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  1. I didn't find an y loose wire but trans was low on oil. Added close to a half quart. started raining hard so I couldn't drive it. I will tomorrow be surprised if it doesn't makes some difference being that low
  2. 1950 dodge When I slow down for a corner if turning left it shifts down like it should. I turning right it never shifts down automatically This is in high side of trans anybody have any ideas what the problem might be.?
  3. Mine will die like that but not immediatly it will just idle down the die. Too high idle and it doesn't want to shift up. Runs great other than that. M6 trans.
  4. If I come to complete stop and push clutch in it will shift down most times. When I take off I let off gas and i will shift up.Use clutch when stopped.
  5. solenoid broke off on mine filled hole with jb weld. would be nice to find a solenoid.
  6. Pertronix told me what resistor to use and sent me a diagram where to wire it in. I just need to find one if I want to go this route.
  7. They told me about resistor. All I have to do now is figure out where to get it.
  8. I'm really wanting to go electronic ignition. Has anybody used pertronix on 1951 Dodge 230 flathead? If so what did you use? I'm thinking Pertronix 1362 but I saw 1 guy say it wouldn't work on Dodge. Pertronix website says for chrysler 6 cyl. Anybody have an opinion?
  9. I bought a set from weinstein, they were crap! Thin as paper didn't last anytime!!
  10. I put a new crank in a furd years ago. Forgot to put in pilot bearing and thats what happened.
  11. I got 10wt oil at farm and home store.
  12. Starter on my 50 Dodge did the exact Same thing a few years ago. Found a guy had a used one. I took broke piece off it and out on mine. Working good so far.
  13. could it be for afterburner in tail pipe?
  14. I have a set off my 50 Dodge Coronet. Think they would be the same?
  15. I've always read to cure this you need heavy battery cables. Surprised no mentioned this now.
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