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  1. That’s cool, didn’t know anybody used the single lights anymore.
  2. He’s poking at my blue beacon light on top. 😂. Glad you like it; I like the ones on your welcome thread, too.
  3. Thanks! I’ve got some plug wire retainers on there; they’re just hard to see in the picture.
  4. Lol! No that came with it when I bought it. Just got it working and put it back on.
  5. All back together, road test successfull, and it passed inspection. Couldn’t get plates today cause the license office is closed but all I have left is hook up the beacon light and put down the floor mat that is coming Tuesday. It drives so much better!
  6. I did the same with my 65 Dodge van. $75 Ebay YF knockoff and it ran better than it ever had.
  7. Just about road test ready. I put all new brakes, brake lines, and shocks on the back. I got my hydraulic clutch conversion finished up and it works good. I had to get the pinion side of the driveshaftchanged to a small Chrysler unjoint and should have that back Monday. Then just a few odds and ends and we can call it done.
  8. Look up a place called Mill Supply. They are a parts place for step vans. They sell a nice low back bucket seat for a little over $100. I used them in my 65 Dodge van and they looked great.
  9. Got a bunch done today. Hood is on, set the pinion angle on the rearend and welded the spring pads on, and replace a broken spring mount on the frame. Rearend back in tomorrow and start plumbing all the brakes.
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