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  1. You do need a gasket under the head of he center bolt on top of the cover. It is not very thick however, more like a washer.
  2. Rhode Island Wire sells pre-made cloth covered wiring harnesses as well as cloth covered wire by the foot.
  3. Thanks to all who have responded. I agree that it is probably an unanswerable question and I agree with everything brianb says. I guess I was hoping to get an idea of what might be reasonable, ... 1%? 5%? I thought that someone might have an idea because that information would be valuable to anyone making re-pop parts. Here is another wrinkle to the question: I have personally seen 3 other D24 business coupes besides my own. One of them was parked at the curb and while I was admiring it the owner wandered over and as we chatted he told me that the coupe body had been lifted off of its chassis and transplanted onto an S10 chassis and drive train. Now would that be counted as a D24, an S10 or what?
  4. I was just wondering how many of the P15's and D24's that were produced have survived? How many are still on the road? I did a little research and found a reference on the AACA site that claims about 1% of original production of all cars from 1910to 1958 survives, but that this number would vary by age and model. Does anyone know about our cars? ... I have a D24 three window coupe, about 27000 were made between 1946 and 1948. If 1% survive there should be about 270 left. Does this sound right?
  5. After I rebuilt my brakes with new shoes and cylinders I found that the pedal was spongy in spite of my having bled all 4 wheels. I re-bled the system and the pedal was much better. I think it takes a little while to work all of the air out of the system, especially the upper cylinders on the front.
  6. One last suggestion . . . To make the pan easier to install you can get four longer pan bolts, perhaps 1 inch or 1 1/4 inch. Start the longer bolts on the ends to pull the pan up against the protruding gasket ends. After the rest of the bolts are started you can replace the longer bolts with the regular ones.
  7. You could get a 6V pos. to 12V neg converter then use a commonly available back up camera. Here is one from Classic Auto Sound that should work. I have one in my car to power a modern radio. https://www.classiccarstereos.com/positive-ground-6v-to-12v-converter.html?utm_content=shopping&gclid=Cj0KCQjwjoH0BRD6ARIsAEWO9DtHDp6hgnR0JC_Oq-FGOUiy1xRSq9c5C6yNW2S1BQipIRQFGU4kSxkaAoKzEALw_wcB
  8. Mark, your problem is likely a bad ground. Either the brake light is grounding through the turn signal, or the turn signal is grounding through the brake light. I would clean all of the ground connections on both lights.
  9. An arbor press would be the best tool to use. If you don't have a press you could try a large vise or even a large C clamp. You should try to press it out rather than hammer on it. Try soaking it with Marvel mystery oil before trying to press it out.
  10. My wife and I are just finishing the first week of a two week self imposed quarantine. We live with my son who is a computer programmer for Monster.com, a job search website. His company shares a building in Weston, MA with Biogen. The main Biogen building is in Cambridge, the Weston building is a branch office. At the end of Feb. Biogen had an international conference in Boston, MA. After the conference some of the Biogen people returned to the building in Weston. Some days later 5 of them were identified as having contracted the virus.. My son doesn't work with the Biogen people, but the two companies share the cafeteria and other common areas. Last Friday both companies shut down the building and told their employees to work from home until further notice. .... schools are closed, churches are closed, sporting events, etc. Not much fun! .... Stay safe.
  11. Then and Now Automotive in Weymouth, Massachusetts.
  12. '66, '71, '74, '79 busses as well as a '66 fastback and '66 squareback.
  13. Back in the early 70's I used to frequent an old storefront parts store. The front part of the store had a wood floor, tin ceiling, and a long counter with stools for the customers and an old ceiling fan turning lazily overhead (in the summer). Looking beyond the counter you could see the shelves of parts with exhaust pipes and mufflershanging overhead. Now the parts store is long gone and the building is the home of an upscale restaurant. .... I can't sit down to eat there without seeing those exhaust pipes hanging over my head!
  14. Not really a collection .. Some are from my vehicles, the NC plate I used when we lived there, the motorcycle plates are all from my bikes, regretfully not a full set. The old Massachuetts plates in center are some my father in law found at a yard sale.
  15. I know that people say that coils are blind to polarity, but I am not so sure. about 10 yrs ago I had a 1971 Triumph motorcycle that had positive earth. It was the very devil to start until I noticed that they coils were wired for negative ground. I reversed the connections and voila, the bike started on the first kick after priming. It may have been just because I loosened, cleaned and reconnected the wires, but I am not sure.
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