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About Brent B3B

  • Birthday December 15

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    Not Telling
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    Beavercreek, Oregon
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    Julie, a couple trucks I have, hobby farming, fishing
  • My Project Cars
    51 B3B, my first vehicle (George)
    52 B3B ** Sold**
    52 B3HH (Rob)
    53 B4D (Sprite)
    51 B3D chassis, bought for the horn ring
    53 B4GA (Buck)
    51 B3GA (Jimbob)

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    Born in Iowa, raised in Oregon
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    Beavercreek Oregon
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About Me

God fearing man, I love my wife, family and my hobby.

Man of many faults.... one being, i don't ask for help easily. But if I can help I will.

I am not a mechanic or a body and fender guy. 

I am just having fun and like to joke around, life is too short!

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