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  1. It's sounding like, if I look at the ID plate I might find some fresh rivets. 🤔
  2. Good to know. In my original post I mentioned that the guy couldn't get the clutch to engage. So perhaps the cheap shifter could have something to do with that.
  3. This is a great learning process, if nothing else. I know my 48 Windsor pretty good and all the little changes from 46-48 and from Royal to Windsor to New Yorker. But I had no idea I knew so little about the truck differences until now.
  4. That's a long time. Even in 68, that 50 panel would get lots of looks. Did he save the peace symbols on the doors? Right about that same time, my friend had a mid 50's panel that we would cruise around in. I've wanted one ever since. I'm pretty sure it was a Ford, so naturally our friendship didn't really bond. 🤣
  5. That body style is awesome. I'm guessing the purchaser had a trans and engine all ready to drop in it.
  6. So true. But in reference, I've had quite a few dogs over the years, Purebreds as well as Mutts. The Mutts always had great personalities and they were always entertaining as well as crowd pleasers 😁
  7. Great info Merle on how it was pieced together. I too was puzzled ????? by the colour scheme so to say. I also was wondering if it's just the lighting in the pictures because it just doesn't make sense as you go from side to side.
  8. Yes, once a guy comes to terms with it being a mutt, then it's just a matter of how well it's been put together. The owner said he has the contact info for the guy that did the engine swap and "all the work".
  9. Good catch on the dash. I didn't think to check on that, but after a little research it seems to me that style of dash was introduced in 1951. What did you notice about the wipers that made you think it's not a 48?
  10. Yes I do agree with everyone so far. It's a little ways away from me, but here in BC the covid restrictions have been lifted so I can go have a look without being turned back by the authorities, but I'm still a little uncomfortable booking a nights stay in a hotel even though I've had both my covid shots. I might buy it sight unseen for maybe half that price, but for sure I'd take a pair of coveralls, and my vacuum gauge and my compression tester and go over the truck carefully. I'll see if I can successfully take some pictures right off the ad and see how they turn out.
  11. Yes I hear you on that one. Especially when it comes to voltage conversions and wiring harness conversions.
  12. Is it permissible to add a link to the ad on marketplace?
  13. I think what I'm asking here is mostly personal opinions of what you might do. I'm considering purchasing a 1948 Dodge Panel. 1/2 ton I think. It will be used as a daily driver when the weather isn't suitable for my 48 Winsor, right through the winter. It wouldn't be worked, but at the same time it wouldn't be babied. The engine is a 1952 and it looks very similar to my 251. However I've only seen pictures but it looks like it has the 25 inch head. It has twin carbs with the oil bath filters and there is 2 - 3 inches between them. Which is one reason I think it has the 25 inch head. It h
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