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  1. Julie, Since you are asking for a hard quote to do the body work and reassemble it, also ask for a hard quote to assemble it without the paint and body work. That way you can decide which route to a running, driving truck is worth it to you; right now, unfortunately, you have a lot of expensive sub-assemblies several hundred miles away.
  2. Two winters ago I started a panel-by-panel body repair and paint project on my P12. A couple years earlier I shot my newly louvered hood with DupliColor black lacquer and clear through my $10 Harbor Freight HVLP gun, and with a lot of wet sanding it came out pretty good. Since I was working an hour or two here and there on the panel by panel job and I didn't want to spend as much time cleaning up as painting, I instead used DupliColor spray bomb universal black, and eventually the entire car was painted (except for the roof, which was spotted in). I saved every receipt for anything I spent
  3. He'd likely tell you to "Stuff it!"
  4. I don't keep a log, but I do keep a folder of receipts of everything spent for every vehicle we have, modern and vintage. When I did the panel by panel repaint of the P12 I kept the receipt for every rattle can of primer and black lacquer I bought. Have slips from Andy Bernbaum going back 40 years on the New Yorker. Having all the oil change/service receipts on my '09 Challenger came in handy when the dealership asked for back up to honor the warranty for the transmission rebuild at 175K miles and the valve train work at 200K (thank you, Chrysler/Cerberus Lifetime Powertrain Warranty!)
  5. Ah, Grasshopper, you have finally learned our secret: flathead Plymouths are chick magnets!
  6. I moved to Boston the summer they were filming The Brink's Job. For years thereafter a lot of old Plymouths and Dodges would turn up in the WantAdvertiser in faded taxi or Boston Police livery......
  7. I did a Google search - sold at B-J Las Vegas in 2018 (not all that long ago); I am not registered with B-J, but if you are you can access the "sold" price on the B-J web site. Interestingly, the B-J description says it has a 218....nobody knows what a slant six looks like?
  8. My road test story in the aforementioned '69 Polara: The road tester had me parallel park behind his New York State issue '68 Fairlane. Despite all my Dad's instruction (did I mention Dad was a WW II Army Air Corps flight instructor?) I hit the curb backing in. After the test I went back to the parked Fairlane to see how I screwed up - the SOB parked his car with the passenger side wheels two feet over the curb and onto the sidewalk! Couple days later the "junior license" came in the mail anyway! Passed first time (as did my Mom and Sister before me - like I said, Dad was a flight instruct
  9. Learned how to drive in Dad’s ‘69 Polara 2 door hardtop - we called it the Andrea Doria. Did you know a 383 2v Polara could take a ‘69 Bonneville with a 455?
  10. My Dad, a mechanical draftsman/designer by vocation, was a firm believer in the superiority of Chrysler Corp engineering. My first car ride home from the hospital was in Dad's two year old '52 Belvedere hardtop that he bought new - quite a snazzy car for the time. In '56 Dad traded the Plymouth in on a '54 Chrysler Windsor - years later when I asked him why he traded a Plymouth he bought new on a used Chrysler, Dad responded that owning a Chrysler was something he had long aspired too, and buying even a used one was to him a symbol he "made it". He admitted to being a little ticked off wh
  11. I replaced all the brake system parts on my P12 with stuff from Andy Bernbaum and recommend them without hesitancy.
  12. Does that make it a “Fluid Drive”?
  13. I did battle with those clips on my '41 Plymouth Special Deluxe last year. The same type of clips was used in two widths on the side of my car, and the thin Special Deluxe upper belt line trim looks the same as what's pictured by Frank and Chrysler1941, above. If any of the ears are broken off the original clip, it will not hold the trim tightly to the body. I was able to salvage some originals, found a few very pricey NOS clips on ebay, and made up the difference using 1/2" (narrowest I could find) push in nylon clips I also found on ebay. I found that the both the original
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