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  1. Now that my '50 Windsor is in the garage for it's winter hibernation I was looking at cleaning up the engine bay area. It has the 251 original flathead in it. I have had the car for a little over a year and never really got to clean all the nooks and crannies. There is a lot of grease and crap on the engine, mostly on the bottom end. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what would be the best way to clean it up. Would a degreaser do the trick and a few old tooth brushes and lots of elbow grease? Thanks.
  2. Hello all. Love this site. It really helps a rookie getting Into the Mopars. Finally going to change plugs in my 251 L Head. My shop manual calls for Auto Lite Resistor AR5 plugs but I see previous post that AR8's are used. Not sure which way to go. Also being from Canada what would be a good brand to buy here. Auto Lite is not available here.
  3. Thanks Keith. I'm slowly picking up tools that I thought I would never need. I just disconnected the radio until I can figure out why my battery went dead so quick. These 'olde Mopars are sure a money pit but lots of fun! After charging my battery I took it out for a spin and now the fluid drive tranny won't shift. Any ideas as to why? Watched all of your YouTube videos. Love it!!
  4. Hello all. Finally got around to seeing why my radio was not working in my '50 Windsor. Found that the speaker wire and power wire were not connected. Radio works! Yahoo! After having her out for a drive I pushed the off button on the radio and parked it. 3 days later went out to go for a drive and the battery was completely dead. My question is would the radio still draw current from the battery even when parked? Would setting up a battery disconnect prevent this? Thank you.
  5. Wow! Seat belts sure is a hot topic. I'm going to do more investigating before I put belts in my '50 Windsor. Does anyone have a pic of seat belts and the anchor position that are in a 2 door convertible? Thank you.
  6. Thank you for you reply. Yes I agree that defensive driving is the key to staying safe in these old beauties. Do you know the length of the belts that you put in your '48 P15?
  7. Hello all. My '50 Windsor Convertible is finally ready for some cruising. New wire harness, fuel pump, new Coker tires, fuel sending unit, new brakes, etc. I would like to put seat belts in it once the cold weather hits. Because it's a convertible, I can only put lap belts in. Has anyone put belts in a convertible? Not sure how to anchor them. Does anyone know of a seller in Canada that would sell these? Thanks.
  8. Hello. Had my Windsor out for a drive yesterday after having a new wire harness installed. Finally I have all the lights and turn signals and gauges working. I noticed that when I was in high range and went to stop it would not kick down into 3rd. It upshifts no problem. I'm thinking it might be low on oil. Lifted the carpet on the passenger side and noticed that there are 2 plates. Open the big one first and seen the solenoid and governor. The smaller plate had a fill here plug on it. Not sure how to remove it to check for oil level? I was going to put 10W-30 oil in it. Is this the correct grade to put in. Also I noticed that the solenoid and governor were pretty greased up. Going to clean that up also. Sorry for the basic questions but I'm a newby but learning fast about these beautiful old Mopars.
  9. Hello. Have my 1950 Windsor all setup for its long winter nap in my garage. Just wondering if anyone has used a aluminum dryer vent hose to hookup to the tailpipe to allow the fumes to escape out of the garage. I would like to start it up every week or so. I have a Carbon Monoxide detector setup in the garage to warn me of dangerous fume buildup. I know I could open the door but I would lose all the heat in the garage. Looked at buying one that they use in service centers but the price is crazy. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. I think I might have nailed it down to the flasher relay. Does anyone know where I could get one in Canada. I just looked at the shipping cost from the U.S. to Canada and almost fell off my chair! $9.50 for the relay and $48.00 to ship!
  11. Just want to say that this site is awesome for rookies like me after getting my retirement project car. I'am from the Niagara area of Ontario so parts are few and far between. When I got my Windsor it was Negative ground. I have changed it over to Positive like it was when it came off the assembly line. Had the generator redone, the Voltage regulator looked at and also changed the coil wires. She purrs like a kitten. When I went to check the turn signals the left side both front and back worked. Checked the right side and only the back went on. I shut her down to check for loose wires then checked again and only the right back turn signal would work. The rest would not work! Before changing from Pos. to Neg. the right worked but the left side was intermittent. The green light works on the dash but only when it's on the right turn. Brake lights, headlights and high beam all work. Weird that it worked for a bit then nothing. I'am not electrically inclined so some of the stuff I have read about turn signals has me scratching my head. I have a shop manual but it's not that detailed on the turn signals. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. I agree. The tranny shifts great. If I decide to go back to positive ground would I just have to polarize the generator or is there more to it than that other than the coil wires?
  13. Thanks for the replies. Yes, the ammeter was charging. It was slightly on the + side until the battery started to lose its charge. Not sure if the generator/regulator was polarized. The generator was tested and everything is good. Getting the regulator checked as we speak. Would I have to polarize both the generator and the regulator? Also, the wires going from the generator to the regulator look to be original but are very brittle. I'am thinking this might be part of the problem. What gauge of wire would be best to change them out or better yet anyone know where I could purchase them from. I probably will have to change out all of the wiring eventually. I have looked online but I'am not sure what I need. I'am from Southern Ontario close to Buffalo. Thanks again. This site is awesome. I sure have learned a lot.
  14. Yes it's semi automatic. The guy thats doing my generator says it does not matter if it's positive or negative ground. It ran great until the battery died on me. Just purchased the service manual for it so I can get a better handle on how things work.
  15. Hello. I'am new at this having just bought my first classic. My 1950 Windsor came with negative ground. She started and drove great for a little while then the battery died. I'am having the generator and regulator looked at hoping it's one of those 2 things that killed my battery. The generator has been switched to negative by someone else who owned the car before me. I tried switching over to positive ground but the car would not start. Switched it back to negative and away she went. Would it be wise to have the generator switched back to positive or just leave it that way.
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