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  1. Thanks for the information. I will get one and give it try.
  2. I saw post that. Referenced using a Honda seal 91204-HB3-004 as replacement. Has anyone used this seal as a replacement and did it work?
  3. The synchronizer brass inner rings are hard if not impossible to find. Not sure what can be used as a replacement.
  4. What size studs have you used to replace the pedal studs on your trucks?
  5. I would interested knowing the ebay site you got the schyronizer from I have been looking for the inner brass rings for 3 speed for some time now with no luck. The schyronizer assembly should be a awt234-21/2a. You can pm me.
  6. Anyone have any pictures of the engine bay splash shields. looking for info on how they are mounted.
  7. Any suggestions on fixing the leak on the pan were the dip stick mounts to the pan. Did you mig weld it or braze it or use a dealer?
  8. thanks for the information' anyone have aftermarket part number for the synchronizer ?
  9. Has anyone changed the synchronizer on their 3 speed transmission new process gear on B3B themselves, wondering if you were able to do this with out any special tools. checked the sight and did not see any posts on how this was done. Thanks Joe
  10. anyone purchase a new vin data plate with vin number and othe date filled in for a 1952 B3B
  11. Anyone have good aftermarket part number for a replacement synchronizer assembly and source?
  12. Thanks for the info. difficult to cross Dodge part numbers to listed to aftermarket ones .
  13. looking for part number for new process gear 1952 b3b 3 speed synchronizer.
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