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  1. Lloyd, Is this this the same company as Mighty wipers? It appears they olny sell 12 volt kits which would require an voltage inverter if your still 6 volt, and do not give details and the gears used. Most I have ever seem more modern setups use Nylon gears for power wipers and windows as do all modern autos. http://www.specialtypowerwindows.com/products/2 DJ
  2. Problems can be caused fro opening the plug gaps from the stock 30-32 thous. to 45 with originals as they were meant and designed for stock gaps. Contacts will not stay parallel. Would be best to find proper plugs that best match thread and outside OD, depth of electrode, and heat range that came spec'dfor 40-45 thous. gaps. Question has anyone done the research for these? I have run a Pertronix "I" ignition setup and coil with resistor plugs and wires (12V.) for 6 years but stayed with the stock spec'd plugs gaped at just 35 thous. I did not not want to go bigger gaps with them. Works fine but would not mind to try a plug with proper specs though to try a wider gap. Anyone? Sorry if if is getting at least slightly OT. DJ
  3. Paul, Candy purple and what for 2nd. color? Colors to use for the flames?? Then it will be sharp. Especially on air bag suspension and laying on the ground! ?? 😪 Mexican striped blankets for seat covers .🤐 🤣 I hope not but it IS his car.😉 DJ
  4. Actually the easiest way is to find a good used 3 member complete with the ratio you desire from the year range you already have and just change the entire part. Cars and trucks from many Mopar brands and range of the early years interchange. Just my experience. A lot can depend if you have something weird from most( rare) and want something else that is also rare. Several members have reprints of the old interchange books and may help you out but details of what you already have ( may need to remove the axles and third member to do this to be sure) and what you want will determine the possible replacements to search for. DJ
  5. After market motorhome would be my guess. Just glitter for that new vehcicle you really will not get enough use of to justify the expense, unfortunately few do. DJ
  6. Just might be some great parts left on that car. The person taking the picture probably already saw that and now all gone! 😪 Good field find however. Thanks, DJ
  7. But are those 50-80 years old and maintained by people on budgets for years or just cheap? Hauled around farms and dirt roads and such daily? I Under stand the point but not all the forums members have restored top to bottom their vehicles at least not yet. 😉 DJ
  8. If grinding on the weld does not make sparks then very good chance it was brazed by someone besides the factory. Golden colored power left from the grinding is close to 100% confirmation. I Hate to try following repairs done with braze that are best done with steel weld of any type , almost impossible to get rid of 100% of the brass! They do Not play well together! Always a close to unwinnable fight. (my past experiences). Does anyone know of the factory using brazing in the building of Mopar bodies? Curious to know? Welded and then leaded over very common on tops to main body seams. DJ
  9. Cut, weld, drill, fab? Can be done? You go Paul! Where the heck do you keep finding R-10 OD trans? Is it a R-10 G-1 Mopar OD? 230 C.I or 218 C.I Mopar flathead? Running strong? After the dune buggy paint job? Still waiting on the completed pictures at Pismo Beach, Ca.! DJ
  10. Optional heater for late 49-50's? Mopars View File Model 100,300, and 550 with parts lists Submitter DJ194950 Submitted 07/31/2020 Category Instructions, Manuals & Templates  
  11. I put in a Pertronix setup 6-7 years ago and had to remove the post that the old points pivoted on I believe it was. I also call the Co. and talked to their tech. Told him the issue and rather matter of factually said-well on some that needs to be removed. So! - just do it! I did Email a note about their Bad customer service techs to the office! Pissed me off at the time! But I did have another Dist. available so I tried it. Worked well then and after. I just tried to see the dist. plate on the car but was just to far down and away. Per memory thought it is a IGS and from what I Could see appeared to be so. DJ
  12. Need to do a tooth count on the flywheels and compare. Later models had a different tooth count /overall flywheel dia.?? and will not directly interchange if diff. If earliest if may work after your comparison. Other forum members may have more specific info but comparisons will confirm . 6 volt starters work just fine in place of 12v. if tooth counts/ bellhousing depths do not also get changed. That will have to also be checked as to depth of the ring gears from the block by each flywheel . My seem to be a lot to check but really just basic measure/count/ compare. Should be a nice change! DJ
  13. Any specialty wheel manufacturers companies in your area? A company by the name- Detroit Speed or Wheel? has done this in the past maybe even all new as someone on this forum said they sell hubcap cllps as repo's I believe? Anyone still on the forum with info? Some So. Calif. companies and others used to mount your stock wheels in a lathe and cut off the original welds and take just the center portions and install them on wider wheel hoops and reinstall/weld them back in wider Hoops. What sizes are available? You will need to do some checking around for that info. Should be able to be be done if what you desire is available. Good luck, not the cheapest way to get it done but if you really Need them! 😎 Happy Hunting, DJ
  14. A friend told me about a month or so ago that the Ca. DMV would not allow any walk in customers and they were still working out how to take care of the issues that They Require people to show up In Person to take care of. I hope for all of us including their employees (hard to feel for them after years of Stupid rules) but it is their job to do, somehow. Best of luck with having just one? plate (exemption for the years Ca. only produced one plate?) The state now and for years has required and provided two, tickets available from law enforcement for not wanting to ruin the look of your car by running with just one. DJ in Ca.
  15. Get er' done soon- Money/time soon to go where? The grand kids are are a comin'. 😷 Grandma wants -( new room?) for babies to sleep, overnights/longer? That time will be great but your time? Where did it all go? DJ
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