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  1. with powder coat you can not use body filler or any other type of filler to fill pits. Won't stand up to the 400 degrees in the oven. I just ground down, filled with weld and sanded the bumpers for my wife's 55 Pontiac. They go to the powder coat guy next week. I'm using Prismatic Powders super chrome. All the bumper parts will take about 4lbs of powder. With shipping $95. The cost for the sand blasting, application and baking, and a clear coat on top so two bakings is $400. I couldn't send it down to get it chromed and returned for that. + the bumpers needed a lot of work. Took me 6 days of 6 to 7 hours each to repair.
  2. It does look pretty darn good Nick. Very nice.
  3. Looking good Nick. Don't put it off because it's a bit scary. Just begin and it will be over sooner. I hadn't done any replacing of metal either when I began my coupe. It all worked out. My best advice when cutting metal is to measure at least 3 times before cutting, if possible make the replacement panel first and place it where it goes to mark the metal to be removed. Fits better that way. lol
  4. Unless you are getting a tan in the shop you can't have too much light.
  5. My wife usually calls me an A word also. It's not that one though. Thanks.
  6. Thanks Robert. The powder coats are getting closer to chrome look alike. Not quite there but to rechrome the ones I have would cost way more than it would be worth. https://thepowdercoatstore.com/products/kromezone-chrome-powder-coat
  7. Thanks Jim. What made it hard is that the mounting plate goes across the back right behind the dent.
  8. Started repairing the bumpers for powder coating. They are pretty rough. These are the rear guards.
  9. A Stihl extended reach gas pruning saw. But I got more out of all the soda bottles I picked up as a kid. Used to make a pretty good haul once a month. Spent the money on books mostly. lol
  10. when I was a teen I used to walk the tracks near home and pick up spilled grain to feed the hogs. Found quite a bit of other stuff as well.
  11. after 20 days of below zero we finally got to +4 today.
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