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  1. P15-D24

    51 Dodge E brake drum

    New rules for parts wanted, please place a Wanted Classified ad here It free and will run for 30 day, plus members can post questions/answers Thank you
  2. This is a good reason to invest in a factory parts book. It will have all the answers to your specific question.
  3. P15-D24

    has anyone heard from..

    Keep on fighting and get well soon! You near Greenville?
  4. P15-D24

    remind you of anyone?

  5. P15-D24

    Life Changers

    Really sorry to hear the news. Now get back to working on your recovery!
  6. P15-D24

    1948 dodge pilot house dually!

    Looks like 1.5 ton, not a one one ton. Front fender flares are on the bigger trucks.
  7. P15-D24

    International Tractor on deck of Hornet

    Amazing their is still rubber on the wheels!
  8. P15-D24

    ANSWERED Forum Rank

    It's either number of posts or number of threads started. Just a simple counter.
  9. P15-D24

    plymouth three speed removal

    Makes aligning the input shaft into the clutch way easier. Your not trying to hold it into position while spinning the shaft. And as noted before if your floor board comes out it makes the job really easy.
  10. P15-D24

    plymouth three speed removal

    Use a tranny jack. Make it a lot easier for both removal and installation. Pull the rear U joint off, disconnect the e brake cable.
  11. P15-D24

    dodge town sedan? What is it?

  12. P15-D24

    heat riser info

    Move your mouse over "Browse" in the header. You will see other tabs appear like Resources, Technical, Downloads. Move you mouse to your tab selection and click.
  13. P15-D24

    heat riser info

    http://p15-d24.com/page/p15d24/tech/heat_riser_adviser.html/ http://p15-d24.com/classifieds/
  14. P15-D24

    Fresh air heater

    Seems to me their was a vintage corvette reproduction that fit
  15. http://p15-d24.com/page/p15d24/tech/brakes.html/

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