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  1. I stand corrected Marty. The solenoid should be available. I can’t point you to a specific vendor. It may be cheaper to find a used carb and use it for parts. I’ve found them at swap meets. Depending on where you live that may not be an option right now.
  2. When you get to the car check if you can put the shift lever into 1st gear position. With the Gyromatic you have 2nd 3rd and reverse. 1st is blocked. Also the Gyromatic trans has a governor and solenoid on it. Coronets usually came with the Gyromatic but I’ve seen exceptions. Also in 70 years you never know what changes have been made.
  3. That’s it. It is expensive. They are available used and are easy to rebuild. I’ve found them anywhere from $5.00 to $40.00. The kick down switch and dashpot don’t normally go bad although they sometimes need a little cleaning. The carb I’m using was put together from 4 different carbs plus a rebuild kit.
  4. That looks like a Stromberg BXVD-3 which is correct for the 3 speed with fluid coupling. It’s not correct for the Gyromatic.
  5. The anti stall or magnetic dash pot keeps the idle from dropping too quickly which allows you to stop the car without disengaging the clutch. Try googling for a rebuild kit. The brand I used is from Daytona but I can’t remember the vendor I bought it from. I’m not sure what horror stories you’ve heard about the Gyromatic. I daily drive my Coronet from April through November and don’t have problems. It can be finicky to get dialed in but if I can do it anyone can lol. I believe there is a Carter carb for the semi auto trans. Chrysler and DeSoto used them. The Stromberg BXVES is correct for your car though.
  6. It may restrict movement. They’re meant to fit one way.
  7. Generic carb linkage clips are what I used. Take the link to your local parts store. Be mindful that there are left and right clips.
  8. I believe the torque converter shares engine oil.
  9. The carb should be a Stromberg BXVES. The magnetic dash pot is on the front of the carb and 2 wires attach to it. The kick down switch is on the rear of the carb and is activated by the throttle linkage. I’m at work so I don’t have pictures but if you google that carb you’ll see what I mean. It’s possible that you have the wrong carb.
  10. Also I recommend the Imperial club website. They offer repair and troubleshooting manuals for download.
  11. I doubt that is included with the harness but it should be available. Try eBay. Don’t get sticker shock. Electrical parts for these trannys are expensive.
  12. No problem. Glad to help. Feel free to ask any questions.
  13. I always re-check after a few heat cycles.
  14. This may should dumb but should the choke be turned around? Something doesn’t look right. Is that the choke that was on your engine ? There were 2 different assemblies. 49-52 Plymouth and Dodge used a choke that mounted ahead of the carb. It’s much harder to find.
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