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  1. Although I’m green with envy , I really do appreciate this post with pictures. I use the pictures as incentive to keep moving forward 👍
  2. Any suggestions on how to lube the speedometer that doesn’t have oiling wick? Thank you ,👍
  3. Thank you for posting this , a lot of valuable information just in this one thread plus a happy ending ! Perfect ! 👍
  4. The wiring harness I ordered from YNZ for our 48 dodge D25 arrived today, ahead of schedule. I’m very impressed, excellent quality, detailed install instructions, fast, & friendly.. two thumbs up 👍 👍
  5. Thank you for the pictures , job well done! I’m going to try and replicate this but I do wonder,.... what is this felt strip function?👍
  6. I never realized there were so many different model numbers!.... all doing the same basic job. 👍
  7. I have a carter B&B carburetor, model number D 6S1 .... I tried to google this model number to try & find out what year & size engine it was used on without any success . I was hoping to use it on the 265 that is in our D25 coupe b/c it has been all cleaned up, looks to have a new carb kit installed & looks all pretty like. Now, that being said , it has been all wrapped & packaged up , laying in the trunk of said coupe for the last 38 years.... but it does, “look” much better than the stromberg carb that is presently on the 265. Will the D 6S1 satisf
  8. I’ve just been doing this myself on a 48 D25 The light switch knob is held on with a spring clip, I wiggled a small wire behind the knob to release , then just pulls off. All the rest of the knobs - choke, throttle, are fastened from behind the dash with a nut & lockwasher, they are what’s holding your speedometer cluster to the dash,( them & the high beam indicator). Remove the nut & lockwasher & remove cable & all towards you through the dash...... it used to be fun getting back there back in the day, now? ... not so much 👍
  9. DadRchmnd - that is one nice ride ! Welcome & please keep us posted with your progress, I for one am most interested in every detail. 👍
  10. bobdog - I’m very interested in the MC setup you are fitting there. Would you keep us posted on the install & all the vitals please 👍 many thanks ,
  11. Hey there Billy - Thanks for saying hello and the picture of Rosy! That is one sweet ride 👍
  12. Thank you, RobertKB for clarifying that the Canadian Dodge D25 is really a Plymouth p15 , that alone answer’s a few of my questions. I haven’t ruled out purchasing a replacement harness, but I do have to get this old one removed so I’m going to tag 🏷 & identify each wire. If I can successfully get it out & unwrapped, I thought of taking it apart wire by wire & replacing them with the proper gauge wire appropriately with the correct electrical fitting. If this works out should I be planning to add inline fuse , relay or fuse block to compliment the original wiring ha
  13. Thank you Sam ..... I do appreciate this, ..... I have read here and been told that the “search” is my friend. My wife tells me that I’m unreasonable & hard to get along with /-; I reluctantly, accept this as the reason that I’m having difficulty making friends with the “search”. I do however take heart with the kindness & patience that is shown here by the forum members 👍
  14. Thank you for your replies, i will give these suggestions a try 👍
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