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  1. Im curious of the reasoning of this too.
  2. I own a 29 desoto k series with a 174.9 ci engine. The car came with an northeastern electric distributor. Parts are hard to find and expensive when found. Meyers is the only supplier i have found. The same cara were also offered with a delco 631. Also getting hard to find but you can find parts. So im considering a swap. My thought are there other interchange and would one with vacuum advance be an advantage. Any help is welcomed
  3. So I love the tinkering and the build but I love the ride too. I seek that attention of the public. I couldn't do one or the other.
  4. This last weekend I finally got to drive my 29 DeSoto for the first time. I asked others how fast will this thing go and the reply was as fast as the bravery. So through some city driving I go no problem. Then the county road and I did 45 and felt good. The way home I decided to push a little harder and 55 and comfortable. I was pleasantly pleased. So I still wonder how fast will it go but don't think I should push my luck.
  5. Made it to the nationals. Great time. Did not see many desoto's so my 29 was one of a kind.
  6. Hmmm, and I wonder how many 29's we're driven in 35? Probably most of them. There's not much music from 29 I can listen to but frank, rat pack, bing, and George Gershwin I can grove to that.
  7. I'm not sure how well the chalk method would work since my tread width is about 3"
  8. According to the Chrysler 6 owners manual 40 psi front 35 psi rear. I would think it's the same for my car.
  9. I will have to check the inner side or the old tires
  10. Firestones from coker all are new there is no load or pressure specs on side walls
  11. Does anyone know what air psi should I run in the tires. The tires are not marked
  12. I'm thinking the fedora and frank sinatra playing
  13. Got a lot of work yet but it will be at the Syracuse nationals for viewing
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