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  1. Artistic or to much time on their hands?

    Sorry...I'd have to give it the boot...
  2. Been a while: My '49 Coronet

    Good looking car, I also like the seat covers. How do you like the T-5. Conversion?
  3. There ya go! Like to see someone save it or use it.
  4. https://knoxville.craigslist.org/pts/d/1932-plymouth-frame-and-axles/6561475207.html Saw this, thought someone on here might be interested.
  5. TImes have changed.

    Pretty funny! wonder if any are still around?
  6. Saw a neat engine at the Charlotte swap meet.

    I saw some other things of interest there for most mopar guys but I didn't get pics. There was a guy that had brought quite a bit of a 39 Plymouth there. Had a complete front clip, rear fenders, trans, pedal assembly's, chrome etc. It was late in the evening when I walked by his spot. He had covered everything up with tarps, the wind had blew the tarp back and this was just what I saw. I would have like to talked to the guy but I never did make it back to that section. I really didn't have a need for any 39 stuff anyway. I didn't buy much for my Plymouth there. I bought some very old new in the box Wagner wheel cylinder rebuild kits for 2bucks a piece. The cute little can they come in was almost worth that to me. Lol and bought some intake/exhaust gasket sets. I didn't really need them but at 5 bucks a piece I added them to spares. I have other projects such as my 70 Chevy truck, I scored some good parts for it. My son has been building an old school style small block Chevy engine, he found a tunnel ram and some vintage valve covers. Love to see him interested in old cars. ( raised that boy right! Lol) saw an vintage dual carb intake for a mopar flat 6 but it was pretty expensive, had $375 on it. It may have been a good deal I just wasn't really looking for something like that.
  7. Saw a neat engine at the Charlotte swap meet.

    He said he just did that to make it look symmetrical. Not sure if their was a real purpose.
  8. Saw a neat engine at the Charlotte swap meet.

    There were some European parts in the NOS that I saw. Some of it was aluminum body panels. Not sure what all that went to, neither did the seller. I thought that one fender was a 40 Plymouth. He said he didn't know. Said he would take $300 for it. Might could have bargained for less but I don't own a 40 Plymouth.
  9. Saw a neat engine at the Charlotte swap meet.

    This was a neat car.
  10. Saw a neat engine at the Charlotte swap meet.

    Also saw some NOS parts there.
  11. Saw a neat engine at the Charlotte swap meet.

    Yes it was. I enjoyed our conversation, we talked about everything from Plymouths to raising kids. Great guy!
  12. Saw a neat engine at the Charlotte swap meet.

    I'm not sure if he adapted them or made them.