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  1. Appropriate non fluid drive bell, clutch, 3 or 4 speed truck trans, possibly some clutch linkage difference. Driveshaft length differences? Not much more.
  2. To OP you posted this ideas/question on the HAMB. You have had some good direction. This is appropriate forum for you to get to know your D24. Not sure you will find the support or guidance for a 302 swap here, but you never know. Good luck with your quest...
  3. Without taking the thread off the rails can you post pics of your 52 Suburban love those cars.
  4. Yes of course a Windsor is a 5 x 4.5, the biggins such as Limo and 8 passenger and perhaps TC convert are 5x5...
  5. Good stuff, I thought the big drums and hubs off limo sized 12 inch brake cars were bigger than the usual 4.5 on 5? When did you see Tims beast? Quite the car isnt it?
  6. You know this is not a bad idea. The 12 inch brakes have a 5x5 pattern though correct? To be honest the 11 inch brakes with good drums and well adjusted will put you into the dash too.. Discs are fine too, easier for most but not necessarily gonna be 100s of times greater than dual WC brakes setup well. Trouble is getting the shoes tru to drums in correct clearances. Tim Kingsburys hot 265 powered 49 Plymouth has 12 inch Chrysler drum brakes up front... A lot of the disc kits work fine, even with stock MC. There certainly good for those who say have no decen
  7. Just started my 318 this evening after 5 days. Tried the crank a few times, wait then crank a few times. It started after 4 or 5 such cycles. If I prime bowl it fires immediately. Gonna add an electric for priming, just gonna have to be this way..
  8. Ryan, if you already have front end rebuilt with Disc Brakes, all good to go. I say go for it get the 3.9 mocked up and into the car....
  9. Hey I agree 100% on a "NO TO" a complete frame or front sub frame swap. The IFS on this setup is real decent, add disc brakes too for your added safety and braking efficiency. Lots of Rodders can and do these swaps, and sure you or OP can handle it too, but it aint necessary, up above and others have some more complicated ideas, that are okay, but far from whats needed for these cars. I also lean toward a V8 on this 318/360 or 5.7 L HEMI..
  10. Not very cold here at all. And for weeks already not much snow and none til December that stayed in ground. While its not 7c its about -1 c Mid November it was 20 c 1 sunday. Did I mention Manitoba has real hot summers and real humid. Alberta summer is cold comparisons, if you don't have AC here you will roast at night..
  11. My homestead yesterday morning. Beautiful Hoarfrost and note ski/tracks in ditch.
  12. Sniper and Los Control, good news it will melt and be gone soon Im sure. Up here we will have snow on ground til April...lol
  13. Just snow overnight? Texas shows no snow on NOAA website. Happy sleddin...
  14. How would yall like about 20 hours due north of Amarillo where I live...lol I would guess about 1200 miles or so north of Amarillo..
  15. Funny... senior Canadian climatologist up here so far calling it bang on...real good liar...lol
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