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  1. Sunday was unfortunately the beginning and end of the season for the P12. Took a trip around the lake here in town and paused at the Community Center for this picture. Inspection on Monday and then back in the garage with hope of more post pandemic auto activities in '21. P.S. Sorry about the wheels, Plymouthy!
  2. My daily driver is a Tor-Red '09 Challenger R/T I bought new- 220,000 miles, so far. When people ask me how often I get pulled over, I tell them the last two speeding tickets I've gotten have been while at the wheel of my wife's Caravans.
  3. Glad your dad's ok - that's quite a hit! Too bad about the Rampage - looks like it was a good one.....
  4. The downward trend of the county's IQ began with "Caution - Objects in mirror are closer than they appear"
  5. But the best is when that afore mentioned metallic escapee lands within site and reachable from the engine compartment with the magnetic wand (which happily occurred 5 out of 6 times last weekend as i changed the fuel pump in the 'cuda!)
  6. If you have a couple Maaco shops near you, check their quality, and see if they will spray the car after you do all the body work. The Chrysler in the photo was restored by a young man about Nick's age a few years ago (he and his father are fellow WPC members who live near me). After doing all the prep work, a Maaco shop sprayed the two tone base / clear coat, and it's better than a "10 footer". I'm going to see if they will paint my '66 Satellite when (if) I complete the prep (28 years and counting!). Keep up the good work - body work is all about patience. Take your time, an
  7. If you are dry sanding, try wet sanding, and put a little dish washing detergent in the water you dip the paper into. And don't press hard - let the grit do the work. I've had success on tractor store enamel with a light touch and wet sand paper on paint that wasn't hard and would ball up with dry paper.
  8. It is the original - it's the Ramchargers drag team's original race car, The High and Mighty!
  9. You know, a fenderless Wayfarer with an early Hemi just might work....
  10. I once saw an unmarked '70 Fury State Trooper car painted Plumb Crazy on the New York Thruway back in the day... ...that was a lot of purple.
  11. I've been enjoying this thread, and you have every right to be proud. Nick will be doing very well if he keeps up with two out of three of those like skills ( I still pick up my trombone, but my last, and first, competitive run was a 5k with my fellow co-workers at my first job after college - in 1977).
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