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  1. I like that rule! I think I am going to try to incorporate that into my truck project as well.
  2. Thanks to the endless help from Brent B3B, I got my '51 B3B running for the first time... on International Work on Your Truck Day! For a guy who claims he's not a mechanic, he sure knows his stuff about these trucks. I really can't thank him enough. B3B_first_start2.MOV
  3. I just bought my first vintage truck this past weekend; a 1951 Dodge B3B 5-Window. Fortunately it has been garaged for the last 25 years so it doesn't look that bad. As far as my automotive skills, I have next to none but I like to fix things and am looking forward to getting the flathead 6 running. All I know about the truck is that is was converted to 12v positive ground. The wiring is pretty deteriorated so my first step is going to be to replace the wiring harness. I am leaning towards buying an 8-circuit wiring harness from KwikWire.com. Anyone work with KwikWire before
  4. Ok, I found the curb weight in a 1952 Dodge Salesman's brochure and now my baby is officially titled and registered in my name.
  5. Help! I just bought a '51 B3B and Washington State requires the curb weight (not gross) of the pickup in order to put the title in my name. The truck isn't running so I cant easily get it to a scale. Anyone know where I can find an official weight listed somewhere online or in a manual? Thanks in advance. Steve
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