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  1. Yes! I put a passenger side mirror on my '50. Bought it from DCM for $80.00 or so. It was totally worthless too. I ended up taking it off and adding it to my pile of unused parts.
  2. Left front frame side. Wire brush off the muck 'n rust and cross your fingers it hasn't rusted away. At least that's where I found mine on my '50.
  3. That is a good tip. I'll be sure to do that. Vic explained that my living in Colorado would eliminate that issue, which is likely true most of the time, but not all of the time. I'll let 'em dry out then spray on some kind of sealer.
  4. Decided against the hand forged wrought iron hooks from Garrett Wade (India). Steve over at VPW hooked me up with the hooks I've only dreamed of. Ordered an interior kit from Vic's Dodge Garage. He's doing original style; CNC cut panels covered as in the old days. While I'm very nervous about sag going forward, I did like that I could mix and match colors. Going with grey headliner with brown panels. I saw somebody else had done this and thought it looked nice. His cost is misleading. While $425.00 sounds like a deal, when you factor in his shipping it get nuts. Good thing I'm rich. Here's the shipping quotes from Vic's in Oregon to me in Fort Collins, Colorado. I've been leary of doing ABS, while I would appreciate the no sag factor, I just don't think I'd like having a plastic interior. I think I'll get better sound insulation with the old school vinyl wrapped boards. Yes, I've added sticky backed foam/aluminum sound deadener sheets up the wazoo. Finger's crossed! FWIW - Vic is a chatty guy who was incredibly helpful on the phone over a wide range of topics. And did I mention Vic's website has color photos?
  5. No, it measures resistance. My truck is positive ground. Don't know about yours. Did you convert to 12V?
  6. Remove the bench seat. I used a hammer and screwdriver to tap a wing on the cover plate counter clockwise to remove it. Didn't have the correct bung wrench. Yes, one wire that sends resistance to the guage.
  7. Now found at https://vicsdodgegarage.com/products/interiors/
  8. My understanding is they were all dealer installed. I have an Arvin cab heater. I used the switch @Al Peterson is showing above. My motor was frozen. I PBBlasted it and force turned it with vise grips. Patience and persistence got it working again. Now I need to figure out how to fix the small leak in the core; guess I cleaned that up too good.
  9. FWIW, the free LED flashlight is awesome! Machined aluminum, 1AA batteries. Bright as the sun! It now lives in my road toolbox.
  10. Garrett Wade. Looks to be mostly wood working tools. https://www.garrettwade.com/hand-forged-iron-wall-hooks.html I ordered the medium sized. Product 89A05.06. They had a promotion where you also get a free utility led flashlight. Be sure to request that
  11. Got new rubber seals glued on, awesome. Moving right along, got both the passenger and driver's door glass replaced. Those little clips attaching the glass bottom bracket to the mechanism were a mystery since you can't see them or how they attach, but Alec came over and showed me the light. My box-o-seals had window channel and sweeps - got the channel in but not a fan of the sweeps and may buy new from VPW. Taking a break but in the meantime found some hand forged tie down hooks for $8 each - pretty stoked.
  12. Hang in there and let us know how you make out.
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