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  1. This thread brought back memories when I saw Don coatney as number 3 post
  2. How about wooden wheels, look at those spokes.
  3. Well rich I found out why some of my emails to Les didn't get replay's. The email in the pm you sent me was wrong. Opps I guess I should have called earlier but life has been busy. I had a good talk with Les and will keep in touch.
  4. My account issue was having a username ect. It's all taken care of now. I will have to call Les when I have a minute alone. I have e-mailed him without a response so I will have to call him. I also found another source for parts on the aaca forum, his name is Craig and has a business called mobileparts. I'm getting info together. It's all about connections. Ty.
  5. I'm finally in at NDA and waiting for responses there also. Ty.
  6. I'm not sure how similar the desoto and dodge and Chrysler engines were. I know that the Plymouth are 4 bangers in 29. Till I can post on national desoto forum I'm using the helpful people here
  7. I have tried to join the desoto club. I have got to call them there is something wrong with my account I am working on that along with everything else. I'm just trying to get all the info I can from multiple sources. Thank you for any info that is out there.
  8. Where would I find parts for my new car. It's a 29 desoto with a 175 engine. Eggs don't list anything, Andy b don't list anything. And eBay is full of gadgets that don't fit the car. The carb king can make a carb rebuild kit but it's 16 weeks out. The engine runs but smokes under acceleration so I would like to open it up to see what I got but if I can't find gasket kits I don't want to do that. Any other suppliers???. I also checked Landon's that a no go
  9. Looking for a rebuild kit for a Stromberg U-1 for my 29 desoto. Mike's doesn't offer it. They checked their competitors with no luck. The carb king only answers calls on Mondays and Tuesdays. They don't list it either. Not much online for these. Any thoughts.
  10. Over the weekend I ran the car some more then degreased the 92 yrs of road grime and oil of the drivetrain
  11. This is my favorite pi of my last car the before and after
  12. Got it running tonight and drove it around the yard. Runs good but smokes good too. Oil pressure at 50 cold and 25 warm. Pretty happy with that. It hasn't gone down the road since 2003
  13. So I have reached out to Les and tonight I will join the NDA. I want to start the car tonight, do I need to use the timing adjuster to start the car
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