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  1. Here's a photo of the heater set-up in my 50 Coronet. That puts me over my image-size limit, so I'm also going to try and message you off-list with an exploded view from the 1950 Parts List (a nice companion to the Shop Manual). Hope all of this at least gets you started on the right path.
  2. Hi and Welcome . I've also got a 50 Coronet with Fluid Drive. In addition to Andy Bernbaum, try Roberts Motor Parts, 978-363-5407, www.robertsmotorparts.com For Roberts, and likely for Bernbaum, what's on their website isn't everything they have. Always good to call or email. They'll make sure that you're ordering the right part. I haven't had any trouble with my trans . . . yet. Good luck. Love that sun visor on yours. I'm visor-free, but not by choice. I like your red wheels, too. In fact, I signed on today to find a source for that classic Dodge red paint. I need to repaint my hubcaps and also want to go from black to red on my wheels. Again, welcome!
  3. Belated thanks to all for your input. I'm going with some 215/75/15 Hancook Optimos. Getting them mounted this weekend. Aside from staying on top of the mechanic about the left and right threads on the wheel studs, I want to tell them the lug nut torque setting to use. But, what setting should I specify? I see some other threads about this topic on this site, but no specific numbers (ft/lbs) seem to get mentioned. As far as I can tell, I have original wheels with original studs and lug nuts. Thanks in advance!
  4. Got a 1950 Dodge Coronet, 4-door, fluid drive trans, 230 ci engine. Currently I'm riding on Remington G78-15 4-ply polyester tubeless tires on original 15 x 5 wheels. I've been looking at putting radials on my original 15 x 5 wheels. I had just about decided on 225/75R15--but then I looked at this chart and it seems to say 195 is the highest diameter I should go with. I've done so much research that I can't recall now where I got this--but another chart suggested that 215 was acceptable (and then I stepped it up to 225, based on yet another chart that said it was a larger-than-normal tire, but still acceptable). So--I really want to keep my original wheels and I want the largest acceptable tire I can get (without getting any rubbing in the wheel wells, overly screwing up my odometer, etc.). Not interested in doing any modifications to the car--it's a 90+ percent survivor. Thoughts on the best size radial tire for me? Thanks.
  5. Beautiful ride. I'm not a huge fan of hardtops or two-doors (just personal taste), but this one might have just won me over!
  6. If you're determined to do it yourself (you and your sgt.) then Roberts Motor Parts likely has the rebuild parts you need. 800-231-3180. Just got a kit for my 50 Dodge Coronet carb. It's a Stromberg, but they have Carter stuff, too.
  7. Rich Hartung: Thanks for your input! Best wishes.
  8. rekbender: Thanks so much for sharing. This is helpful, and pretty much what I had imagined it'd look like. That's a pretty 49 convertible you've got.
  9. Hi, All: Would anyone have a photo of a 50 Coronet that shows an original fuel pump? Or, to put it another way--the same kind of fuel pump that came with the car when sold as new? I'd like to see both what the pump looks like and where it goes. What's on my car now doesn't look anything like the year- and model-appropriate replacement pumps being sold for my car from trusted suppliers. Anyway, I want to get back to the original set-up. I've got a 4-door sedan, D-34. 230 flathead 6, with Fluid Drive trans. Thanks and best wishes.
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