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  1. In the daytime I'm Mr. Natural, just as healthy as I can be, but at night I'm a junk food junkie, Lord have pity on me.. 🙂
  2. I agree with the previous post. I'm not really a fan of the flat 6 but there's no reason to fix what isn't broken. I personally wouldn't go to the trouble ($$$) of dual carbs, exhaust and all that on the flat-motor, either. I won't argue that it looks kinda cool but ??? Just my opinion.
  3. Nice looking car! Anything is theoretically possible given your ability, finances, and/or desire to heavily modify the car. From personal experience installing a big-block Cadillac is a major headache without major butchery. I've pretty much given up on going that route. 😒 There are kits available from Butch's Cool Stuff for installing small block Mopar and small block Chevy engine/transmission combos. https://butchscoolstuff.com/eng-trans-mounting-kits-4/ Good luck!!
  4. Hopefully you can figure it out. Those are the most aggravating prblems..
  5. I got in touch with the person who posted it. They're clueless automotive-wise and posted for someone who doesn't use FB. Called that guy, he says $1,200 for the flat motor. Might be worth it because of the extras. I'm just not in the market. He also has what looks like an all original '33 Plymouth coupe listed. Has $19,500 on that one. I like it but $$$. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/424468095325040/?ref=product_details&referral_code=undefined
  6. Looking through my wife's FB account and saw this one advertised locally. Supposed to be a good motor, has headers, dual carbs, and a Chevy automatic transmission adapter setup. Ad says $2,200 which seems goofy expensive to me. I guess a link might help. This isn't mine.. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/882420739249537?ref=product_details&referral_code=undefined
  7. I can't get enthused over pickup trucks. Having one that's so nice you wouldn't throw a wheelbarrow and a brick saw or some box scaffolding in the back seems wrong somehow. To me they're like a trowel or a hammer, something to be used to get a job done. edit to add; And besides that, yuck; that thing's just weirdly droopy looking!!
  8. Here's one. It's glass but they have an acrylic one listed for less $$. Being a traditionalist I'd go for the glass one. https://www.uline.com/Product/Detail/H-1882-I/Safety-Mirrors/Convex-Mirror-36-Glass-Indoor?pricode=WA9152&gadtype=pla&id=H-1882-I&gclid=CjwKCAiA1eKBBhBZEiwAX3gqlyFtF3TrBUjdS7EF8cw0hUCFUsV6jEhMqCtJkwkTmYJYHSzG_KtX-BoCabkQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  9. Looks good but let's get real, that mirror's there so you can make sure you look marvelous at all times, isn't it.. Isn't it??
  10. Stevie was something else entirely.. I saw him in the early '80s at a little college auditorium just before his first album hit big and got an autographed copy of the album. Next time we saw him was at Memphis in May the year he died. Had to fight to be able to even get a glimpse. 🙂 There's a great version of Willy the Wimp from a concert in Norway or Finland or somewhere like that. Easy to find on YouTube.. LOVED Uriah Heep back in the early '70s. Was digging Wishbone Ash, Black Sabbath, the Alice Cooper Killer album, all that stuff back then, too. Good stuff!!
  11. 👍 Pretty much the same here. I got into blues pretty heavily in the '80's but I can get into some pretty hard rock, too; even metal if the synapses are short-circuited just right. My kid's a drummer and one of his friends who's sadly no longer with us played bass with Roomful of Blues, Fabulous T-Birds, Jimmie Vaughan, etc. and I got a better appreciation for The Meters and New Orleans music because of him. He really liked Louisiana swamp rock. They loved Matilda by Cookie and the Cupcakes. I didn't get into jazz even when I lived in New Orleans back in the '60's. You can see the kid's o
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