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    lockport illinios
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    restoring old vehicles and old metal working and wood working machines
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    1951 Dodge b3 3/4 ton pickup<br />
    1949 Chevrolet 1/2 ton pickup

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    i was born in 3/10/1963
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    fleet mechanic for ComEd electric company in illinios for 31 yrs.


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    lockport ill.
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    restoring cars and old metal working machines

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  1. Thanks guys This forum has a wealth of information for the antique mopar car community
  2. Thanks Andydodge So what your telling me is that the 51 Plymouth suspension will have no problem fitting on my 40 Dodge Other then the sway bar The suspension from the Plymouth also comes with the hub ,brake drums and brakes and suspension springs
  3. Hello to everyone I have an opportunity to purchase a front suspension from a 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook with all new components at a good price Can someone tell me if it would fit my 1940 Dodge business coupe It looks the same except for the upper control arms , on my Dodge they are a cast steel and on the Plymouth they stamp steel welded together
  4. in The Big Sleep Humphrey Bogart as private detective Philip Marlowe drives what I believe is a 1939 Plymouth business coupe towards the end he is shown driving a 1940 Dodge business coupe that he took from the bad guys the Dodge is just like mine
  5. would you have a drat tube assembly for a 1952  p23 159631 ?

    1. P15-D24


      Yes, I have 3 or 4 different styles, Do you know they type your want?

    2. wayfarerstranger


      i may have one ....

  6. It was me that was off the topic with the color question , it just looks so good with that color Thank you for the answer
  7. Sorry this question is off the topic , what color is on your car , very nice color I have a 40 coupe dodge that I will be painting soon
  8. my 1940 dodge business coupe is need of floor pans and rocker panels my question is has anyone ever used the Plymouth Doctor or can some one recommend someone else thanks
  9. Plymouth Adams very nice brake , but just don't have the space for that size and I like the idea of having the fingers to make pans and also like the heavy duty capacity for brackets thanks
  10. sorry guys this should be the correct link http://www.swagoffroad.com/20-TON-Finger-Brake-Heavy-Duty-DIY-Builder-Kit_p_86.html
  11. Hello everyone I need to do floor work on my 1940 dodge business coupe , the work will include making braces , rocker panel work and a lot of bends I have been interested in getting the swag offroad heavy duty finger brake to use in my shop press , just wondering if anyone has any experience in using this set up ? MD4WW5VA
  12. the reason I ask is because a I have 1949 chevy 3100 pickup all original and I was able to purchase a front sway bar kit from classic chevy and after installed it really improved the ride and body roll on cornering [not talking about Panhard]
  13. has anyone ever installed a front sway bar on a pilot house with the original straight axle ?
  14. do you know what years have the same body lines ?
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