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  1. P15-D24's post in Looks like today's update was uneventful ;-) was marked as the answer   
    Quick follow up. I just checked on the status and the publisher has discontinued the product because the core software now has a similar feature, question solved. The catch is only moderators can tag a response as solved. I'll turn it on but I'm a little cautious about giving the Mods more stuff to do. I'll give it a try and see how it goes. 
    EDIT: Just turned one forum on and an option popped up to allow the member who started the topic to mark it as solved. 👍
  2. P15-D24's post in External Link Usage and Limitations was marked as the answer   
    No restrictions on posting URLs from here to other sites. As Tod noted if its for a car for sale "referral" probably should go into the Ebay, Craigslist ... Referral Forum and some sites block external linking. If you manage the sizes of the images you post (100kb - 400Kb) you should be able to store thousands of photos in your account. If you set up a gallery account you get more storage and you can use them in threads with the My Media button. 
  3. P15-D24's post in 1947 Dodge clock repair was marked as the answer   
    Test post
  4. P15-D24's post in 49 Dodge B1C three speed was marked as the answer   
    3 speeds usually had syncros on 2 and 3. 4 Speeds were available both ways, most being non syncro. I believe syncro 4 speeds were offered as an option starting around 52. 
  5. P15-D24's post in Ready Made Exhaust Anybody was marked as the answer   
    I have purchase 3 different sets from Kepich. All fit great and had no issues with installation or quality. I had one issue where the exhaust connection to the manifold was different than stock and he took care of the issue immediately. Would buy from him again. 
  6. P15-D24's post in Amp Gauge ? was marked as the answer   
    On the 6 volt systems a 50 amp ammeter was used with the the optional heavy duty generator and regulator. The info is in the parts book.  I would assume a similar option was available for 12 volt cars in the later years. Voltage (6 or 12) doesn't matter, it is the size of the generator and regulator that determined the scale needed on the ammeter.  
  7. P15-D24's post in i need help identifying my plymouth was marked as the answer   
    Spotter guide for '48 here
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