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  1. Mine will comfortably run all day at 70mph in overdrive, and it sits nicely in the power range to give a bit of acceleration when needed. My car has a standard 3.9 rear end.
  2. No - he was blowing a wartime ARP whistle from my collection. There's a video clip on my facebook page...
  3. On Friday, our street commemorated the 75th Anniversary of VE Day with music, dancing, a singalong and a day of socially distanced celebration.My wife dressed as a Land Girl, my son wore US Navy uniform and I wore British Army (Middlesex Regt) battledress in honour of my great uncle, as we paraded around the road in our Plymouth. Our neighbours gave us a rousing reception.
  4. Here's an example of an accessory light-up swan hood ornament. These pop up on eBay fairly regularly, in various colors.
  5. Thanks for posting these. I've sent you some more pictures. Please check your messages.
  6. Yes, that's part of the Jiffy Jet set-up. I have one, with all the fittings, but I'm reluctant to drill the (rare) windshield division bar on my convertible!
  7. I've enjoyed reading the comments on another thread, comparing P15 Plymouth and 1950s Volvo styling. So, for a bit of fun, I thought I'd share this photo of 1950s doowop group, The Medallions, posing with my '48 Plymouth coupe, way back in 2000 when I brought them to the UK to perform at our Rhythm Riot Festival. I did my best to recreate the picture in the style of the famous promo for their 1959 hit, '59 Volvo'. Here's a link to the song...
  8. Glad you got those horns sorted. Chrysler certainly knew how to make a noise!...
  9. That's correct, Frank. UK headlights should to dip to the left.
  10. Welcome to the Forum. You'll find a lot of very useful information, and some amazingly helpful people on here. As a 'new' UK owner, I hope you'll be able to join us at The P-15 Picnic in September, and come along to The Pilgrimage in April. PM me with your email address and I'll add you to our circular news list. Also, if you're on facebook we have a page for UK owners, so please join us here. All the best, Robin
  11. Looking forward to seeing everyone buzzing over to the Group. Let's hope they all stick around! 😍
  12. Great idea. I'll add that to the Group rules and put out a message.
  13. I have to agree. A split manifold or headers with dual exhaust is the single biggest change you can make with a bolt-on to these motors. It transforms the car.
  14. Thanks Keith. That's been updated and I've set a custom address at www.facebook.com/groups/FlatheadMoparParts Appreciate the feedback and look forward to welcoming you to the Group.
  15. I set up a new facebook Group a few hours ago, specifically for owners to buy and sell parts for flathead Mopar cars & trucks. The Group already has 39 members, from several countries, and it's shaping up to be great way to reduce the burden of eBay fees and help keep our vehicles on the road. Please come and join us at Flathead Mopar Parts - For Sale & Wanted And please spread the word... Everyone's welcome.
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