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  1. Thats a great idea Tim. In fact you could have your spring tailgate BBQ combined with 1/8 mile drags or circle track race. Even a tractor type pull event! JohnT53 snd a few other modifieds can see what they can do. If they dare to rev over 2500 rpm...lol
  2. Francois, la tete sur le moteur, would have been worth saving...
  3. As mentioned should be an easy swap. The IND "cam profile", may or may not be an issue, sometimes the cam profile for industrial use, is engineered to provide lower RPM grunt, and a lower redline on total max RPM. On the head, unless it was cut down a whole lot, most likely not gonna be an issue. Heck you could use a 218 CDN Long Block head for a big compression increase, the 218 has the smallest CC of the heads on long block engines.. Dodgeb4ya and dpollo offer great insight into these engines. Both have several years of experience under their belts....
  4. Thats fairly tame at .410 lift with 260 duration and good for street driver use. So you ever Red Line it? You should be good for 4500 to 4800 RPM. My old tired 228 with stock cam at .375 lift can spin up to 4 grand...lol Hit 4000 RPM in 3rd at 56 mph, speedo was reading 10 mph too low.
  5. Yes? Well your running .71 overdrive the same as an A833 truck trans with 3.54 no issues. Your tire size a bit shorter than 28 inches. The engine a modified 250 makes all the difference in the world. Now with a 218 or sluggish tired engine a 3.73 or a 3.90 might be more appropriate and all depending on weight of vehicle etc. My 108 wb Fargo weight approx 3300 lbs with modified but tired 228 and T98A 4spd with 3.23 gears and 28.5 inch tires. It moves along well enough. But at 60mph in a vicious headwind it can be more of a dog other than that no real issues. The T98A 4 spd has almost identical gear spread of the A833 1st to 3rd but in 2nd to 4th. 1st at 6.40 is near useless on this trans. Chrysler Canada used the T98Acme in the Dodge and Fargo line up from 3/4 ton to Powerwagons. It has the removable cover for a transfer case. They were also used in Jeeps International and some Ford applications. Looking back at older threads on this type of topic Reg Evans posted to me, that his Old Yellar with rebuilt 251 4spd trans and 3.0 gears keeps up with traffic and does the hills in the sierras just fine These engines if healthy are bulls and can push well..
  6. Fargone my shifter is a stock Hurst for a 79 or 80 D100 Now its positioned high enough for the driver to comfortably shift and to allow a passenger to sit in the middle seat ( barely Im sure) Your option A looks good and should get you where you wanna be. Look forward to your progress.
  7. Okay okay sorry Billy...lol Thought you lived in western New Yawk not Brooklyn....
  8. Well of course the difference is nothing, but Greg, the Volares and Aspens with 6 cyl engines and A833 used the 7 1/4 diff with 2.76, 2.94 and 3.23, no the did not have 3.55 or 3.91 unless a special order, trucks got those as well as bigger cars and vans. The Volare weighing near 3400 lbs, and a 3.23 or even worse a 2.94, would be a real deficit for a .73 gear reduction in a low powered slant 6... My Fargo, with 228, dual carbs and exhaust and tired, moves it along fine with 3.23 gears, if I shift from 3rd to 4th too soon on a hill of wicked headwind she is a dog until 50 mph or just over 2000 rpm, so yes an A833 would be a disaster, actually a T5 with 4.03 1st and .86 5th would work with a 3.23 gear set...
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