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  1. I just got all 21 out on my 1950 meadowbrook. Held my breathe quite a few times. They all came out ok, but I did bust one of the two bolts holding the thermostat housing on. Luckily it snapped with quite a bit of it sticking out so with a vise grip and a acetylene torch was able to free it up and twist it out. I'm enjoying reading about your project as I'm doing some of the same right now as well. ~martin
  2. Thanks everybody for all the great information. I'll be on this site often as I work on the meadowbrook. Hope you all ate too much turkey!
  3. And since you replace them, what kind do you use and where do you get them? Just standard grade 8s or specifically headbolts?
  4. Hi all, Just found this forum from over at HAMB and this place is just what I need! I've got a 1950 Dodge Meadowbrook that I'm start to restore...well, maybe should say wake up first as it's been sitting for many years. I took the head off cause I had 3 valves stuck and wanted to check status of cylinders etc. All looks pretty good and I got the valves unstuck, so I'd like to put a fresh head gasket on and put her back together for a comp test and run. So regarding headbolts, can I reuse them or should I replace? And if I elect to replace, can I get awa
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