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  1. Can’t answer on a Chrysler, but this is where it’s located on a 41 Plymouth.
  2. My first car was a Corvair! Paid $300 for it. Bank repo’d it after the owner borrowed money to have it overhauled.
  3. Either one of those you mentioned will work. You can replace one of the screws in the new pump with your existing stud.
  4. Looks like mine. Dad was a carpenter, I have his old cabinet shop. It’s a great saw.
  5. Cloudy but in the 50’s today. Decided to convert my florescent bulbs in my garage to LED’s. Had to move the 41, so I just had to take it for a cruise.
  6. I got to drive two today. I was moving things around to get ready for the white stuff. Brought my 41 home from my shop 11 miles away, and took the 58 over there.
  7. Yup, I saw you guys lining up for that picture. But didn’t feel right joining in because I came “late model”. If I had my 37 or 41 I would have.
  8. That would be me. That’s my buddy’s old 41 Plymouth frame.
  9. I have one of the original Chrysler dealer players.
  10. Mine is in the basement (man cave). I built a replica of a 40’s gas station down there. I got laid off in quality control position in 1985, and managed a Derby station for a summer. No pumping gas or cleaning windshields. Just scratching oil stains and selling cigarettes. I acquired a lot of Mobil stuff over the years, so a few years ago I but a replica of 40’s gas station in the basement.
  11. He drives a tow truck (one of those rollback things), and he brings it home every night.
  12. Had a streak of good weather, but it’s supposed to end tomorrow. Got the 37 out today for a drive. My neighbor has a 36 Ford project for sale, so I backed in next to it for a photo opp.
  13. Turned 70 in September and I didn’t have one. Got one coming on eBay, $16 with shipping.
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