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  1. There’s a decent rebuild video someone posted on YouTube recently that explains the tear down, machining and rebuild. I also posted some snapshots from an old magazine series on the documents section of this forum a couple years ago.
  2. My second year flying over to the UK and attending the picnic. So well received and had so much fun. I hope I can keep attending for many years to come!
  3. Andy I wish I had ventured north to see you. I know at one time we had conversed about this. My visits unfortunately always started Monday morning and my weeks were filled with meetings and job site visits until my flight home on the following Friday. But I will be back to follow up on business as usual down under and since our business (TKMaxx) is doing so well in Australia, I’m betting I’ll be talking about expansion down there very soon. I promise your on my list next visit.
  4. I’ve got the Quickjack 5000 setup. Love it, incredibly handy for the average garage mechanic. https://www.quickjack.com/car-lift-systems/bl-5000slx-portable-car-lift.html
  5. The slow lane is often the best lane.
  6. Also made a visit to Ilkka Koskenheimos collection in Kotka Finland. He's done a fine job restoring these cars.
  7. Passing under one of Finlands famous land bridges on the east-west highway between Helsinki and Lappeenranta. These bridges are built to makes sure the wildlife can traverse to the other side of the road safely
  8. Tommi pumping expensive litres into the tank.
  9. Hanging out at Tommi's place in Artjarvi Finland.
  10. Tommi on the left, myself center and our friend Martin from Sweden on the right.
  11. Some of you that have been here a while know that I have a hard time staying in one place for too long. Fortunately my employer has sent me around the world for work more times than I can count. Whats even more fortunate is that this affords me a special ability to actually shake hands and develop great friendships in person with a lot of other old mopar owners. Last year I made 9 trips to Sydney Australia as I was building a new office near the airport and met a Neville Bennett on several of the trips. He and I toured many places in Sydney I would have never have gotten to see if it weren't for his generosity with his time. But I fast forward to these last two weeks and include a few pictures of my visit with another P15 owner in the area of Helsinki Finland. Tommi (who is also on this forum) met me in London for the P15 picnic. (To his credit he trusted his life to me driving on the left side of the road for three days)... After the picnic we took for a few days in Finland and ripped up the roads to the west of Helsinki in his P15 business coupe. I cant advocate travel and meeting people on their own turf enough.
  12. One of the easiest things to do yourself. The material does not need to be bonded to the steel band so its a simple removal of the old wear surface, cleaning up the band, and reinstall of the new wear surface. Remember to slightly countersink the rivets with a like size drill bit when you reinstall to prevent the rivets from being ground off by the brake hub. Oldmoparts.com has the replacement bands in stock. Mark D
  13. You’ll be able to look at your morning coffee and be reminded every day. Lol, glad you came down Lee and looking forward to staying in touch.
  14. An amazing weekend with great friends old and new. Committed now to carrying this into future years and we’re already planning 2020! Stay tuned for more info. We had nine cars this year and we are really hoping to double the attendance next year!
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