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  1. Dear sirs, you have encouraged me to move forward with the assembly of the new engine. I don't like modifying vehicles, but frankly, I've wasted a lot of time looking for parts. I also have a Ply 47 'with all the original mechanics, except the 12V conversion, so I will finally have one in the original state and another modified one. All your opinions have been very valuable to me and I will take them into account before defining myself by / 6 or 318 ". Thank you all very much for the help and I will keep you updated on the news.
  2. The engine is a 217 "and the difficult parts are all from the kit of seals, bearings, and not to mention the water recirculation tube ... To make matters worse, the current import costs of my country impose very high values. All this I think about changing the engine. The 318 "V8 could be another option if it is certain that it can adapt.
  3. Ok, the modification seems not to be very simple since I plan to do everything myself. I will carefully evaluate what should be done. The truth is that I had my experience with the original flathead and really enjoyed the engine, but I also suffered to repair it and that is why I thought of the Slant six in principle because I want to keep the Chrysler spirit in the car and also because I have taken it darling to the slant in another car that I also had. Below some photos of the car. It is basically a Plymouth P15 which, with some modifications, was marketed here as DeSoto. The intake admission is a Slant six engine that here equipped a Valiant sports model, derived from the Dodge Dart.
  4. Hello, I ask you if you have seen slant six engines mounted on P15 chassis. Looking at the forum I saw a Chrysler 53´ but not a P15. In my country it is very difficult to get spare parts for flathead and much more difficult to find who repairs them correctly. However, if there are many spare parts of Slant. It was a widely used engine here and there are still many running daily. My idea is to mount it in a Desoto 47 that arrived here in chassis P15. Thank you for the help you could provide me.
  5. Finally and following the indications of "Dodgeb4ya" think that the heater was used in the Chrysler 53 - 54.
  6. Exactly, she says that " All Weather comfort system Model Nº 602" ... Chrysler Corp. parts division".
  7. Yes, I think I hurry to buy it. In my gallery I uploaded more images of the heater. At this point I am satisfied with knowing what vehicle is used for.
  8. Hello, buy this device that I was sold as a heater for Dodge - Plymouth 46-47. No matter how hard I try, I can not discover how it is mounted. If anyone has ever seen it, I would appreciate it if you indicate how it is mounted and if it really belongs to P15 of 46-47. Thank you
  9. Hello everyone, I have the possibility to buy a 1941 chrysler royal with overdrive transmission. The state of the car is quite bad and I would only be interested in acquiring it to use the transmission with overdrive in my 1947 plymouth. My first question is if these transimision models came with overdrive and freewheeling, or just overdrive, finally if the march results are good and justify the conversion. Thank you very much for your opinions. (and excuse my basic English).
  10. It is exactly the reading material I was looking for a long time. Thank you so much for sharing it. 👍
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