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  1. Run another ground wire from the Electric motor mounts to the chassis.
  2. And maybe someone can tell me why my stop light blinks with the right turn signal?
  3. looks good Bob! Gotta ask where did you find the P15 Convertible model?
  4. Quick update and thanks to the folks that responded. After sending a letter off to George Asche last week with some photos of the part I was after, he called me and we had a nice half hour conversation about the part in question. George explained that this spring is really rare now and he confirmed that the were introduced the later years of the OD production line. George also gave me some advice about the reassembly and some knowledge I did not have about "fast second gears". We talked some more about my convertible and my plans for installing dual intake and exhaust. Long story short, I'll be making the 7-1/2 hour drive soon to speak with him some more and to bring the transmission to get some Asche magic done to it. Will also drop off the carter carbs I've collected for him to build me a matched set. Looking forward to my first visit with George after several years of telephone conversations.
  5. Thanks for that! No wonder it’s not in the illustration. I’ll see if I can hunt down that bulletin.
  6. And there she is ready to be cleaned, while we wait for the new bearings to show up.
  7. Spent the weekend breaking down the OD I bought from Paul Flaming a couple years back, refreshing bearing and gaskets. This is the second R10G that I’ve done and I’m hoping one of you might recognize the part in the accompanying photo. (Reminiscing on the cheering and advice I had from Don Coatney as I made progress). The part appears to be a brass spring bushing, and two or the spring tabs seem to be broken off. I can’t find this part in either of the R10G or standard trans parts diagrams that I have. It came from inside the front of the synchronize after I had removed the input shaft. Next step is to send a picture to George Asche to see if he might know, or have a spare.
  8. Thanks Dave, we’ve got our eyes on that as potential stop enroute. I’ll be calling them this coming week to talk with them. We are looking for a nice roadside style seafood restaurant in the area between Newport and Fall River, I’d you have any suggestions we’d love to hear them. cheers - Mark
  9. Great to hear this! Please send me your email address and I will send you a registration form and keep you updated with the progress of our plans. - Mark
  10. Please share this to your fellow enthusiasts!
  11. Greg G and I would be thrilled if you would download This advert and share this with your best friend and chums. Registration form following shortly!
  12. Loren I have one on my stock that I did not use. I’ll find it and send you a photo. If you’re interested we can put a good deal in play. mark
  13. Bought several from Mike for cars I've exported, they are good quality and nearly exact copies of the original.
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