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  1. Does it gave a 25 inch 250 engine now? if yes a simple bolt in with the 241. heck a 218 cdn Plymouth engine will bolt in. Canadian 25 inch and 25 inch engines 8 bolt crank. Lots of M37 owners swapped in 250 engines to replace 230 engines over tyme too. Create a build thread and go at it. Helps those who may consider doing same in future...good luck
  2. https://www.allpar.com/cars/desoto/suburban-1951.html
  3. Yes some are and to each there own. Ive pretty well remain neutral on this these days. I don't care what anyone chooses to do on there projects. I think you are on right track with your project. And it can easily be reversed to OEM too if need be.
  4. The Desoto shifter and linkage should work just fine. In my case it did but who knows till he gets this started. Desoto shifter and linkage should work just fine. The operative word is should... Now your clutch throw out fork will not and needs to be shorter. You will find out soon enough on it all..
  5. Falconvan, as I posted to you on HAMB. Its a straight forward swap from FD to dry clutch. You can then go with regular 3 spd or better yet R10 overdrive. Other option is get another FD and flywheel and a 3spd trans. No moving of crossmember in that case. I do understand you have bought the applicable clutch housing and trans to make this work? I do find it amusing 1 follower of this post puts on the "sad face" over you getting rid of M6 but thinks a Chevy 200R trans is good...lol with regular clutch way more grunt off the line. Trade off no more convenient FD in city driving...
  6. Yes it was a radical idea, that I did not have tyme for, and my son didnt want it either. It was compete with aluminum bell and A833 trans, driveshaft was not made yet, nor was some type of throwout mechanism and that would have been the toughest part of this swap. Getting engine mounted and trans crossmember was not overly difficult
  7. Least he kept it Furd on Furd or is that terd...lol
  8. Banger in a Blow Up Pinto. Why not.
  9. I started this then changed my mind. I then pulled engine trans out and sold body.
  10. Here new 1968 Camaro with Ford Flathead V8.
  11. Okay Miss Rebecca how she be now with a fresh engine?
  12. Good Stuff and often overlooked by flathead owners. Nothing like West Texas heat, cept the lower desert of So Cal and Arizona .Dont think San Fran no where near as hot.. Interesting on "oil temp", most times people don't get there engines oil temps hot enough, causing sledge and such, gettin it to heated temps are good to a point...
  13. Ambient ground surface temp at location -relative humidity in location -Ambient underhood temp and dissipation of such airflow and heat dissipation over rad surfaces -coolant flow rates -radiator cooling efficiency -fuel thermal rates -your cooling passages partially obstructed, On your 49 Concourse car, not gonna make a "hill of beans" difference. Electric fans on rad, could help, or pull your hood off for summer. Your car is a hulk of a tank, weight wise, add a couple of heavy adults in it, and bingo, that little 251 or 265 is working dam hard and getting heated up. The big question, do you boil over, do you stall car and get stranded, do you lose all power because your fuel is boiling? If not, what is your basic troubles, a hot engine in stand still traffic, on a hot day?
  14. .060 and to what .080. What was the crank journals and rods measuring? Burnt seats would have been a good idea to find new block perhaps. I've seen burnt valves but dont recall seat issues. sounds like your engine was abused.
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