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  1. If the valve was not seating fully and that was your problem a compression check would show no compression in that cylinder. A valve that is not opening enough because of a worn low would show less compression than the other five cylinders but it would still show some sort of compression.
  2. Oilite bushings are not copper, they are an oil impregnated sintered bronze bushing. They are not hard to source, at least here in the states. https://oilite.com/catalog-listing-oilite-sleeves Looks like they do have a distributor in Germany,
  3. The ONLY load that goes thru the ammeter is battery charging and the horn in the stock configuration. Nothing else. Your headlights and stereo, assuming you didn't wire them direct to the battery, should never go thru the ammeter with the engine running. Where did you wire your new stuff? Also, remember that stuff draws half the amps with twice the voltage.
  4. I'd pull the hub and take it tot eh trailer shop. You are probably going to want to clean them up and re-grease once you get a new cap anyway
  5. You know, you can buy oiling cups from McMaster-Carr. Not even close to cheap though, lol. $30.00 for one 😯
  6. Properly maintained, the stock drums work pretty well. Well enough that the stock style tires are the limiting issue, not the brakes. The key is properly maintained, those brakes need regular adjustment and that adjustment is semi-involved. This topic has been routinely discussed and there is lot's of info in the search function. Me? I have front discs and modified the major adjusters in the rear to simplify the adjustments there.
  7. That is not a regulator it is more likely your horn relay
  8. I don't run any residual pressure valve on my 51 Plymouth with front disc brakes. The reason for that is when I had them in it would keep the brake applied. So I pulled them back out. As for a proportioning valve if your rear brakes lock up before your front brakes then you need one otherwise you do not.
  9. There's a really good thread on this exact swap somewhere on this forum. Unfortunately can't remember the name of the guy that did it. I know I commented in that thread several times so maybe if you do a search on my username and rack and pinion or my username and Cavalier you can find it
  10. Neither RTV nor gasket maker is appropriate for a head gasket. You don't tell us what kind of head gasket you're fixing to use composite or copper? If it's an all copper head gasket use the spray copper already mentioned. If it's the felpro style which is copper on one side and composite on the other use nothing on the composite side copper spray gasket on the copper side. If you've got something else let us know
  11. Seems simple to me you need to make sure the fuel pump has power in a good ground. If it does it's a bad fuel pump if not you need to figure out what you lost and where you lost it
  12. You know you got me to thinking. To the best of mine knowledge there are only three items on my car that are part of the vehicles original electrical system. The starter, the horns and the ignition switch. Everything else has either been updated or replaced or both lol. I do not run the stock generator and voltage regulator setup. That's been replaced with the same system an 87 Dodge Diplomat would have. The entire wiring harness has been replaced because the one that was in the car when I bought it was a hacked in Universal hot rod kit. The headlights are LED the heater fan is later Model 12 volt. I do have some additional electrical items to add to it. Backup lights, map light, interior dome light. But I suppose the thing Los is thinking of, is the dual throttle body fuel injection system. Oh yeah the distributor is still original Style but I have the parts to convert it to electronic ignition. And no I'm not going pertronix
  13. Unless your flasher is running all the other things that don't work I wouldn't suspect it off the top of my head period does anything electrical work?
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