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  1. Whose gonna join us for the next p15 picnic in Watkins Glen NY? Please click this link to sign up for future emails ->http://eepurl.com/heC-Ov
  2. I still see plastic models for sale in Walmart. This model is diecast steel. Comes assembled as a collector item.
  3. It’s seems the Chinese scale model manufacturers have not yet found this web site. For if they have they might have learned that an inline six 201 motor doesn’t have chrome valve covers. Don’t know why I never looked under the hood of my scale model diecast cars before.
  4. Have a look in the reference section of the forum. I have scanned and posted several documents there from several 1950s magazine articles.
  5. Stupid spell check... the title of this point should read stock not *stick* ADMIN, can you please change my mistake?
  6. Curious to see if anyone in the forum has sliced a stock head open? I’d like to see what’s going on inside and possible run some fluid dynamics modeling.
  7. Copper spray one side only. Don’t overlook the torquing sequence, and remember to retourque after running the motor to temp.
  8. Set the crane up yesterday then laid down on the floor, the cold concrete floor in an unheated garage, with a balmy 26° and snowing outside. Said to myself what are you doing? Post of the car on line, and had eight people lined up within three hours. This projects going to go to somebody else with more time and heated garage. Will use the new found space to work on my 28 Chrysler. Best of luck Duly, I’ll be following the conversation.
  9. Duly, i understood your first post. Crazy how these threads go off on tangeants.
  10. The Plymouth motor I’m getting comes with a trans. I think I’m gonna transfer it all into the dodge. However when I have it at my place this weekend I’ll do a side by side to see what I’m up against. Only thing I can think of as an obstacle is the clutch linkage.
  11. Getting ready to do the near same transplant. Motor from a ‘53 Plymouth belvedère into a ‘53 Dodge Coronet. Never done it before, likely a few challenges ahead of me. Gonna be following this thread with interest. ...One mountain at a time as they say.
  12. Hey all - Just to make sure that I don't miss any emails and registrations, I have added some automation to our mailing list. If you wish to be included in updates on this event, AND HAVENT ALREADY GIVEN ME YOU EMAIL ADDRESS, please use the following link to access our sign up page. Once the planning team has gotten some commitments on route and stops we will put out a communication. http://eepurl.com/heC-Ov thanks all for your interest. Looking forward to seeing more of you this year in Watkins Glen. Cheers! Mark
  13. Ward is also a member of our Facebook P15 convertible page.
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