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  1. Hi Charlie can you expand on your post for us. While the OP is contemplating a V8 swap with the honorable LA 318 others vote to say pure with the venerable flathead 6s. I have in the past tossed around V8 swaps and even considered a Slant 6 swap. But habe stuck it out with a flattie with dual carbs and exhaust. My engine is a tired 228 stock, so nothing special. My current build is a 265 bored .060, much hotter cam and again dual carbs and intake. I have not ruled out an Edgy head either. This would give me lots of punch compared to a stock 218. It will not be a race engine or even a hot door slammer. It reeks of Kool and keeps things simple. Do not under estimate a hot 265 engine...lol
  2. Here are the motor mounts you need. And pic of steering box position and frame on C series trucks.
  3. These are not my trucks. Get a decent set of 318 mounts and weld and fab receiver to your frame. You will need to fab cross member for trans too. Do you have the mounts for the 318?
  4. Okay heres a 55 or 56 with LA318 and A904. And heres the B series 51 with 318, note engine offset to right of centre. This aint rocket science. You don't need to clip it or frame swap. A mild 318 would be perfect for this build. Rebuild your stock front end, add disc brakes if need be and power steering can be had. Plenty of guys in the Winnipeg area who could do this or help you with this swap. Get a Mopar 8 1/4 diff with 3.23 or numerically lower gears and good to go and with ebrakes.
  5. Keep the A904 2 reasons, its lighter and less parasitic HP loss. Its plenty tough. You will not find an adapter for the T98 to LA engine trust me. For simplicity and tge fact its your first swap stay 904. Get shifter and kick down cable and all good. Get help from someone who has done swaps to help or guide you.
  6. Classiccarjack swapped in a wicked 360 into a 57. He might be able to give you some info. He has told me many times that built 360 was way too much engine for the stock frame and overall light weight...
  7. To the OP there are a few of these LA swaps into these trucks on the HAMB. Even 1 with a 225 Slant and A904 which fit in great Just an FYI as there will be advisers who may or may not have been down this road on this...
  8. The C series frames are different than B period. The reason is they introduced the V8 into the more modern C series. Look at pics of a B series frame up front and steering box location compared to the C series. Makes no difference with the C series truck lineup whether equipped with 6 or V8. The frames changed for the new C series.
  9. The Canuck T98 Acme in Dodge Fargo and M37s. Many were installed at factory in Canada only. Ive had at least 4 of these. They share innards with Ford and Jeep versions. Are bullet proof and have Pros. On the LA 318 great choice, add cam headers and 4bbl and nice punch. The C series trucks came with V8s and the frames are different as well as steering box placements. On A904 great trans but no OD if that's your ticket. Perhaps a more modern Torqueflite IS trans? Or an A833 with bell for the LA series engines. Good luck on the swap.
  10. Thats a great idea Tim. In fact you could have your spring tailgate BBQ combined with 1/8 mile drags or circle track race. Even a tractor type pull event! JohnT53 snd a few other modifieds can see what they can do. If they dare to rev over 2500 rpm...lol
  11. Francois, la tete sur le moteur, would have been worth saving...
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