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  1. Yes! These are the ones I was looking for. Thanks!
  2. So this site is dead now- I swear I saw a thread where someone was trying to pull all the data off the site- does anyone have the wiring diagrams that were on there to make wiring harnesses?
  3. I put this in the off site referrals section, but in case anyone missed it…… https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/768928010829151/ it’s local to me. But I’m not selling it. But I thought it was pretty cool and not something you see often.
  4. You don’t see this every day. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/768928010829151/
  5. I only dealt with him once but I found him to be pretty responsive. he didn't have what I was looking for , but ending up having a couple body parts I needed.
  6. Yeah you never know where to find them. Facebook marketplace and craiglist are also good. I just scored a pristine hood and two NOS fenders for my GA at what I thought was a great price for impossible to find parts. Another good place to check is the Facebook Pilothouse club. Doug Crozier on there often has parts and will ship them.
  7. Yep dually. I took a careful measurement today, 7’4” would overhang on each side’s outside tire a couple inches, so might be ok. Thanks for everyone’s help.
  8. Thanks for the input. Now the guy is telling me its only 7'4" wide. Now I'm wondering if that's too small. 🤣
  9. Thanks Wally. So I guess 8’ is about right. Seems to look right on yours.
  10. I'm looking at a used flatbed for my GA. I think it will be faster and cheaper that trying to fabricate one. It has I think the right look. But its 8 feet wide. On my truck that looks like it will stock about 6 inches past the tire. That seems too big to me. If anyone is inclined, that has a big truck with a flatbed, could you take pictures of your truck head on and from the rear and tell Me how wide your flatbed is?
  11. You don't think that is an intentional bend do you? On that last picture you show it looks like a sharper change to the angle. Almost like it was made that way? On the first picture and on my truck it looks much more like a gradual bend was put in it from sitting on the bump stops. I guess they are there for a reason, but man, that's a lot of spring to bend.
  12. $430 each. They had a cheaper option that were not custom for Two and change but they wouldn't look right.
  13. Yeah you said that already. These are the same diameter as the original 8.25x20s . That's what came on this truck. I looked at the specs for 8.25 x 20 vs 9r22.5s . Both say 38.3" on diameter. I measure a few of my old tires - they ranged about 37.5 to 38.25". I guess the differences are wear and I didn't check pressure in any of them, I assume some were under inflated. I finally got all 6 on . I am really pleased. I don't really notice any difference in turning force, ride does seem a bit better on my short jaunts - But with no bed on the back the suspension doesn't give at all. So it's tough to tell. Spacing is perfect, and I think the look is right. I was also able to find some decent traction tires.
  14. I thought the bigger truck guys might find this interesting- look at the attached picture. This truck had a dump body in it. I finally got the old dump hoist frame off that i will replace because I a putting a flatbed dump on it. Apparently this thing was routinely loaded so heavy that the bump stops it the rear end and slightly bent the bottom web of the frame. Both sides are identical like this. The spring stack on this are so stiff in the back I'm pretty surprised they could flex that much. I inspected the whole frame pretty carefully. No cracks or bends anywhere else, unless there is something under the cab which is doubtful. So apparently no harm done and I'll bend them back, but I guess this truck was worked hard in its life.
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