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  1. I’ll definitely try to make it!
  2. I always use heat from a propane bottle, penetrating oil, and some light hammer taps on the bolt head to get them off. Work them back and forth a little at a time instead of just going in the loosen direction only. Takes time but I’ve gotten a lot of them out without breaking them this way.
  3. My auto shop teacher always stressed using two methods of supporting a car if you’re going to be under it. Jack stands and a floor jack as a back up.
  4. Thanks, man. My dad was a bricklayer and we always had cheaper cars that we worked on to keep going. I was out there helping him when I was in grade school. He always taught me to work organized to remove as many unnecessary steps as possible but not skip the details. I got my first car when I was 14 and been building them ever since. I don’t do it for my regular job but it’s what I love to do in my spare time along with playing in a band with a couple of buddies. Your Desoto is really cool; I love the massive front end and grill of the 48. That 3 window coupe is a pretty rare find in the Desoto. I did a 49 Plymouth 3 window a few years back, very neat car.
  5. Bigfoot is REAL!!!! Just messing with you, man.
  6. Really nice. Road trips to pick up project cars are the best!
  7. That’s one sharp looking ride!
  8. I had to go by the boneyard to pick up a part for my brother’s car today and I noticed that the van I got the seat from that I used for the front was still there. I went ahead and got another one to use for the back. I’ll have to build a mount for it but it’s the perfect width and it’ll be nice to have matching seats.
  9. Got the trans back in last night and took it for a test drive today. After some adjustment on the clutch and back brakes it really goes down the road nice. The last thing I had to do was get the wipers going and I did that today. She’s ready for a bath, safety inspection, and lots of cruise time!
  10. Thanks! I did get it on Marketplace but in Wentzville Missouri. Might have been the same listing.
  11. Nice project! That’s an interesting front mount; really beefy looking.
  12. I thought about it but I couldn’t get the rear nut off. I had an impact on it with the air turned all the way up but no luck. So I just flushed out the case. Everything else sounds good so I’m going to try it with the front bearing and gaskets. But thanks, I do appreciate the offer.
  13. While I’m waiting on a couple of transmission parts I decided to make some sill plates since I didn’t have any. Just used some 1/8” steel plate and some leftover rubber mat. Just cut the plate, drilled a few holes and glued the mat on with some headliner adhesive.
  14. Thanks, Looks like all I need is the bearing and gaskets; everything else was in good shape. Ordered them from Old Moparts today.
  15. Yep, took a little heat and persuasion but it came off. Guess I need to pull it all the way apart and make sure there’s no more bearing laying in the bottom of the case. Guess I’ll be calling Andy tomorrow.
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