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  1. Looks like they are easily available in the US, Mark... http://www2.cip1.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=C23-311-941-581-C http://www.air-cooled-parts.com/cat/product_info.php/311941581c-relay-for-headlight-311941581c-p-24929 https://www.vwnos.com/311-941-581c
  2. My 18 year-old son is just about to collect his first car... a 1967 Triumph Herald It's another Michelotti classic. And we've found a beautiful example with only 38K on the clock!
  3. Hey Damon, I have the original white flashers at the front but have supplemented them with small amber flashers bolted to the bottom of the bumper guards. At the back, I fitted white 'reverse' lights but added amber bulbs. They have the 'right' period look and other cars seem to notice them easily. Hope this helps. Robin PS I had a look around your car at Colin's place... It's a real beauty!
  4. I just got a new speaker mounted behind the grille in the dash of my P15. Music is provided via bluetooth from my phone, using a piece of kit developed by a guy I know over here in the UK. They will be available commercially in a few weeks' time. If you're on facebook, here's a video...
  5. It's interesting to see this thread revived. I ran with the electronic switch for a while but the OD was drawing too much current so it wasn't really up to the job. So I now have a VW headlight relay activated via a Shift-Rite knob on the gear shifter. It works really well and the mechanical relay makes a great sound as it engages/disengages giving it a real period feel. The VW part number is 311941581C (for 6v +ve ground). Hope this helps.
  6. It is most probably a D24 but, if it's Canadian built, it could be a D25, which is a Plymouth-based car with Dodge trim. Compare the lines of the fenders and the shape of the grille...
  7. Checked with the guru (George Asche) and he says there's not much difference between the cams, so it's most likely that the Dodge cam was probably the part that was to hand at the time. Thanks for your replies.
  8. My car is just about to get a replacement engine, which is a strong-running unit from a friend's car. (He's dropping in a V8) The motor was hopped up sometime in the 1960s and was run with dual carbs and fenton headers, but we know nothing about the internals. Looking at part numbers, we've found the following... The motor is a Plymouth unit, with a P23 number (1951). The number on the crank appears to be correct for the year, but the camshaft is showing a Dodge number. Is there much difference between the Plymouth and Dodge cams? Could there be a 'performance' reason for swapping to a Dodge profile? Or is it perhaps just that the part was available at the time and/or it's been reground? I'd welcome any ideas or thoughts. Thanks, Robin
  9. The VW part number you are looking for is 311-941-581 C Relay, Headlamp, 6V, All Models -67 https://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-6V-Headlight-Dimmer-Relay-Hella-311-941-581C/112589845727?hash=item1a36e0b4df:g:Ql4AAOSw~jpZ1bH-&vxp=mtr
  10. Actually, D25 bumpers and gravel pans are different to those on the P15 Plymouth. I posted some pictures and info on this thread, below. Best of luck with the Dodge. NIce find!
  11. This year, we were at the National Museum of Computing, Bletchley Park. We're currently talking to suitable venues for 2018 and will announce details as soon as we can. Hope you'll be able to join us.
  12. Graham was hoping to bring his DeSoto business coupe but didn't make it. Dave will also hopefully have his finished for next year's meet. There's a T&C that's local to our meet but the owner is usually away at this time of year. Don't know of any woody wagons in the UK, though.
  13. You'll be guest of honor, Mark. Looking forward to it.
  14. Yes, all left hand drive. There are a few right hand drive cars over here (originally supplied to Africa) We also say 'The States'... it's almost like we speak the same language!
  15. Yes... 11 Plymouths, 3 Chryslers and a Dodge. Also a few owners whose cars couldn't make the trip. And some 'guest' classic cars, too.
  16. The 3rd Annual P-15 Picnic was a great success. We even welcomed our first overseas visitor... a P15 owner from Holland who is planning to bring his car next year. It was a good day out...
  17. When the vacuum system works, it's sweet. I shot this today...
  18. Someone in the UK has been advertising 1941 Chrysler parts from a car he's breaking. I will try to track down the advert. Edit: Found it. PM on its way.
  19. D25 gravel pans are smooth and the bumpers wrap around further than on the P15. The bumper irons are different too... If you look closely, you'll see an extra pair of bumper bolts visible at the front. As the blue car is in Canada, perhaps the bumpers were swapped at some time, using parts that were available locally? For reference, here are a couple of pictures of a D25 coupe, here in the UK...
  20. Thanks for sharing your adventures. It's interesting to see that the P15 is fitted with Dodge D25 bumpers and gravel pans. I wonder if those are original to the car?
  21. Alan, in the UK, just told me he found one of these in the trunk of his P15 Business Coupe when he got it. I haven't seen it, or any pictures, but it's clearly a period item. If I get more info I will post it on this thread.
  22. Great story about the license plates. A quick google search threw up this eBay listing... http://www.ebay.com/itm/1957-Visit-Oklahoma-Semi-Centennial-Front-License-Plate-Tag-MINT-/162530284719?hash=item25d78f54af:g:of4AAOSw53NZARsh
  23. Here's a DeSoto that was in a Swiss yard in 2013. And a couple of Plymouths in Ireland... The first is a picture from a The Seaflower trawler funeral in 1968. The second is a car that was for sale in 1983 but, sadly, does not seem to have survived.
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