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  1. I’ve heard the stories as well. Fortunately, I’ve seen this one on a running motor.
  2. Been collecting this stuff, now I need to find a decent 230 to build.
  3. This is my next challenge, it’s got a X frame also, I’ll be interested watching your routing. Prepping all the parts now to make some upgrades this winter.
  4. Here’s a couple of photos of the install I did on my sedan.
  5. Well folks here’s our final agenda. If you’re joining en-route and wish to participate, please drop me an email: mark@rdusaclassics.com see ya next week, mark 2021 agenda final.pdf
  6. Hi, are you still planning on attending? We’ve had a few drop-outs, trying to put together a full al list for the dinner Saturday. Love to have you.
  7. according to production numbers your car was 6,689 units from the end of production.
  8. Hey Bob, congrats on the purchase. Glad to see another p15 in The UK, you’re in good company and should get in touch with Robin Weathersbee if you haven’t. He’s got a great event coming up which gathers the p15’s over there for a fun day of pictures and touring. I am curious about the serial number on your car. I too have a ‘49 sedan and have been searching others to see if anyone has a serial number newer than mine. My car was 4,030 units from the end of production according to production records. As to your question about the carb, can you confirm that it is a Carter D6G2
  9. The rebuild kits from Daytona have everything you need. Suggest you oil up the gaskets before installing as it will expand them slightly for a better seal.
  10. On my bucket list fir next year. Great pics, been following some of my friends on Facebook having gun there also. 👍🏻👍🏻
  11. great idea! We’ll plan a video call one evening to bring you guys in virtually.
  12. We are very frustrated too.
  13. Sad to see the news Phil. We really had hoped to see lots of our Canadian friends with us. stay tuned for more info about next year, it’s already in the works.
  14. One of the first projects I had completed when I bought my sedan was a swap to headers and duals. Initially I used a set of 24” smithy’s but quickly grew to dislike the constant drone inside the cabin. Swapped them for a pair of thrush mufflers, still has the braap at take off but zero drone.
  15. Better ask Grangpa for the keys to the Plymouth and get your registration form down to the post office ASAP, just forty days to go before the picnic!
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