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  1. If he doesn't know it's a 46 and thinks it's a 42 I see two problems. 1. Price for a 42 would be higher than a 46 as not many 42's were made. 2. His title is wrong.
  2. I just paid to have my 55 Pontiac wagon reupholstered and the grand total was less than $3000. That's in all vinyl. Seats, carpet, headliner, door panels, kick panels, custom made OEM matching linoleum for the cargo area, and inside rear wheel wells are covered as well. The caddy is in vinyl and cloth. Mostly cloth.
  3. He says it runs and is rebuilt. He owns a garage business. I asked him to get it running so that I could hear it. He replied that the price then goes to $5000. He was a bit shocked when I told him that I'd pass.
  4. Ebay has them listed for $229 + shipping. Same as a Chevy. I've been able to use all the original 55 Pontiac glass except the two front door windows are broken. Will have to buy new for those.
  5. If it wouldn't have taken much to make it a daily driver I would have bought it. Front floor pans need replaced, far back of trunk where it meets the taillight valence, both rockers, small area left rear fender near the bumper, most of the lower right side quarter panel, bottom of right door and bottom rear of right front fender. Not all that much really but more than I want to mess with and deal with everything else on that large of a car. Outside chrome wasn't bad at all, grill needs a bit of straightening. everything was there that I could see. Headliner had some large tears. Engine turns but the ignition was frozen so I couldn't try and start it. Needs some Kroil oil.
  6. I passed on the Caddy today. Just too big of a car to have sitting around waiting in line. Had less rust that I was expecting but a bit more than I hoped.
  7. Thanks Todd but really if I can do it anyone can. Most just fear jumping in the deep end.
  8. Installed some glass and rubber.
  9. I sent mine to a guy named Smith in Denver. Had to go back one more time. Then it would work for days on the bench hooked to a battery but when put into the car it would stop after 20 min. I ended up having to bypass the stock wiring and running a wire all the way to the battery.
  10. If she likes it better we'll just sell the Pontiac. lol
  11. Had a good weekend at the gunshow and raised the cash to go and examine the Caddy in detail. Might make an offer and bring it home this week before the snow flies.
  12. My nephew took this buck yesterday in Missouri. Super nice buck. Happy for him.
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