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  1. The Imperial website has a troubleshooting manual available for download. I recommend going through this procedure. My Coronet was doing the same thing. It turned out to be bad wiring to the governor and solenoid . A new harness fixed the problem. The M6 can be finicky but once sorted it’s pretty trouble free. Good luck.
  2. Be careful with the plastic washers. My drain plug kept loosening. Replaced with copper and never had a problem again. I think the plastic washers are too thick compared to the copper.
  3. I replaced the torn one first then I replaced the other one while the engine was out for a rebuild. Hopefully won’t need to do it again for a long time.
  4. The only advantage of the modern u-joints is less maintenance. Those ball and trunnion joints are pretty tough. And no Andy I have no recipes for rock and leather but plenty for rock and roll.
  5. I completely understand James. I didn’t realize you had the 3 speed with fd. I had that setup in my D24. I almost always shifted it like a regular manual. I use my Coronet daily in good weather but I do have a modern vehicle for the days when my age shows up.
  6. Just wondering James, what is the reason for converting to the powerflite? The M6 is pretty bulletproof. I average 3500 miles a year on my Coronet in all kinds of traffic conditions with no problems.
  7. Follow the directions in the service manual and you’ll have no problems. Here’s a tip. Heat them up in boiling water to soften. Stretching over the pin is the easy part. Lots of lube to get it through the housing. Good luck.
  8. I bought from Bernbaums. No issues. I had no problems installing mine. Much lube! Can’t emphasize that enough.
  9. I completely agree with Greg g. You can troubleshoot this .
  10. Idle should be between 450-500 rpms. This tranny doesn’t usually respond well to a 6-12 conversion. How many miles are on the car? This is a robust driveline but it can wear out. Regarding the 6-12 conversion search this forum. Someone with a fluid drive has probably done this and can walk you through the process. Good luck.
  11. If the polisher accidentally straightened the trim I would have him fix the mistake. I’m sure you paid good money for his work.
  12. Chrysler didn’t introduce the true 49’s until April of 49. Order parts for a 48 and you’ll be fine.
  13. There should be an oil cap on the back of the speedo. A couple of drops of 3 in 1 oil. Remove the cable from the speedo and the trans. The inner cable pulls out of the housing. Clean and lube with graphite. Should be good to go.
  14. There’s a journalist named Jon Robinson that uses a 50 DeSoto coupe as his daily driver. I believe it’s his only vehicle. It’s a shame he’s not active on this forum. He would be a treasure trove of information on how to use our cars in modern traffic.
  15. I believe the owners manual does recommend de-clutching at long stops. We are all guilty of babying our cars. We forget that they were once someone’s daily driver in all kinds of weather and traffic conditions. You should not have any problems with the fluid drive but a little prudence goes a long way.
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