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  1. LOL - I, like @stihl1 was cracking up, thought it was great!
  2. Everything one wants in a video; farm, tractor, dog, truck. I could smell the fuel burning! Ya know, next time air up those tires. It'll tow a little easier!
  3. Are you referencing the photos linked by @linus6948 supposedly hosted on Google Photos? That link didn't work for me and I have multiple free Google accounts (because I'm special as you know). I've had good luck hosting images on imgur. With the app on my phone and their very functional website for my desktop, I'm able to quickly get images up to share. Just sayin'... You can use imgur too! https://imgur.com
  4. I can loan you my bottle jack and you can get started on the cab 😄 You are in the right place. I saw the radio antenna but noticed somebody jacked the radio - damn! You can get started finding a replacement on EBAY, though the $375.00 seems a little pricey to me. I paid $80.00 at a junkyard. Having a family heirloom makes it all the more special, congratulations and enjoy the journey.
  5. You nailed the wheel color and your daughter is very attractive!
  6. That's going to be a nice ride once you get that bumper fixed 😲
  7. Pretty sweet. Your shop needs an old time gas pump next don't 'cha think?
  8. Hey, my favorite color! Keep those pics coming - now get to work :-0
  9. Yes! I put a passenger side mirror on my '50. Bought it from DCM for $80.00 or so. It was totally worthless too. I ended up taking it off and adding it to my pile of unused parts.
  10. Left front frame side. Wire brush off the muck 'n rust and cross your fingers it hasn't rusted away. At least that's where I found mine on my '50.
  11. That is a good tip. I'll be sure to do that. Vic explained that my living in Colorado would eliminate that issue, which is likely true most of the time, but not all of the time. I'll let 'em dry out then spray on some kind of sealer.
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