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  1. A lot of people haul their bikes here and there and then ride around the countryside a few hours but I'm really not into that. A couple of days riding alone is always enjoyable, though. The kid and I have been planning an extended trip to the southwest for almost forever but I can't think of anyone else I'd want to spend days on the road with. I've ridden with people who'll drive you nuts stopping at every exit for this, that, or the other.. I'm old, I need to get things done fast!! πŸ™‚
  2. Saw a friend from Alabama a few minutes into this one. Surprised me a little but he does get around. I only have one motorcycle trip planned so far this year, Labor Day in Davenport. Have also been thinking either Mora, Mn to see my little brother or New Orleans to see my old friend Bob. Either way, nothing beats a 1,000 mile road trip! πŸ™‚
  3. I like HalfAssKustoms. His fearlessness at tackling any project is admirable but for some reason I have to watch the episodes a little at a time.. Ten minutes in.. ZZZZZ!! Tried watching Coldwarmotors once but the guy's voice bugged me too much. KeithB's really good and Pacific Mike's good if you like sickles..πŸ™‚
  4. It was Tony's rep on the line, not Nick's or whoever else was involved. He should just move on like it never happened.
  5. I gotta agree with that.. I still have friend's playing traditional C&W and bluegrass. If I can find any of their stuff online I'll pass it along.
  6. Let me guess, you like both kinds, country and western?? πŸ™‚
  7. Yeah, I know and I get it. It still struck me as sad. Apparently her father had just died and she was really grieving his loss. https://variety.com/2021/film/news/tawny-kitaen-dead-whitesnake-video-bachelor-party-1234969193/
  8. I agree, that's an improvement. Overall that's probably a really good driver. The Texaco theme is a matter of taste kinda like painting a P-15 like a taxicab, a '69 Charger like the Dukes of Hazzard car, or putting ketchup on scrambled eggs. As the great Wentzville philosopher once said, "It's a free country, baby; live like you want to live!"
  9. The concept as explained by PA-- designed to gather light from approaching car from rear and illuminate the lens as a reflector--seems optimistic and it's certainly not intuitive but it makes more sense than anything else, with the caveat that even fully illuminated the tail-light isn't likely to blind anyone.
  10. A friend who taught me much of what I know about paint and bodywork used the DuPont version of this with good results. He'd block through primer, wipe down with this stuff and shoot paint right over it. He was and still is considered one of the best bodywork\painters anywhere near here. http://products.axaltacs.com/dcat/us/en/dr/product/5717S.html?desktop=true
  11. Same here, I drive too much for work. Around 60k miles for work in the past year and I doubt that I put over a hundred miles on a personal vehicle.
  12. Even half the asking price would be out of whack if it was my money.
  13. BIL bought a new Super Bee in 1970. In '71 I ran it right into a tree for him. Not real hard, just enough!! Dragging it uphill out of the woods gave the old JD 50 all it wanted! That car was lots of fun!
  14. I love VW's! I traded a '63 Dodge pickup for my first VW, a '65 Beetle; in 1970 and gave it to a girlfriend.. I didn't own another Beetle for several years until a friend gave me a '67. I started restoring it for my son, intending to let him drive it when he got his license. I wasn't finished with it when he turned 16 so he ended up driving my transporter instead. He wasn't happy about driving the bus at first but after a while he ended up loving it. His high school let the kids go wherever they wanted at lunch and he always had a van full. Once at a parent-teacher conference a teacher approac
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