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  1. Moved both cars up to the main garage. Had to charge the Pontiac battery, the Dodge fired right up after a little gas down the throat. Not bad for sitting for 6 months. If I didn't I wouldn't get them out of the back 40 until June.
  2. Went out to the tent garage yesterday and reinstalled the front seat. getting it ready for when the snow melts.
  3. Nice. Where there's a will there's a way. I did mine by myself. I'd get something better than the jackstands for support though.
  4. No problem. I know lots of folks on here are asking where to buy them. Can't buy most of the time. Might as well make it.
  5. bill of sale vs title doesn't help. Depending upon what state the new owner lives it can be a hassle to impossible.
  6. Brent if you make it down to the Kenai Peninsula give me a shout. Fishing the Kenai river for Kings, (if they have a season this year), is an awesome experience. We also have trophy trout in it. 30" ers aren't uncommon.
  7. 9:13 AM Wednesday, February 3, 2021 (AKST) Sunrise in Sterling, AK
  8. Today made 4 days in a row that we had a beautiful sunrise.
  9. -13 here last night. But, I live in Alaska. lol
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