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  1. Wanted to post up the following links for everyone that's requested them again. click here for the REGISTRATION FORM click here to sign up for the EMAIL LIST click here for the current version of the AGENDA I'm sure you all realize it takes a mountain of work to organize an event, and cash to make commitments is always required. So please send in your registration forms asap. We currently have 12 cars signed up with 3 more forms "in the mail". SO DONT DELAY AND SEND YOUR REGISTRATION IN NOW! The team here at the P15 Picnic USA are r
  2. Very much looking forward to seeing you at the picnic !
  3. I rarely contribute on the side of the forum, some of you may have seen me in the P 15 section. My sedan and my convertible are really my passion, these cars got me into creating a business with a close friend in Holland. Since 2015 I have been sourcing cars and parts for lots of Mopar lovers in the United Kingdom, Holland, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, and Finland. The business has grown slowly and we are proud of what we’ve accomplished. But I digress, the reason for this post is to just memorialize my latest find. Sitting here in the garage is this recently restored 195
  4. I’ve got a catalog binder with every Carter made up to the early 60’s. As you can see it’s 3” thick. There’s no composite listing but they are sorted by application (which motor it was used on). Something specific you’re after? Drop me an email and I can look it up. mark@rdusaclassics.com
  5. Well I drove down Friday evening from Massachusetts and stayed at the Fairfield inn. Got myself at beer and burger at the Red Robin and hit the sack early. Saturday morning I was on the field at 6:50, prepaid for admission and parking $30 which I didn’t think was too bad. Brought my two wheeler as well as a back pack but set out for my field tour with just the back pack. I walked 16,400 steps up and covered the entire field. My observations being that this was my first visit: - firstly, too many harbor freight style vendors on the field. Honestly, how many sanding pads, and vice gr
  6. Hey if you’re willing and able, we’d love to have you and the car along for our p15 picnic in the fall. email me for details: mark@rdusaclassics.com
  7. Whereabouts in Mass? Lecompte auto and truck in Clinton can do most anything. Tell Kevin the owner Mark Duggan recommended him.
  8. Hey Rich, 6 hours drive. Buddy and I will come most of the way Friday and find a room for the night. Drive the final hour in the morning. Will make sure I find you to say hello.
  9. Yep, at this point it appears I’ll be down for Saturday.
  10. 1942 is really low production year. And yes, Business coupes are pretty rare. Personally I like original stuff, my vote would be to do your best to restore it and enjoy it.
  11. I have the sales brochure for the 46-48 interior options. Trim color on the window was not an option selectable buy the buyer, however there are at least two variants for the sapele pattern that came from the factory, and of course Convertibles and Station Wagons had welded dashes, so they got painted body color. drop me an email if you want to see the brochure, and I will respond with pics. mark@rdusaclassics.com
  12. I’m down in Mass and might be interested in the trans. Got a friend overseas rebuilding a 46 desoto club coupe and he’s been thinking of getting a second trans for his project. Drop me an email if you decide to part with it. Mark@rdusaclassics.com
  13. And here’s the info Greg mentions above Email me and I can send printable PDF copies to anyone that needs them. Mark@rdusaclassics.com
  14. By the way Lee, you’re in good company. There are several P 15‘s in the UK. Keep in touch with Robin Weathersbee, he organizes a great gathering of P 15‘s every September, I’m sure you’d enjoy it. (Flew over from Boston and attended the last two myself!)
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