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  1. put an X in the middle of the square. From driver a pillar to pass b pillar and pass a pillar to driver b pillar. Keeps it from swaying.
  2. Hopefully before summer's end. This waiting on parts is getting old.
  3. Finally received some parts ordered on 28 March.
  4. the 55 has new shoes and the hood ornament lights up.
  5. There's a ton of those here in Alaska. Most are just rotting away.
  6. This is the way I ended up doing it.
  7. Are you doing okay Paul?


    1. pflaming


      Yes, just getting some much needed rest and getting organized to correct wiring issues as directed bu Ulu.  And it’s been in the 100’s so been quiet.   TKS for asking. Nice to know someone is taking care! 

  8. It's taking forever. Ordered parts on 18 Feb. Still don't have them.
  9. Still waiting for parts so decided to do a little upholstery install.
  10. Should have said sure I'll do it. Go put the phone in the house and watch. lol
  11. Great job Nick. Looking very good. Exciting times are ahead.
  12. I no longer have any pets.
  13. Had a new visitor that's been hanging around for the last few days.
  14. https://anchorage.craigslist.org/cto/d/anchorage-1940-dodge-luxury-liner-coupe/7128249857.html Not mine but I'd say a nice car for the price.
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