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  1. My driver's door sticks out at the bottom. I've tried to adjust the hinge in on the bottom but doesn't go in far enough. It's a 49 royal. Is there another trick I should try. I'm not sure why it's out I'm thinking maybe someone has used the old 2x4 trick in the past. The stricker lines up fin and the door closes fine but a 1/4 inch gap bothers me. Ty
  2. I also took a new nut and ran that on and off to clean the threads before I tried to take the bumper off to make it easier
  3. I have found up here in the north that semi-loose hose clamps tend to suck air in the cold. I would also check them
  4. I would have to say no to the bolt thing as it sounds freely and smooth when I had it out of the car
  5. So we have snow tommorow and I will put the heated blanket on and a corn bag in the bonnet
  6. I love the gas station in Bennington vt. Hemmings fuel station I will have to dig up a pic
  7. M6 trans and its hard to hold back with brakes. Everything is stock and has done it since I got the car. This will be a winter project as it's below freezing as of this morning an now won't leave the garage.
  8. It is odd, I can start the car in gear and take right off. And it baffled me since the clutch surface rotated so freely
  9. I haven't changed the oil.
  10. I've tried the rpms at 450, 500, 550, different timing. I just rebuilt the engine and has fresh tune up. Runs great. Not a runnability thing. When the fluid coupler was on the bench it rotated freely and smooth. Has me stumped. I can only think of oil issue.
  11. Low, high or even reverse. If I lower the idle down to around 380 rpms it starts to release but engine dies out due to load at a low idle. I was wondering if the fluid was to thick if it may keep coupled at lower rpms
  12. Yes, engine stalls. The engine and tranny have both been rebuilt and operates as designed.
  13. .My car is a 49 Chrysler royal. At a stop I have to use the clutch pedal. I've been using the car as a standard due to the fluid coupling appears not to de couple. The idle is set at 450 rpms. I've tried higher and lower rpms. Fluid level is good and when I had the tranny out there were no leaks and it rotated free.
  14. Hickory

    49 royal

    what body does the royal share from the other lines of cars. when looking for a headliner the Coronet seams to be the same, would the carpet be the same? I guess knowing the shared bodies may help when ordering parts since it seams harder to find royal parts.
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