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  1. http://p15-d24.com/page/p15d24/reference/p15_spotters_guide.html/
  2. Also forum sponsor Vic's Dodge Garage has really nice reproduction kits.
  3. Just a reminder, if your are looking for parts please use the Classified Ad section, not the general forums. Wanted ads are free.
  4. Simple way to test this. As PA noted when the points open the plug fires. Manually turn it over until #1 is ready to fire, TDC. Loosen the bolt holding the distributor so you can turn it CW-CCW. With the points open verify you have voltage to the the points. Rotate the distributor to close the distributor and verify you have voltage back to the coil. Pull your spark plug or use a neon voltage tester connected to the plug wire, then quickly open the points, You should see a spark or flash on the tester. So if you have voltage to the coil and it stops when the points open, then your coil/resistor may be bad. Pull the high voltage wire at the coil and insert the neon tester int the coil, then run the test again, close and open the points. If you get a flash at the coil then you may have a bad wire going back to the distributor, bad cap or rotor. Last test is pull the #1 plug wire from the distributor cap to the spark plug and use the neon tester in the distributor tower for the #1 plug wire. Run the test again. If you get a spark at the distributor cap then you have a bad wire or plug.
  5. See tube benders for soft metals: https://www.mcmaster.com/tube-benders
  6. Sounds like a 1 ton. Can you post a pic?
  7. Bar's Leak Sealer is your friend.
  8. Cheap, simple but effective!
  9. For sale ads have a 4.99 charge. Wanted ads are free. Don't forget It costs $$$ to run a site.
  10. Highly recommend Tool Aid 18960 Quick Change Racheting Terminal Crimp Kit. Uses different dies for different types of crimps. Goes all the up to #10 wire and does a secure and beautiful crimp job. Well worth the money.
  11. Read this: http://p15-d24.com/page/p15d24/tech/brakes.html/
  12. 1 ton with the coined rims? Need to go back to the narrower tires.
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