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    At the moment: Corporate Real Estate, In the future; old car sourcing & export.

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  1. Here’s the web address for the pics that I’ve posted of the last and past P15 Picnic USA. http://www.rdusaclassics.com/p15-picnic-usa.html Have a safe winter everyone, look forward to seeing you all again in Ontario! (Photo taken 9/17/22 at the end of the tour while we had most still with us).
  2. Wanted to post some thanks for everyone on the forum who attended the 2022 picnic. Really amazing turnout, fantastic touring, great camaraderie, and just lots of fun. I will be creating a web page next week for all of the photos and will post the link here soon. Much appreciation to all, Mark D
  3. thrilled you came out with the truck! Let’s meet again some day this fall.
  4. Dan tells me the name is the Northeast Cafe in New Boston, NH.
  5. Glad to have you along. Give a call if you have any difficulties finding us. My numbers on the bottom of that agenda. Mark
  6. betcha JP Wisers riding in the trunk! Safe travels see ya soon.
  7. Well, I just finished up setting up for an incredibly successful 1,009 car show locally here in Massachusetts. Some that follow me on Facebook will see the quick running tour I did of the field. Now, we’re just a few days away from the start of the picnic an three more days of fun. Time to exhale, wash off the dust and get ready for a great tour in Manchester. Hope you local guys will consider joining us. Note if you want to join us for dinner Saturday evening please let me know. We’ve got room for about 8 more people in the room. cheers mark PS, our itinerary is attached for those that want to meet us enroute, but you’ll kiss out on the goodies unless you register with me!
  8. Wish we could get you over!
  9. Backed her out of the trailer yesterday and performed nearly the same inspection. Gave her a quick wash&wax, and she’s ready to go. Super excited to see everyone! 13+ cars registered this year! Hoping for a few more drive ups.
  10. There’s more than a few on eBay.
  11. For the past few years the organizing team has offered T-shirts commemorating the P15 PicNic USA. This helps us raise a couple extra bucks to defray costs. If you have the gumption, we'd love for you to order one. Follow this link and you can place your order online and have it shipped from the printer directly to your home. https://www.customink.com/fundraising/p15-picnic-2022?pc=TXN-170516&utm_source=fr_org_launched_txn&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=fr_org_campaign_launched&utm_content=txtlink&_kx=tZxTE3QRZWFq5RUQrdbdKtvzTZVW9Am02JS4LjL-38Q%3D.SKGNUp EDIT: There is a 17 piece minimum for the t-shirts and they must be ordered By AUG 2.
  12. Hi all! - Just a quick reminder that the 2022 P15 PicNic USA is about 53 days away. We've got a really decent response so far, with about 12 cars registered. We are hoping for a few more of you to attend. I'm happy to talk to anyone that might have questions about attending for one day or all, just drop a PM here or email; mark@rdusaclassics.com Cheers, Mark Registration form link -> https://mcusercontent.com/bac7c5d2def3d7691445dffc6/files/469b0934-9b6a-e670-5b50-243f7a4e86ca/REGISTRATION_FORM_2022.pdf Hotel reservation link -> https://www.marriott.com/event-reservations/reservation-link.mi?id=1648574515176&key=GRP&app=resvlink
  13. Received and deposited! Yours was the second of two recorded. Really looking forward to it!
  14. I just published the hotel and registration info for those here that are interested, kindly follow this link to which will allow you to book your room and download a registration form! https://mailchi.mp/9ebef108f50c/registration-form-and-hotel-info
  15. That little light tube is a cool thing. I’m assuming it’s painted white for reflection of the light into the ashtray. Both of my p15 special deluxe plymouths are pretty well optioned. Neither of them has the light tube. I’m going to guess that De Soto and Chrysler have it, maybe even the Dodge. I can say that for the options in my dashboard the clock, and the glove box both have courtesy lights.
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