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  1. Thanks. The price is good and I’m a cheapskate lol.
  2. I’m wanting to pick up one of these. Which brands are you all using? The prices range from $20 to $200. I’m wondering if the harbor freight cheapie is accurate enough for checking coolant temperature etc. Seems like this would be a useful diagnostic tool.
  3. For cell phone charging there are inverters available. I have one wired to the ignition switch to a double USB port.
  4. I’ve heard of connecting 2 optima 6 volt batteries together. I’m not sure if it’s series or parallel. Apparently you get double the amperage to the starter and the genny still charges both. I seem to remember the car was a 55 Lincoln and that was the owners solution for hard starting.
  5. Do you have the contact information? I’d love to have the information on my 52 Coronet.
  6. Sometimes it’s best to walk away from the car and come back to the problem later. I’ve made the same kinds of mistakes many times lol. Glad you figured it out.
  7. Great pics! I’m a Dodge guy but I love the DeSoto’s too.
  8. DOT 5 can make the brakes harder to bleed because of the master being lower than the wheel cylinders. It’s definitely better but be aware of that. DOT 3 is what would have been used when built. If you use it just flush the system every few years and replace the fluid and you’ll be fine. I agree with replacing all components. Use nickel copper line and don’t forget the rubber lines.
  9. If the wheelbase is the same I would think it’s a bolt on swap. Of course finding a good front clip may be a challenge.
  10. Your best bet is to make your own line. Nickel copper line is easy to work with and lasts forever. My pump has 1/8-27 npt fittings so I have an adapter on the pump.
  11. Try Keith’s Garage. I’m not certain but I believe he’s done a video on that.
  12. If I recall tractor stems are slightly larger and will fit. Tire shops have sealants that will help if needed.
  13. The original wouldn’t have a filter but adding one is good insurance. Keep the line as far from the manifold as possible. Glass bowl filters that screw into the carb are available also.
  14. I have a 52 Coronet so I’m following this closely. Keep us posted.
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