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    just a wild colonial boy...
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    At the moment: Corporate Real Estate, In the future; old car sourcing & export.

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    Bolton, MA USA
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    a little of this and a little of that, its all good.
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    1949 Plymouth - First Series Sedan
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    Bolton, Massachusetts - 1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe
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    Anything hands on.

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  1. your welcome to visit anytime!
  2. Wife and I just moved from Massachusetts to Eastern North Carolina (New Bern area). At least five or more regular cars and coffee and evening cruise events every month throughout the year. Took me a few years to figure out after buying the house in 2014, that I’m surrounded by car guys and most of them are from the northeast! I just built a 32’ x 64’ pole barn shop for my cars down there. We have property in Maine and a cottage in Mass for the summers. Options are always good, so there’ll be a classic dragging behind me for the next 20 years.
  3. You’re missing the little brass ferrel that goes in there.
  4. I and Mr. Robin Weathersbee (our graphics guru extraordinaire) appreciate your noticing the details. Yes, appropriate to the period of the P15! 🇺🇸🇨🇦
  5. P15 PicNic USA 2023 Here's the latest news! It's been sometime since we wrote, and i've emailed most of last years participants directly, but I'm sending out this email to the entire 100 or so people that have expressed interest in joining our picnic tours. With this email, we are happy to announce the latest news for this years gathering in Canada. Firstly, we've chosen the Casablanca Hotel in Grimsby as our home base for the event and the staff have reserved a block of rooms for our small crowd. They are holding several standard rooms (CA$179) and mini-suites (CA$199) for us. We encourage early booking! HOWEVER ALL RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE BY PHONE! DONT FORGET TO MENTION YOU ARE PART OF THE P15 PICNIC TO GET OUR DISCOUNTED GROUP RATE. LAST EVENING WE RECEIVED A CALL FROM THE HOTEL STATING THAT WE ARE IN COMPETITION WITH A TRAVELING HOCKEY TEAM FOR THE ROOMS WE WANTED TO HOLD, SO WE ENCOURAGE EVERYONE THAT HAS A THOUGHT OF ATTENDING TO BOOK NOW IF YOU WANT TO BE IN THE SAME LOCATION WITH US. ALTERNATIVE HOTELS ARE IN THE AREA, EMAIL ME FOR MORE INFO IF NEEDED. The Casablanca Hotel 4 Windward Drive Grimsby, Ontario, CA L3M4E8 905-309-7171 877-446-5746 toll free We’ve negotiated a great rate with our host hotel (9/14-17). CA$199.00/nite for a mini-suite and CA$179.00/nite for a standard double queen room (before any provincial and local taxes). HOTEL RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE ONLY BY PHONE ONLY. Please mention you are part of the P15 Picnic USA group to receive the rates. OUR AGENDA We will have two fun filled touring days exploring the soutern Ontario countryside. Tour routes are in preparation and will be released shortly before the tour. We will of course be in Niagara Falls area, but the tours at the Falls will be self guided by each of you that wish to see the Falls. AGAIN, tours of the Falls are up to you, as there is so much to do in the Falls area and individual tastes vary so much. SO, Please plan to arrive a day or two in advance or to stay on past the end of the picnic to see the sites and attractions at the falls. Our "Pic-Nic" is going to be a real special Saturday evening and is still in the planning. If we can get at least 15 couples to commit to joiing us for the evening, we will have a private four course meal river cruise! Expect the cost to be in the range of CA$75 per person, but considering we will not have a registration fee this year for the tour, we hope this little extra expense is defrayed somewhat. Fair warning, dress for the picnic cruise evening will be smart casual, we know you all shine up fairly well. More information about this evening will be sent as soon as we have this coordinated. One final reminder, while this event strives to collect as many 40's mopar cars together for a fun weekend of touring, commraderie, and laughs, we don't descriminate brands or years, and we welcome anyone interested to attend. Questions? Concerns? Comments? Suggestions? Drop me a email and I'll do my best to get back to you promptly. mark@rdusaclassics.com Looking forward to seeing a lot of you return to this years cruise, and to meeting many more of you that will join us for the first time.
  6. Last few details in the works now, but it’s time to show off this years P15 PicNic advert! Drop a note with questions or to be added to the list.
  7. Amazing, You’ve got a piece of unobtainium in your hands right there. Lucky to have one in my car as Robin indicated. Still works well too!
  8. Thanks for posting Greg, hadn't gotten around to it yet. Still jelling some details, will be updating in the next few days. Hope to see alot more of you attend this year! - Mark
  9. Definitely don’t omit a bearing, all sorts of internal damage would result from the slop. a slightly tapered brass or soft steel drift is what you need.
  10. thats me, yeah I posted the article. Will dig it up for you. User name is “Mark D” by the way.
  11. Here’s the web address for the pics that I’ve posted of the last and past P15 Picnic USA. http://www.rdusaclassics.com/p15-picnic-usa.html Have a safe winter everyone, look forward to seeing you all again in Ontario! (Photo taken 9/17/22 at the end of the tour while we had most still with us).
  12. Wanted to post some thanks for everyone on the forum who attended the 2022 picnic. Really amazing turnout, fantastic touring, great camaraderie, and just lots of fun. I will be creating a web page next week for all of the photos and will post the link here soon. Much appreciation to all, Mark D
  13. thrilled you came out with the truck! Let’s meet again some day this fall.
  14. Dan tells me the name is the Northeast Cafe in New Boston, NH.
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