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  1. I used " Posies" leaf springs to lower mine. http://www.posiesrodsandcustoms.com/super_slide_springs/
  2. It came from a late 90's Jeep Grand Cherokee
  3. Not sure if this shows enough, basically the spring pocket sits on top of the control arm, just move it to the bottom.
  4. Today while joy riding in southern Michigan i spotted an immaculate black p15 club coupe. It appeared to be all stock it looked and sounded great! I can't remember ever seeing one out side of a car show (except Niel Hoback's). I wish i could say this got me to work on mine.
  5. Sometimes what is truly important gets in the way of what we think is important.
  6. I'm disappointed that I have nothing to report about the P15. My parents moved then my Father passed so i was real busy with helping Mom and settling their property and all the stuff that couldn't go to the condo. It was a lot of stuff! somewhere in there i switched jobs at the mill and had to put in more hours, then i switched again and now i'm working shift work and still working more than i want to. I have been buying little parts and pieces for the Plym when i find them. i'm still not done doing the "chevy shuffle" i still need to sell one of mine and one of Dads for Mom. I didn't mean for this to get all "facebook" but i did want to report in.
  7. Dropped uprights relocated spring pocket on lower a arm, posies drop springs and blocks, oh and about a million pounds of Chrysler hemi
  8. looks like a good start, good luck!
  9. Is that a " pearl craft" wheel?
  10. If you could have one more 40's - early 50's Mopar what would it be? For me it would be a 50 Dodge roadster or a 49 Plymouth business coupe.
  11. scotty t

    P15 dash

    with the "hydro dipping" process, you have a very wide variety to choose from, From very close to stock to about anything you can think of. it's not real cheap to have it done, but you can buy all the supplies on line. i believe it takes a lot less skill than hand painting it.
  12. scotty t

    P15 dash

    i really should stop by when i get over my case of pneumonia. i need to see what a p15 is supposed to look like. how have you been Niel?
  13. i love it when the story follows the car. i've got one that came with a folder with the original dealer sales receipt and a bunch of paper work showing it gradually moving south from Wisc. to ILL. then to me in IND. it even included some speeding tickets! Please do your best to maintain the history and add your own for the next caretaker.
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