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  1. Hickory

    Carb spring

    Hey Andy, I was watching the rebuild video from mikes carb. And the pump linkage was like mine not your new one. It may not matter in function.
  2. Hickory

    Carb spring

    It looks right😀. Now what would the broken spring do to performance. Could that or the worn dashpot plunger cause the hesitation I have?
  3. Hickory

    Carb spring

    Ok I see it should be on the inside, it's always been how it is since I've owned it. I can fix that as I rebuild it, but my main concern is what will that broken spring do to how the carb operates, as I'm not sure how I'm going to find that spring. Good eye Andy😎
  4. Hickory

    Carb spring

    I don't think it's in backwards, if I lift the pump then just flip it forward. The carb is still disassembled
  5. Well I have my ball and ball off my car for a rebuild. Last season my car had a stumble on quick acceleration, so while I have everything apart for some fresh paint, I ordered a kit. I found my dashpot plunger dissinergrated and hope this may be some the issue. I also found a broken spring on the throttle shaft on the opposite side of the linkage. What does this spring do and are they available. It looks like to me this would hold the dashpot plunger in the up.position. how much will this affect the operation. Vehicle is a 49 Chrysler royal ty for some insight
  6. I took .070 off my head and .012 off my block and liked the results. The only thing I regret is now if I change can I really have to watch the lift of the new grind. I would record the new valve clearance and write it down for future reference.
  7. I've had luck finding lenses from the tail light king
  8. So I just did this on a 49 royal and it was a pain, I found it easier when you remove the nut for the lower channel remove the adjusting stud also
  9. So I received some of my rubber today. As noted in other threads Mopar mall vent window rubber didn't fit well, but at half the price of the good ones I made it work. So the question is how have others attached the window sweeper which used to be stapled. And the window channel had these clips in the track which seems like a buck rivet. The vehicle is a 49 Chrysler royal
  10. I have a 49 royal 4 door. I'm in the process of replacing the vent windows. I have removed them and got them out of the framework. I plan on buying glass and rubbers from bernbaums. So I'm looking for the best way to remove the glass from the chrome frame. I also need to know what the rubber piece that halds the glass in the frame is so I can get some. Ty
  11. I just saw a 53 firedome in the pick n pull in East Syracuse last weekend. It was in much sadder shape than that one!!!!!!
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