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  1. For years I averaged around 1500 mi/yr but when I got the car inspected this last April it had only gone about 500 mi since last year. It is only 5 mi to the ice cream stand and with diabetes I don't eat as much ice cream as I used too.
  2. Ditto to what others have said, but if it is third gear it should go much faster than 40 mph. It's sluggihness could be because something is out of adjustment and youdo not really have it in third, or it may need fresh gas and a tune-up after sitting for years.
  3. I got seat belts from Juliano's. They have different colors to coordinate with your interior and they sell backing plates to go under the floor for anchoring points. I don't remember the length I bought, but my advise is to get the long ones.
  4. I noticed the same thing that Andyd did. I don't think it could be assembled backwards. However, if you loosened the bolts holding the top frame to the sides of the radiator mount I wonder if there is enough "slop" to allow you to straighten up the top frame. On the picture I posted you can see that the hole in the radiator mount is slotted.
  5. It is located by the front nose piece and the positon of yhe center strip.
  6. I couldn't get a good angle for a picture, but on my 48 Dodge the e-brake cable leaves the firewall, curves down through a clamp attached to the steering column, continues to curve down and passes over the transmission cross-over between the transmission mount and the transmission. I have no idea if that is the factory routing, but it seems to work. I've had the car 15 years and it has always been that way.
  7. I could open it on my ipad. He has a HF meter set to dc voltage and it reads 1888. The image does not show how the leads are plugged in.
  8. Casco was an aftermarket parts company. I think it stands for Connecticut Auto Supply Company. The visor on my Dodge coupe is by CASCO.
  9. I was thinking of taking mine apart to polish and straighten it, but it is spot welded together. Also the mounting tabson the back are not stainless and will rust. I picked up a spare that was strighter than the one I had but couldn' t use it because the mounting tabs were rusted off.
  10. 12 years ago I had the front bumper of my Dodge plated. When I got i back I decided to paint the backkside of the bumper with Por 15. No problem since then.
  11. you will probably get an answer if you posted this on the truck section of the forum.
  12. If you look at his first picture you can see he does not have a radio, but has two toggle switches in the radio knob positions.
  13. I'm 70 and haven't rebuilt an engine yet. Lots of other stuff,,, manifolds, rebuilt carburettors, engine mounts, cooling system,electrical, etc. but I have not dove into engine internals yet. Never say never, but right now my engine is running fine.
  14. Merry Christmas to everyone. My wife and I and our son and his family are all waiting for Santa and baking cookies. We had some freezing rain and a dusting of snow last night and the DPW dumped many truck loads of salt on the roads. My Dodge is in hibernation until spring. Dave B.
  15. In the fall my wife and I took a leaf peeping ride around the local ski mountain. Coming around the backside of the we came down a rather steep half mile long twisty slope. Near the bottom there were a bunch of cars parked near a rail head. After riding the brakes down the hill it was all I could do to stop before hitting them ... standing on the brake pedal, downshifting, usung the parking brake. We stopped in time, but it was un-nerving. I am going to inspect the brakes before spring, but I think it was just brake fade.
  16. I used a ZoomSpout oiler to put oil into the little tube on the back of the speedometer. That was 10 yeard ago, the needle is bouncing again slightly. Time to crawl ubder the dash again.
  17. My wife and I are taking a brief vacation on Cape Cod. Today we had lunch at a fish restaurant in Yarmouth, MA. They had ris car parked next to the restaurant. It has been repowered, I don't know with what, but when I peeked in the window I could see a modern steering column and a floor shifter for an automatic transmission.
  18. Back in the day when a car wouldn't start we would turn on the headlights then hit the starter. A good battery should crank the engine with the lights only slightly dimming. If the lights go out it is an indication of a dead battery some problem in the battery cables.
  19. Perhaps there is a short in the radio and thatis why the power wire was disconnected. However, as Sniper says if the radio was connected to ignition switch it should not get any power when the switch is off.
  20. Take it to a good hardware store and see if you can match it.
  21. I put lap belts in my Dodge coupe years ago using belts from Julianos hot rod parts. They sell a heavy duty anchor plate with rounded edges to go under the floor. The rounded edges hopefully will keep the plates from cutting the sheet metal floor. So far my seat belts have not been tested and like Sam says I am doing my best to ensure that they aren't.
  22. The fuel pump could be weak. if the tank is more than a quarter full there is enough pressure from the tank to keep the fuel flowing to the pump, if less gas intank the pump cannot pull itthrough the line. Another thing that can cause this problem is a pin hole in the gas line. An old Mustang I had started very hard when I first got it. Once running it was fine. It never leaked gas either. Eventually I replaced the fuel line and discovered that the old line had a pinhole where it went up over the axle. When the car was stopped thefuel would drain out of the line back to the tank and the pump couldn't pull it back over the hump, but once started it would run fine.
  23. Replacing the motor mounts can cause the shift linkage to bind or not work. If you are having trouble with shifting on your maiden voyage check the shift rod adjustments.
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