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  1. And here's an Irish one. I believe this one's long gone.
  2. Here are a few more pictures of the Belgian Dodge
  3. I think that car still exists. It's in Belgium.
  4. Dean and I will be back on the sand in 12 days time, at the VHRA Hot Rod Races at Pendine Sands in the UK...
  5. OK, so we've got 'Coupes You Like' and "Art Deco Vehicles' threads. How about showing us your P15 Convertibles? Here's mine, owned since 2004...
  6. I've never heard of this car, Bob. It looks like it could have been the test bed for the Dodge La Femme models.
  7. A guy I know, who has a fairly serious car collection, flew out to the US to look at the Plainsman in 2013, with every intention of buying it. But he came home empty handed as the asking price was a solid $130k and he reckoned on it needing at least that much again for restoration costs.
  8. If we're going GM I would have to say that I saw a stunning 49 Caddy convertible at a show in the UK. Black paintwork, black top, deep red leather interior and not overly laden with chrome. Truly understated class. It was a real stand out car.
  9. My top 5 in date order... Apologies, I can't seem to get the photos to load in order. 1939 Dodge Convertible with body by Graber of Switzerland. (picture 2) This actual car was for sale in The Netherlands some time ago. 1941 Chrysler Thunderbolt. (picture 4) Only five were built, each in a different color. The green one came up for sale a few years ago! 1942 DeSoto convertible. (picture 5) I really like the hideaway headlights. A Thunderbolt feature that made it to production. 1946-1948 Dodge D24 Business Coupe. (picture 1) I love the proportions of this car. 1955 DeSoto hardtop coupe. (picture 3) A hemi-powered beauty.
  10. The factory color is called 'Vogue Brown'
  11. The convertible dash is welded in. Woodies have the same cowl and windshield construction as the convertible, so i would guess those also have a body-color dash.
  12. Bob's description is correct. Woodgrain to dash and window garnish moldings but the strip across the center is dark brown. On Deluxe cars, I believe the switch panel under the dash is also woodgrained. This is chrome on Special Deluxe. Here's a 1946 ad with a good reference illustration, and a couple of pictures of the dash in a low-mileage unrestored car
  13. I'd say that the indicator bezel on the dash is factory which would suggest that the full turn signal kit was originally specified. But the Signal-Stat switchgear is a replacement unit.
  14. There was no paint on that name plate. Here's a photo from back in the day...
  15. Congratulations (again) on a great find, Mark, and thank you for your kind words. I'm looking forward to regular news updates. Good luck with everything. Robin
  16. That looks very much like a British MkIV Zodiac hubcap. If it is, that would be more of a mystery than the marker!
  17. Yes, copies are available from Chrysler Historical. They send it with some interpretation of the codes. This is card for my '47...
  18. I tried top up and top down. Not much difference. I think the extra weight of the convertible was always going to be a handicap. My improvements through the day were, I believe, due to gaining experience of the start and the way the car was performing. It was my first time on a drag strip so I have a lot to learn!
  19. That's not rain... it's rubber on the track.
  20. And some more pictures. All courtesy of Neal Read at Retrophoto...
  21. It must be something to do with account settings. The video's not mine but I'm trying to get it.
  22. Steve and I ran our Plymouths at The Vintage Nationals at Santa Pod (UK) today. It was great fun. Steve's coupe ran very strongly and took the honors with a best ET of 20.6 secs at 65 mph. My convertible ran 20.82 at 64.61mph. I'm pleased with that... until the next time! If you're on facebook here's a video of one of our heads up races... https://www.facebook.com/christopher.reynolds.5203/videos/10154763507078795/ If the video link doesn't work for you, here's a still...
  23. Here's your picture. Best of luck with the project. image-6990 (edit: Ah.... it looks like the Forum software has changed. Perhaps saving server space)
  24. I know this has gone off-topic, but we also made a handful of window stickers, too...
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