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  1. Mine is 3 down at trans output shaft and 3 up at diff yolk. 4 is fine too. So far not 1 issue. I had my donor driveshaft cut 2 inches to fit. It works great Your gonna love this combo. My old truck still like 60 mph, but getting there is 3 times faster than an old 6...lol
  2. Yes of course on box. But the VW big steering damper is used a lot on hotrods. It apparently works real well with steering control especially with bias ply tires. Don't think getting these boxes rebuilt is real easy. And the Canadian trucks used different steeri g boxes to boot. Here's the deal, these trucks with stock suspension are pretty good when in top shape and roads are flat and smooth. I have driven mine plenty on gravel roadsat 50 to 60 mph.. Had mine up to 80 mph yesterday, and it had a lot more. Not comfortable driving at that speed I like 60 mph. But i can get there way way faster over a flathead 6....lol
  3. And is it really necessary? Hiw do you feel about steering damper. My steeri g box does have slightly too much play..
  4. Gotta redo all springs, shackles bushing. Wanna include sway bars and maybe a steering damper...
  5. It really does make the truck a Hotrod over a farm truck
  6. With anything over maybe 250 hp would reinforce frame. I have no issues with steering and handling if your sane with speed and road conditions. Even with a frame ir front clip swap, you have old school truck body in collisions. A good friend if mine had a 59 Dodge swb with hi perf 360 and 4 spd. It was super wild and flex that C channel frame like crazy. But it was deadly quick.
  7. Yes, I concur on being "wise" on how much power is limited on non reinforced C channel frame and old suspension. The suspension if in tip top shape, meaning springs, shackles bushing front end, steering etc. Can no doubt handle a lot more than my 318 can put out. But steering and handling on rougher or winding roads will be a handicap Im sure. I have lots to do yet on this old girl. Pull all springs, redo bushing and shackles. I may remove 1 spring per pack, to soften and lower truck a bit. I also plan on a sway bar on both front and rear too. Will also install 3 link seatbelts, roll cage not necessary...lol
  8. No will either stay with BBD 2 bbl or possibly 340 intake or aftermarket with small 4 bbl carb. The beauty is I could pull this and go 360/727 if i so felt inclined. At this point its plenty of power for stock suspension and brakes...
  9. I agree on roadside issues and parts. Truck is quite quick and gets to 70 plus mph rather quickly. It cruises along beautifully at 65 mph and fuel economy is or seams better than a flathead 6 is. Because this engine was a 1986 LA series it was a "Lean Burn" setup. I converted it to pre lean burn, ignition, fuel system and no emissions except a PCV setup. I did change out exhaust manifolds, in doing this I tapped and plugged smog holes on each head. The heads are a cast"302" type heart shaped CC. Its higher in compression too at 160 to 170 per cyl. Its a whole different animal now...
  10. On your engine, if tired and down on compression it will be weak. They can be a lot more responsive when compression is raised and engine is in good internal condition after a rebuild. Is your engine a truck 265 with factory dual carbs and exhaust?
  11. Stock 136 hp 265 factory fual carbs would be .375 or .380 lift. Duration I can see what i can find out The stock cam was nothing to special, it would have provided max torque at around 1600 RPM and HP would have been at 3600 RPM. This would have been normal and for normal usage running in the 2 to 3k RPM ranges. These engines had lots of grunt in a diesel like RPM band, of course gearing allowed a relatively low HP engine to move a lot of weight. Not sure that is what you wanted to know. The above noted link is for a cam regrind to more lift, duration and lobe separation Its not the stock 265 dual carbs truck cam profile. Possibly it may be what you want.
  12. Hey all, although this site is predicated on the almighty Chrysler Flathead 6 engine, there are tymes when a swap to another powerplant is desired. I still firmly believe Chrysler flathead 6s are 1 of the greatest engineering marvels of the early 20th century. These engines continue to give great service records well into the early 21st century. Okay here's the story, Early this spring it was very evident my Fargos 228 engine was either just getting to tired, or needed a swap to 265, rebuild or serious gear swaps. On the highway, against a brisk wind with vacuum gauge, it was real indicative of both sucking fuel and super low vacuum at speed. In fact, getting to 60 mph was a chore, I attribute this to both, 3.23 gears and a weak engine. I needed to make a decision on either I rebuild a 265 or swap in a low mile 318 I acquired for next to nothing from a 1986 Fifth Avenue Chrysler. So after a few weeks consideration a decision was made to swap in the 318/904 combo. I went to work on prepping this job, flathead 6 removal and getting 318 ready to go in it's place. A good friend helped me swap, fabricate and install engine and trans mounts, cross member etc. This went fairly smooth, and all was created to allow a swap right back to flathead 6 if desired in the future. A driveshaft was sourced and cut to size, external trans cooler, and a used Mr Gasket shifter. Exhaust is cobbled together and needs to be constructed properly at some point. Engine runs great, some bugs needed to be ironed out, a few still linger. Performance difference with a 318 versus a tired flathead 6 is night and day. Getting to speed in highway is very fast. Its no 300 hp engine, but a whole lot more snap. Some pics.
  13. Does it gave a 25 inch 250 engine now? if yes a simple bolt in with the 241. heck a 218 cdn Plymouth engine will bolt in. Canadian 25 inch and 25 inch engines 8 bolt crank. Lots of M37 owners swapped in 250 engines to replace 230 engines over tyme too. Create a build thread and go at it. Helps those who may consider doing same in future...good luck
  14. https://www.allpar.com/cars/desoto/suburban-1951.html
  15. Yes some are and to each there own. Ive pretty well remain neutral on this these days. I don't care what anyone chooses to do on there projects. I think you are on right track with your project. And it can easily be reversed to OEM too if need be.
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