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    All things MoPar, model car building, jazz
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    My first car ride home from the hospital was in Dad's '52 Plymouth Belvedere - MoPar ever since!
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    Family, jazz, building model cars, all things MoPar

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  1. Been following the story of your Suburban, Paul - keep us informed how it goes!
  2. All this technical information is very interesting and useful, but is silent on the overriding reason for installing multiple carburetion: it just plain looks cool! Can’t see the squeeze….
  3. Welcome! You will find many kindred spirits here ready to share their knowledge, Grasshopper! Let me comment on the aesthetics of your DeSoto - strong looking car, and being black I think you will find it surprisingly easy to clean and polish what’s good, and spot repair and blend in what’s not. I ended up repainting my ‘41 Plymouth panel by panel as repairs were done with Duplicolor black lacquer - all you need are a few rattle cans of gloss black, several grades of increasingly finer wet sandpaper, and a lot of patience (after you get it running, of course). Keep us posted!
  4. I've got a '64 'cuda and I can't imagine trying to turn my '41 at low speed into a tight spot with a wheel that small - I need all the leverage I can get.
  5. The Gathering of the Faithfull in Middleboro MA is a "celebration of vintage speed" and where you have vintage speed, of course you have flathead MoPars! It was a beautiful day today (not only because the P12 didn't break down on the way like it did the last time) and attached are pics of the vintage speedsters in attendance this group should like.
  6. Great job - looking forward to another year of progress!
  7. I think the K would make a great long distance hauler - rock solid, dependable drivetrain and the weird dual cylinder front brakes were a memory in ‘64. There was a silver K in the back row of the neighborhood Chrysler Plymouth store when I was in high school- we thought “what a great demo derby car “ (forgive me, it was ‘71 and I didn’t act on that thought). I am sorry I didn’t pick up a nice buildable silver special ‘64 sport 300 I could have had for for scrap prices five years ago. Unfortunately I drive by that guys house one a week and rue that decision…
  8. Good to hear from you Nick - been wondering how it's been going for you. The flattie will only go so fast...crushing the go pedal won't wring any more out of it!
  9. During college breaks in the ‘70’s I worked as a draftsman in the facilities department for a manufacturing company. I worked out of one of the plant buildings and would joke around with a couple of the younger full time guys. One of them flipped used cars as a side gig, and he was driving a snazzy Lincoln Mark II at the time. He had a habit of parking as close to the building entrance as he could and making a bee line to his car at lunch time. One day I filled up the Mark’s clamshell door handle with machinist’s lay out bluing, and at noon we gathered in the shop and watched out the window as he opened the car door…..the look on his face as the gooey bluing oozed through his fingers was priceless!
  10. Glad to see you are posting and making progress, Paul. I am waiting with bated breath to see your attention turn to the Suburban after the buggy is done. Carry on, sir!
  11. So you're saying "Dog is my co-pilot." I'll go to the corner, now.
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