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  1. Was the plug set, ie flattened slightly in the center or just stuck in?
  2. Is the welch plug on the gearshift rail in place and not leaking?
  3. Read the section on WD tubes: http://p15-d24.com/page/p15d24/tech/tech_tips.html/
  4. and did not get a response, please resend. My spam blocking software blocked a couple Russian messages by then decided to block all messages from that email. Fixed now and they should filter through correctly. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  5. If you want to use this forum as a medium to share information about the 1950 please contact me at info@p15-d24.com I can set you up with a blog or club where you have control of the content. Might reach a larger audience.
  6. Yeah, but I'm allergic to that white cold stuff that falls from the sky.
  7. Quick postscript, County Animal Control was out to the house Monday for the one I captured. Their re-location policy has changed, they will only capture and relocate to a different part of your property. They will not remove them from the property nor will they destroy them. Termination is left up to the property owner. Not a lot of help.
  8. Link added to the Link Directory
  9. I live in one of the many California canyons that back up to a national forest and mountain range. We get all kinds of wildlife including coyotes, bobcats, bears, deer and mountain lions. The creek on my property line is a freeway for wildlife activity at night. We have 6-8 foot fences around the back which won't stop everything but at least encourage them to move on to a location with easier access. We had a very wet winter which means lot of food sources and this year we are seeing a bumper crop of rattlers. My neighbors are seeing a lot of them and just tonight I had baby rattler one of my dogs almost stepped on while playing tennis ball catch. Looking for info on best way to deal with them safely, and capture them for animal control to pick up for relocation. Killing them is a last resort but if I can't safely capture them I'll get the .410 out. I don't want my dogs to get bit or me so recommendations for proper gear is appreciated. TIA
  10. I talked to him probably 10 years ago and he was thinking about a production run. Problem he had was finding a foundry to do the work that didn't cost an arm, leg and some other body parts for a low volume run. Don't think it ever happened.
  11. http://p15-d24.com/page/p15d24/reference/p15_spotters_guide.html/
  12. Also forum sponsor Vic's Dodge Garage has really nice reproduction kits.
  13. Just a reminder, if your are looking for parts please use the Classified Ad section, not the general forums. Wanted ads are free.
  14. Simple way to test this. As PA noted when the points open the plug fires. Manually turn it over until #1 is ready to fire, TDC. Loosen the bolt holding the distributor so you can turn it CW-CCW. With the points open verify you have voltage to the the points. Rotate the distributor to close the distributor and verify you have voltage back to the coil. Pull your spark plug or use a neon voltage tester connected to the plug wire, then quickly open the points, You should see a spark or flash on the tester. So if you have voltage to the coil and it stops when the points open, then your coil/resistor may be bad. Pull the high voltage wire at the coil and insert the neon tester int the coil, then run the test again, close and open the points. If you get a flash at the coil then you may have a bad wire going back to the distributor, bad cap or rotor. Last test is pull the #1 plug wire from the distributor cap to the spark plug and use the neon tester in the distributor tower for the #1 plug wire. Run the test again. If you get a spark at the distributor cap then you have a bad wire or plug.
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