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  1. Whether it’s in my car or in my wallet, the investment will end up in my kids hands someday. After I created a business exporting cars to the UK, EU & Middle East, the parts funds stopped coming out of the joint checking account, and that helped too. As to your judging comments I understand the reasoning, but I think there’s so few aiming for that status nowadays, and the majority of us “low priced field” owners would make this upgrade for reliability and driveability. I’m all for driving over judging. I buy them purely for enjoyment and not for reward.
  2. Saw this on Jay Lenos garage the other day. Wondering if anyone’s tried them here? https://www.gener-nator.com
  3. Sounds like the gas in the bowl is not present. Suggest that you check your fuel delivery lines. From the tank all the way to the Carburator. My first series P 15 1949 was always hard to start until I discovered that the fuel line which travels along the frame rail had very many microscopic holes a long the side that was held up against the frame. After I replaced this, the car could sit for several weeks at a time and only required normal choke to start. I was also able to remove the electric fuel pump which I had installed prior.
  4. Mark D

    P15 PICNIC USA !!!

    Awesome glad to hear it! Very hopeful that we will be able to adapt and make it happen, covid style or not.
  5. Here's one guys story of restoring one of these tables. https://sites.google.com/site/philcoa801chairside/
  6. Many of these were built into armchair side tables. Seen at least two on Craigslist and eBay.
  7. You can also try Brillman.com for wire by the foot.
  8. My convertible front end was encapsulated the same way. Had to clean the brake plates and king pin knuckles all by hand with a putty knife. It was remarkable how much dirt grease oil and sand came off the car. I still need to attack the rest of the front suspension and steering components. A friend of mine has a high pressure hot water washer, and I’m tempted to raise the front of the car and go after it.
  9. There are resources available. This guy posted a short series on youtube which can ground you in the process of the rebuild; And there is an four part Auto Restorers Magazine article that I posted which describes the Flathead 6 teardown and rebuild located here -> And there is also an illustrated 218 teardown page located on this site here -> https://p15-d24.com/page/p15d24/tech/218_teardown.html/ Good luck with your project!
  10. hey guys sorry to hijack this thread, I have a quick question about what fluid to use in the fluid drive coupling. I’ve got a 1952 Chrysler Windsor in the shop at the moment and I can’t find anything online after scrubbing the Internet for a few hours.Appreciate the help.
  11. Run another ground wire from the Electric motor mounts to the chassis.
  12. And maybe someone can tell me why my stop light blinks with the right turn signal?
  13. looks good Bob! Gotta ask where did you find the P15 Convertible model?
  14. Quick update and thanks to the folks that responded. After sending a letter off to George Asche last week with some photos of the part I was after, he called me and we had a nice half hour conversation about the part in question. George explained that this spring is really rare now and he confirmed that the were introduced the later years of the OD production line. George also gave me some advice about the reassembly and some knowledge I did not have about "fast second gears". We talked some more about my convertible and my plans for installing dual intake and exhaust. Long story short, I'll be making the 7-1/2 hour drive soon to speak with him some more and to bring the transmission to get some Asche magic done to it. Will also drop off the carter carbs I've collected for him to build me a matched set. Looking forward to my first visit with George after several years of telephone conversations.
  15. Thanks for that! No wonder it’s not in the illustration. I’ll see if I can hunt down that bulletin.
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