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  1. Thank you for your message but please don't think you need to apologise. No-one's on the 'wrong' side of the Atlantic Ocean and our shared interests help to shrink any distances. All the very best from England.
  2. It's very flattering to hear that you like the jackets. The jackets themselves are vintage items that we've managed to buy from specialist dealers in the UK, or have imported from America via eBay. It's taken about 2 years to source them for ourselves and family members. A total of 9 so far. And we only had a dozen patches made so, unfortunately, I'm sorry to say that we can't offer to provide them for sale.
  3. Thank you. They are vintage whipcord jackets... and we had the patches chain stitched onto felt, the old way, so they look like genuine vintage pieces. We do get a lot of compliments.
  4. Ah yes. I know now. I hope you can make it sometime.
  5. We'd love to see you at ATOMIC... I organise that, too! It's a fantastic weekend.
  6. There sure is. It's where the Pilgrim Fathers sailed from, on the Mayflower. Plymouth Rock, in Mass, marks their landing. And the sailing ship emblem on our Plymouth cars is a representation of the Mayflower. Dean, Chris and I have carried the theme through, with our Pilgrims club jackets...
  7. The meet is for 1946-1948 Plymouth, Dodge, SeSoto & Chrysler Cars. We welcome 'guest' classics too. Last year there was a nice range of makes and ages.
  8. I've just posted details of our annual 'P-15 Picnic' onto the calendar. If anyone's in the UK on 30th September and/or 1st October, you'll be very welcome to join us.
  9. until
    The UKs only gathering of 1946-1948 Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto & Chrysler Cars.Main event on Sunday 1st October at The National Museum of Computing, Bletchley Park, 11am-4pm.30-Minute cruise to Bletchley departs Woodland Manor Hotel at 10am.Saturday night dinner and overnight stay optional. Contact us for details.Guest classics also welcome. Facebook page at www.facebook.com/PDDCUK
  10. On my P15, there's a rubber vacuum hose running from the intake to a connector in the firewall. From there, another hose runs inside the car to the top valve in the dash. As you say, it's obvious from that point on. Good luck.
  11. All the steel cars. Not certain about the woody.
  12. The convertible top system is very simple in the P15. Just a couple of days ago, I replaced the top control valve in the dash, and the rubber hoses. I've attached a picture of the control valve. And another showing its position when fitted in the dash. The single outlet is for vacuum supply - hooked up to the intake manifold. When the plunger is in the mid-position, it shuts off that supply. Pulling the knob out allows a vacuum draw to the lower chamber of the top cylinder at the back of the car. This will pull the top cylinder plunger down and open the top. Pushing the knob in allows a vacuum draw to the upper chamber of the top cylinder at the back of the car. This will pull the top cylinder plunger up and close the top. If there are no leaks in the system and the leather seals in the top cylinders are OK, there's not much else to go wrong. My car's top opens and closes really smoothly and quite quickly.
  13. Here you go... http://www.cascadepacificplymouth.org/438CallStaffCar.html
  14. I used ribbed rubber matting to replace the sill mats on the coupe I used to own (picture attached). Similar matting is available with wider ribs, which I'd use if I was going to do this again. It's a quick, cheap fix. I've used that wider-ribbed rubber in the trunk of my car (see pic of first trial fit) but I've now bitten the bullet and fitted a pair of repro silicon rubber sill mats that I got from eBay. They are nice items and look good on my car. Sorry I don't have a picture of those but I hope this is some help. Robin.
  15. This is fairly conclusive evidence that there was no paint in the script originally...
  16. It's the only colour picture I've found of a Sumac Red P15 convertible, from back when the cars were new. Here's another red convertible, but this is clearly mid-1950s and the car's a little worn...
  17. I found this fabulous picture on the web. It's the Paris Motor Show, 1948 and, for me, the star is the red Plymouth convertible in the middle of the shot. It's in prestigious company, close to the Saoutchik, Figoni et Falaschi and Cadillac stands...
  18. I think it's most likely to have been a dealer-installed accessory.
  19. Some pictures of bumper guards 'back in the day'...
  20. Glad you like the picture, Dean. It was taken at Sywell Aerodrome. During the war Sywell was a training centre for Free French pilots and a repair station for Wellington Bombers. Your father was a hero. You must be very proud. Best wishes from England for a Happy New Year. Robin
  21. I'm gradually building a register of these cars in the UK and, so far, have details of 45 P15s. I'm sure there are a lot more to be found, too. Here's a picture from a meet we held in October.
  22. If your car has a 1949 VIN number, it will be commonly be referred to as a '1st series 49'. But when you're ordering parts always order them for a '48, to make sure you get the correct items.
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