12 volt I built and used on my 65 dart in the 70s. I put it on my Barracuda a few years ago and it still worked.
  16. Call Waldron Antique exhaust in Centerville Michigan {269} 467-7185. They have exhausts from original patterns and should be able to answer your questions.
  17. Call Moore's Auto Parts in Rapid City SD and see if they have one. I don't have their number but it should be easy to find.
  18. Hershey is always fun. That was a good score.
  19. Looking over that hood brings back memories of driving my 33 coupe years ago. Thanks.
  20. Check out the tech tips on this forum, they are listed in the header at the top of the page. There is a lot of good information there.
  21. That was my 65 Barracuda, I had bought it just before the meet and it wasn't running very well. I wish I had driven the 48 coupe.
  22. Greg, Your car always looks good.
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