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  1. That is the right one for the pulling the drums
  2. thanks for the information' anyone have aftermarket part number for the synchronizer ?
  3. Has anyone changed the synchronizer on their 3 speed transmission new process gear on B3B themselves, wondering if you were able to do this with out any special tools. checked the sight and did not see any posts on how this was done. Thanks Joe
  4. anyone purchase a new vin data plate with vin number and othe date filled in for a 1952 B3B
  5. Anyone have good aftermarket part number for a replacement synchronizer assembly and source?
  6. Thanks for the info. difficult to cross Dodge part numbers to listed to aftermarket ones .
  7. looking for part number for new process gear 1952 b3b 3 speed synchronizer.
  8. I believe this may explain it is series wound motor just as stater motor is and will spin in one direction even after reversing the polarity. Here is a detailed explanation of the reason a Series Wound starter motor still rotates the same way regardless of battery polarity. When Battery Polarity isreversed both Field and Armature currents are reversed [Because it is Series wound]-rotation direction remains the same.
  9. Looking for water outlet housing for use with non bypass water pump 1 3/4 in outlet. Any one have part number that will work, mine is pitted on bottom 230 cu engine.
  10. The spring configuration is as it was with original tank, attached under tank. The springs are compressed more with addition of the 1/4 inch plate. But they due still have some compression. Possibly some longer bolts would allow more flexibility with less spring compression. Joe
  11. Here is how I mounted the tanksinc gas tank in 1952 B3B. Front is mounted with 2inch long3/8 inch bolts screwed up through supplied tank attached nuts and placed another nut and washers through the truck frame. Back mount was made 1/4 inch plate 9 inches by 3 3/4 inches with holes drilled to match tank and original tank mount bracket hole alignment using original bolts with springs and 2 inch 3/8 bolts on supplied tank attached nuts. Floor was notched to allow the use of the original filler pipe and rubber coupling. I use a JC Whitney 5 bolt sending unit with correct ohms for Chryslers products that bolted right to the tank sending holes. I am using 6 volt regulator for fuel gauge as I switched to a 12 volt generator. Using 3/8 to 5/16 adapter for fuel pick line. Hopes this helps others when replacing those old rusty tanks. Joe
  12. Thanks for the link.Does any one have picture of the bracket they made for this modification, or picture of the installation?
  13. Anyone use the tanksinc replacement tank they have listed for the 39 t0 47 dodge in a 1952 b3b. They say the can be used with some modes, but do not described what the modes are. thanks Joe.
  14. Has anyone used Kepich exhaust for their Trucks? They seem reasonable priced. Any comments on fit quality.
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