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  1. A small capsule of lube usually comes with the tune up kit from Bernbaums. Not sure what it is though.
  2. I have a 52 Coronet and that looks like the right size. Mine has a radio so I’m not sure.
  3. I was always under the impression that you have to install the engine and trans separately. Unless you have the front clip off you won’t have room.
  4. New pumps are available with ethanol resistant diaphragm from multiple suppliers. Low pressure electric pumps are available also depending on your preference. Check Rock Auto for a mechanical pump. Just make sure that anything you buy is ethanol resistant.
  5. The alignment specs are different for radial tires but I’m not sure what changes. Hopefully someone will chime in.
  6. I use the port on the intake. Electric wipers on my Coronet.
  7. I normally would do the same except that I have the M6 trans that is idle sensitive. When I set the timing with the vacuum gauge I had to back off to stop the detonation. I’m probably just overthinking this. It’s a bad habit of mine lol. It’s running good and it ain’t broke so I’ll leave things alone.
  8. Some days I get those kinds of ads also and I don’t visit porn sites. I think it’s just random. The type of ads changes every day. I’ve learned to ignore them and get to the important stuff on here lol.
  9. I’ve read several threads where manifold vacuum of 18-20 inches is normal for these flatheads. I’m only able to get 16 inches of vacuum. Timing is correct and dwell is within spec. Idle speed is 475 rpm’s. There are no vacuum leaks that I can find. The car runs fine with no drivability issues. Am I overthinking this or is there anything else I need to check?
  10. Something is out of whack. I drive to work before the sun is up and I have plenty of illumination. Check adjustment and grounds for sure.
  11. Do you have a service manual and parts manual for your car? If so there should be a picture that you could hopefully match up to see if you have the original distributor. I got a rebuilt vacuum advance from Kanter.
  12. I’m thinking the problem is the accelerator pump. The carb was rebuilt and then sat for months. If I had re-soaked the pump plunger it probably would have been fine. Oh well it’s running fine with the old carb lol.
  13. Thanks, I’ll check it out
  14. I’m always guilty of trying to fix what doesn’t need fixing lol. I swapped because the old carb has more wear. I ended up putting the old one back on. There is a drip on the newer one so a tear down is in order. The car is running good again so I’m done lol.
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