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  1. Hi. Thanks for the input. I see what you and Brent were saying with the rear fenders. The serial number on the frame will be able to determine this? Tried looking briefly when I got home tonight, and I see where it is, just too difficult to make it out. It’s going to take some work so I’ll have to try maybe this weekend. I can read the engine number. There is no plate on the door. Thanks again. Love the color scheme on yours.
  2. Thanks Brent. Fit “like a glove” as they say on the site? And did you just loose lay it or it is adhered? Thanks again.
  3. What do you guys usually use to line the floors over the sound dampening? Is it carpeting/rubber? Does it get glued down to the dampener? Or am I way off. Lol
  4. Ahh. Haven’t noticed those in pics before. They clean the look up nicely. I’m sure they’re not in my bucket of parts but I’ll keep an eye out. Thanks!
  5. Thank you. The PO had painted them a “hammered Steel” color along with the headlight bezels and front bumper, which is actually the rear bumper I believe. I have the front also but it needs to be put back into shape. Anyway, IMHO doesn’t look terrible but something to work on at a later time. I need to figure out how to adjust the grille bars so they align better also.
  6. Thank you Merle and Brent. Yes, it seems to be roadworthy so far. Starts easily, runs, drives, and stops. There is a little more play in the steering wheel than I think there should be, so that will be something to look into. The interior has sound dampening around it from the previous owner(see pictures). I would like to install a headliner and floor covering. Still looking around for those. So far I just focused on small things like window sweeps, hubcaps, clutch and brake draft protectors...etc. My goal is to have a truck to take to the occasional nearby car show, or take my daughter
  7. Hey folks, as stated in the title I recently purchased a ‘53 Dodge B3B. I don’t really have a lot of experience in this but have been been some research and planning. Appears like the previous owner put a fair amount of work into it already. I’m sure I’ll have a bunch of questions and know there’s a lot of good info on this site. Thanks in advance for your patience.
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