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  1. Here is a picture I took of a friends frame from his 41 Plymouth. He switched it out because of damage. This number matched the engine number. Located on the left frame rail above the rear end.
  2. Beautiful fall day, took the 37 out for a ride around town. Took this picture at Veterans Park in my home town.
  3. That is a P15 cap. The ones on my 41 are similar, but with the italicized Plymouth.
  4. Here are pictures of the 37/38 hubcaps. If you decide to use the ones you have, you could paint the letters black rather than the red, to make them look period correct.
  5. Correct, there is no dipstick tube on my 37, it goes right in the block. I think I have a tube on my 41 (both 201 engines), but it’s not easily accessible at the moment.
  6. That’s just like the dip stick in my 37.
  7. My Lowe’s just got mine in that morning. They didn’t have a spot for it, and I snatched it up. I asked the check out person to scan it for a price check, $4.99. And I got my 10% veteran discount on top of that. Came home and ordered 2 more on line, delivered to my store for free. And I got them for $4.49 each as well.
  8. I just purchased a couple like this at Lowe’s that say Craftsman. $4.99 each
  9. I think the 30’s cars had a different setup Andy. At least on my 37 they are attached to the radiator support rods. You can purchase them from Roberts (2nd photo). https://www.robertsmotorparts.com/hood-support-supports-hood-while-working-on-engine-1
  10. I took most of the heavy parts out of mine.
  11. My earliest memory was our Sunday drives in my dads 47 Desoto. I was probably 5 or 6. Dad would stop and get a quart of beer, and a pack of gum (Dentyne) for my brother and I. We would stand behind the front seat and hang onto that rope across the back of the seat. And off we'd go, driving around the country side, with mom holding the baby in the front seat. About 20+ years ago, they developed the land where the Desoto was setting in a grove of trees with some other cars. I drove out there and looked for something the salvage. I took that rope off the back of the seat, and t
  12. What is the name on your record? Here’s mine. I bought the projector over 20 years ago for $60 or $70 at an auction. I have 3 other records in the “41 Series”, but no film strips. They are: ”Facts from the Proving Grounds” ”The Most for Your Money” ”Choice for the Man Who Knows” (Plymouth - Chevrolet Comparison)
  13. I live in Nebraska, and my 41 is titled be the engine number.
  14. Mine are Plymouth. I’m in Colorado now, but when I get home next week I can check the titles.
  15. I have a few film strips for the 41. I even have the records for a couple of them.
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