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  1. Hi Brent,

    I am sure I did everything correctly (lol) but after putting the cap onto the tranny case the gear shifter does not engage ANY of the gears.

    Before putting the cap on I was able to move the gears by hand into every gear smoothly.

    I didn't do anything to the cap while making the repairs to the tranny.


    Any ideas of what went wrong?  Are there any videos on how the cap should 'look' or how it should be 'positioned' when setting it onto the case?


    At this rate I may have to tow my baby to the BBQ next April and let the crew there take a crack at it and when we get it put in we all can hear it fired up for the first time in 25 years.


    Next time I will remember it is easier to maintain an old truck rather than restore one.

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    2. 54Dodgeguy


      Thanks Brent,  I know it will come together, just frustrating it is not coming together the first time.  lol


      I will let you know when I get it to work.  Probably should have taken more photos when it was working those 25 years ago.  lol    If something is working who thinks about photo documenting the way it is put together?


      I am running into a similar issue with the hand brake that is attached to the tail end of the trans.   I can't remember whether the 'yoke' on the output splines is attached to the 'inside' of the brake drum or the 'outside'.  Haven't found any photos that clearify it and the repair manual I have only handles the output yoke and it "IS" the drive shaft yoke.  No mention of the hand brake drum that is 'in between' the 'two yokes'.  This delima will be answered also.  I just have to keep calm and double check myself each step.

      It is nice having someone that understands the frustrations of restoring a ventage vehicle.

      Thanks for listening.


    3. Brent B3B

      Brent B3B

      Let me know if you need a photo of anything. I have a truck with the dash pull style and one with the floor lever style 

    4. 54Dodgeguy


      My hand brake is 'on the dash'.  I have confidence I can figure it out, sooner or later.  lol

      I will let you know.

  2. Tim, Becky had so much fun this past BBQ, she didn't even hesitate with her enthusiastic YES! Let's go! I hope to have my '54 Dodge back running by then and will bring it over. Lookin forward to seeing our new friends and talking MoPar Dodge, even if your guys don't believe my 241 Poly V8 doesn't exist. Ken & Becky
  3. Coming about 540 miles from Henderson, Nevada. Looks like it will be an 8 hour drive. We are staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Lodi. How do we find the Ranch and do you need any last minute help on Friday? Not sure what to bring to the BBQ but let us know and we will bring it if it isn't to expensive or bulkier that a stack of 4' x 8' plywood 2 foot high. We have some Ball Park hotdogs, chicken thighs or breasts, personal recipe hamburgers or some pork chops in the freezer we can thaw out in a cooler on out way over there. We are excited about meeting everyone. Sorry we can'
  4. Thanks for the info. We like Holiday Inn when we travel so that should be good. Looks like your project car is about 4 years older than mine. I may have to pick your brain one of these days. Obviously I am new to this group but I will find out who is who as quickly as I can. Ken
  5. OK, just got the wife's approval to go for the road trip (I know that sounds weak but there are reasons). We will be there but unfortunately, no '54 Dodge to show you guys. Lots of photos though. lol Have been working on the restoration for about 20 years now (can explain that when we get there). Baring the end of the world.... Engine should be done, Paint should be complete, Bed boards also on the finished list, Transmission is the stumbling block as well as the final assembling. May be able to get there on Thursday definitely by Friday (late). Any suggestions on places to stay
  6. Thanks guys for the leads for parts to finish off Dodge Truck beds. Looks like Mar-K.com is the way I may go. Seems to have everything I need in one place as a set. Only problem is I need to find out if they have the curved side pieces. Phone call for Monday morning!
  7. I feel your 'pain'. I caught my first case of MoPar fever, when I was 4 yo, about 66 years ago when my Dad brought home a '54 Dodge 3/4 ton 241 V8. I have had it since and nearly caught another case in 1969 when I met my girl friend that had a '66 Dodge Dart with a 273 V8. Wish I had a shop like yours. Looks great to keep your obsessions under cover. Ken
  8. I did not find any topics like this on any forums, so here goes. Can anyone help me find out when NP 420's were used in the C1-C8-116 Dodge trucks? I have started rebuilding the 54 Dodge I have had since 1955. Most of the parts are hard to find but I am getting there but the transmission looks like it will stop me in my tracks. I want to keep it as original as I can, so I would like to keep the NP420, which is the transmission that I think is in it now. Any help on where I can get parts for it; bearings, seals, gaskets? All the gears and shafts seem to be ok. I have had
  9. Thanks for the location of the BBQ. Looks like we are almost neighbors. I live near Las Vegas, NV.
  10. I just found this place. A BBQ to meet fellow Dodge fans sounds like a good thing. Where is Clements? I have a 54 241 V8 3/4 T. Been in the family since 55. Ken
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