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  1. Overcenter Spring Adjust Tool.

    The download template includes a ruler so you can get the scale correct. When you print the template just make sure the ruler scale is the same as a physical ruler. If not adjust you print scale function to make it bigger or smaller to fit correctly.
  2. for his very generous forum donation! These donations help keep the lights and purchase other software for a better experience at the site. Thank you again! GT
  3. help me please!!

    Been there, done that! :-O
  4. Steering box issue in 39 dodge tc

    If the bearing and bushings are in good shape use the correct lube, SAE 90 Fluid Gear Lube. The spindle grease is a short term fix for worn boxes/or ones where the seal is leaking. The shop manual has a detailed adjustment procedure.
  5. Fire Extinguisher Recommendation

    Oil bath works way better that paper. Fix the clamp and you will never have the issue again. I get my extinguishers from the local fire protection business,. I use CO2 type as they don't leave a mess after use. (I've had a couple go off accidentally in the past and it is a mess to clean up.) Also by getting them at the local fire protection business they can refill them easily after use. Don't forget a mounting bracket.
  6. help me please!!

    Since the engine was rebuilt you need to do a quick check of the components that are interconnected. Set it up for TDC on number 1. Pull the front valve cover and verify both valves are closed and if you keep turning the exhaust valve opens. You can verify the cam is installed correctly by verifying these numbers: Intake opens 12 degrees before TDC, Exhaust closes 6 degrees after TDC, Exhaust opens 50 degrees before BDC and Intake closes 44 degrees after BDC. You use the marks on the crankshaft pulley. I think if two of those specs are ok you should be good to go. Go back to TDC and verify the distributor rotor is pointing to 7 o'clock. If all is ok follow the static timing instructions in this article: http://p15-d24.com/page/p15d24/tech/tech_tips.html/ When you have it set for TDC you should be able to just turn the distributor back and forth to get #1 to fire. Pull the plug and see if it fires. If it doesn't then start working backwards through the ignition system: plug, plug wires, cap, rotor, points, cap, ground wire in distributor, coil, supply voltage to the distributor and coil. It's not that complex, just need a methodology to troubleshoot.
  7. Dealership or tech school?

    The image links in your post are pointing to an Outlook gateway needing a log in. If the images are in Outlook drag them first to your desktop, then try uploading from your desktop to your post.
  8. Shaving a 218 head vs. a standard 230 head?

    Two things, if any of you have the 23' heads you think are different please post the casting numbers. Second if Greg G's observation is correct, then yes it would have a higher compression, but it has nothing to do with the head.
  9. Shaving a 218 head vs. a standard 230 head?

    Don't believe that is accurate. Hollander's shows them as all the same, direct swap. Think the only different is the stroke.
  10. a brake problem

    To Lonejacklarry's point can you lock up all four wheels? If not you probably new some brake service, starting with an inspection and probably a shoe adjustment.
  11. http://p15-d24.com/page/p15d24/tech/tech_tips.html/ Check the water distribution tube section.
  12. Need help identifying an engine part

    Check and
  13. You are In! Just go the the forum where you want to post your questions.
  14. Need help identifying an engine part

    Automatic choke
  15. How to delete

    Click on the little square checkbox under the user icon. You will then be presented with the option to trash the message.