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  1. Cool. I'm glad it found a good home! Thanks for updating us.
  2. I've been absent from the forum for quite a while. The car is running fine and we haven't wanted to start the next project and lose the ability to drive it. But my son and I got the Christmas tree picked out today. It's a family tradition to go the day after Thanksgiving. He's not really driving here, only got his permit the day before Thanksgiving. Car is a 1950 P20 Plymouth Special DeLuxe Club Coupe.
  3. I like that. And running is a controlled fall.
  4. @Veemoney I really like the wood grain on the console. Good work
  5. Are those custom front fenders? I like them.
  6. Glad it worked well in the end. I spent more time just thinking about the MC mounting than actually doing it. This is a really good forum - the knowledge that is shared astounds me. I'm not a car guy, so I've a lot of archives. But to keep costs down, they limit image size. My real hobby is photography, so I have lots of tools. I also use an IPhone and a MacOS laptop. The photos upload automatically and I export the ones I want for posting at a file size that works. Straight phone based images won't go unless you crop them first. And current Digital camera image is WAY past this site's limit.
  7. @Pauls_Plymouth I'm glad you found parts of it useful. Please post some photos here of how you have the master cylinder mounted. I'm sure others would find it helpful. I hunted for information on adapting the alternative pedals and didn't find much relative to my P20 application, so I chose to keep the original master cylinder as the pedal mount. But I can see where the X frame of the convertible would get in the way.
  8. Indeed, when I read that I couldn't tell which machine we were talking about
  9. @Matt Wilson: and others. Thanks for all the really interesting details. I'm very intrigued by these trucks now.
  10. @Desotodav wow that is a lot of spare gearboxes
  11. @Pauls_Plymouth: thanks for the questions We used the 15" hoses, but we also moved the connectors to the opposite side of the suspension. Honestly with where they connect, I think the 17" would be fine too. One side can touch the suspension with the steering wheel lockek but during normal turning while driving it has plenty of space. Yes, we're using the stock brake pedal, connections, pivots, springs, etc. with how I mounted the new master cylinder. I don't think that the hunk of metal is worth $35, but we don't have the capability to make anything like it and it was very easy to work with -- so, for us, money well spent. I've managed to drive all 4 of our vehicles this week and I think our 1950 Plymouth compares nicely. 1950 P20: braking happens as soon as you touch the pedal and has a reasonably short throw. Not touchy, doesn't just swap from slowing to stopping. Doesn't require much pressure compared to before our Scarebird conversion The only 'non-power' breaks of our vehicles 2003 VW New Beatle: lots of free play before slowing. Even application once it kicks in 2014 Toyota Prius V (wagon) this is a hybrid car and the only 'automatic' here at home. A light light pressure on the brake pedal just kicks in the regenerative generators. Press further and the actual brakes kick in and they are very grabby / touchy. Have to be careful. This is the heaviest of the 4 vehicles we have here. 2016 Mazda 3. Long pedal travel but really good stopping. A little touchy on the pedals however.
  12. @bones44 I actually didn't look to see what engine it had. I was too impressed by the outside
  13. My son and I took our P20 up the road about 3 miles to a car show on 19 August 2017. It was the first show we have taken our car to. Mopar vehicles were not well represented, but I know that to the be the case from other reports here on the forum. This coupe, while not stock was pretty nice. I talked to the vehicle's owner and his wife -- who drives it -- briefly. Not too talkative. His Ford truck won best in show. That is my wife on the left side Automatic and power windows are some of the modifications. The pink you see in this photo is the reflection of the car to my right. I dig these tailights. Mercy that backside is long. I'm guessing this would be a business coupe? Nice hood emblem. What year is this?
  14. We saw this Dodge truck at a local show back on August 19th. What can you tell me about it?
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