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    History, old trucks, old bicycles.
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    Currently a 1948 Dodge B-1-C pick-up. Daily driver with rebuilt P15 flathead converted to 12 volt and electronic ignition. Mostly complete and original.

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    Have owned 10 trucks from 1925 Dodge through 1957 Ford
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    San Jose, California
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    Old Trucks, old bicycles, local history...

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  1. I used a good enamel after repairing some cracks, then put a good cover on it (protects and also fattens the grip). Topped it off with a high quality spinner knob and have been very pleased.
  2. I'm yet another with a 6 volt starter on a 12 volt system about five years no issues. I never over-crank, and I have a rebuilt spare handy just in case.
  3. Well, first thing this morning I pulled on the headlights and nothing. Lifted off the battery cover - yeesh, what happened to that fresh clean battery I put in there four years ago (marked 4/15). Then the cable clamps lets go when I tightened in the new battery, so back to the store for new cables. Fired right up. Have an extra bendix spring and gear if I ever need it though. Thanks for the input, though, all good to keep in mind.
  4. Thanks, I was reading a bit on the H.A.M.B site and sounds like that may be the culprit. Any recommendations on who/where to have the bendix drive replaced?
  5. So I was going to drive the truck to work today. I stepped on the starter and it engaged the flywheel as usual, but that was it; didn't turn over and didn't disengage. I thought maybe it was stuck and tried rocking the truck in low gear, but nothing, still engaged. Couldn't explore further as I had to get to work. Just exploring the archives here, and thought I'd put this out for advice - could it be as simple as the battery (about 6 years old)j. This is a 6 volt starter on a 12 volt system, though never ask much of it (starts easy). Thanks.
  6. And here's ggdad1951 receiving his award, "Key to the Ranch" (wire cutters) I think for his many contributions with preparations and otherwise being a swell guy.
  7. I'm just the photographer, you'll need to speak with our stenographer. Maybe Tim can chime in with names/awards...
  8. I purchased one from Keven, made from an old speedometer. Looks and works great, runs off a AA, easy to change.
  9. Yeah, but how's your spaghetti tasting these days? "Don't worry honey, I wiped it out real good with lacquer thinner!"
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