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  1. I know the color of the P15 wheel and column is called 'Vogue Brown' but I don't have any codes. Perhaps the name will help you find the information. Good luck.
  2. Original 'Triple Ripple' Hollywood Flipper caps by National. It took me years to find these. When they arrived they were in their original carton, wrapped in 1950 dated newspaper.
  3. Look out for a PM
  4. I fitted a 4" stick-on convex mirror on the passenger side, to increase the viewing angle. There's a huge blind spot in the convertible when the top's up (which is most of the time in the UK!) and, to make it harder, we drive on the 'wrong' side, so a good view in the passenger side mirror is essential!
  5. So-Cal swan necks on my P15...
  6. Cheesecake, Guinness and a P-15 Picnic souvenir notebook... The perfect table setting! It was great to see you again Mark.
  7. Hi Robin, thought I would drop by to say hello, need to talk Rag Tops607079494_TopWin.jpg.998fe097ea244539cb1914f682d46dc4.jpg

    1. Robin (UK)

      Robin (UK)

      What's the news, Tom?
      OR what are your questions?

  8. Following Simon's lead, I'll chip in too. I own the red Convertible. I imported the car to the UK 15 years ago but have been on the Forum longer than that, as I previously owned a P15 Club Coupe. Since i got it, my car's undergone a bit of a 'high school hop up' and now runs dual carbs through an Edmunds intake, Fenton headers with twin exhausts, Fenton finned ali head, and an R10 overdrive transmission. The rear has been lowered 1.5 inches, it wears fender skirts with '41 Buick trims, blu-dot rear lenses, half-moon headlamp shields, Mopar electric gas cap and Hollywood flipper hubcaps. My convertible was supplied new on 3rd September 1947 by Gettysburg Motors in Pennsylvania and remained in Gettysburg until I bought it in 2004.
  9. Here's the glovebox notebook that everyone got as a souvenir...
  10. We just held our 5th Annual P-15 Picnic in England and were delighted to welcome a record number of owners and cars for two days of Plymouth-filled fun. With Mark joining us from the USA, Tommi travelling from Finland, Martin from Sweden and cars gathering from all over the UK, it was a very special weekend. The weather wasn't great, but the atmosphere was superb, with cruise-outs to two local museums and a lovely dinner and dancing at the hotel. The line-up of cars was truly impressive, with a total of fifteen P15s or derivatives and several 'guest' classics. We'll be doing it all again in September 2020... you're all welcome to join us! Here's the roll of honor: 1946–1948 Plymouth and Derivatives: 242 UYE - 4-Door Sedan - John & Elly 424 YUJ - Business Coupe – Simon & Julie 562 YUG – Convertible Coupe – Chris & Rebecca 763 UYX – 4-Door Sedan (D25) - Richard & Karen 774 UXB – 4-Door Sedan - Garry & Gaynor 782 XUL – 2-Door Sedan - Dean & Joyce 977 XUP – Club Coupe - Colin & Liz ESK 523 – Club Coupe – Mel & Sue MSJ 674 – Club Coupe - Ian & Marie UVS 437 – Club Coupe (SP15) - Dusty & Deb WXG 507 – Business Coupe – Tony & Dawna WXG 932 - Business Coupe – Alan & Annette XAS 458 – Convertible Coupe – Robin & Colette YVL 306 – Business Coupe - Terry & Amanda YWG 566 – Club Coupe - Steve & Hayley 1946–1948 Chrysler: 268 XUR - Club Coupe – William Guest Cars: 1927 Ford T Hot Rod 1937 Plymouth – Russ & Steph 1938 Ford 1939 Dodge – Simon 1940 Plymouth – Nigel & Jan 1947 Nash – Bob & Irene 1948 Chevrolet – Richard & Lynne 1953 Buick 1953 Plymouth Convertible – Paul & Rita 1953 Chevrolet – Rob & Sue 1975(?) Dodge Truck – Spud & Katie
  11. Here you go, I found this on the web... Desoto1946-48 Wiring.pdf
  12. A couple of other details that will help... The business coupe has flat rear window glass. A club coupe will have a larger, curved rear window. Business coupes have a swage line that runs from the doors along the rear 3/4 panels above the stainless trim towards the rear lights. The swage line on the club coupe goes along the doors then around under the rear window.
  13. I just picked up the April issue of Street Machine magazine and there are pictures of three P15s out and about in the UK. It looks like that front three-quarter angle is a photographer's dream!
  14. Some more for you...
  15. This has come up before and I posted some reference pictures. The D25 bumpers are definitely different to P15 bumpers. Same cross-section, but not the same brackets or bolt positions. Here's a link to my earlier post. I hope this helps...
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