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  1. Sad news indeed. I always looked forward to reading Don's postings on this forum,always willing to share his experience with others...
  2. Thanks for posting the photos of your Chrysler... Car looks great.Would certainly cause me to stop and check it out if I saw it on the road.
  3. Nice work fabricating the firewall...helpful feedback offered.☺️
  4. When it becomes necessary to replace an unsatisfactory headlight switch it is a good time to install a headlight relay(s) for all the reasons mentioned.If I hadn't found a suitable dual headlight relay on ebay I would probably have used two separate relays.
  5. I regard owning an old car as a hobby .Hobbies generally cost money. Owning an old car costs more than some hobbies,less than others..It's up to an individual what his personal interests are and what he is prepared to spend on a hobby.Personally I've never spent a dollar on an old car I didn't earn, and while I'm somewhat knowledgeable regarding prices, in some cases the price I've paid to buy a car is more than the value others would have placed on the same car. I've never figured on any of the old cars or my motorcycle(s) as an investment, although certainly there is some value there if and when I should decide to sell...Chances are they will probably be left for others to sell. That said,If you like the car go ahead and buy it,get the best deal you can keeping in mind there will always be work to do on any old vehicle you buy... ☺️
  6. Don,Too bad that you had the mechanical problem and missed out on the new BSA Rocket 3, but anyhow you had the opportunity to participate and also to meet Burt Munro...good memories to have! 🙂
  7. I have had several vintage Chrysler product cars since the mid 1950's,(still own), and am indeed mopar fan.Although I have to agree with forum member, "allbizz49", the 49-51 Ford club coupes do easily lend themselves to customizing for those so inclined, and there has been some really nice examples through the years. While I can appreciate what others have done with their cars,my1950Meteor remains quite original with the Ford flathead V8,etc...
  8. Koetherizing Pistons - Back in the day ...
  9. I'm also the owner of a "shoebox" -1950 Meteor club coupe.It also has the large rear deck, sold in Canada by Mercury Lincoln dealers,same body style as the Ford club coupe, only fitted with Meteor (Mercury Style) grille and trim...I like them both.😊
  10. I agree. I was thinking of this particular model of Cadillac and while it could be restored , it is not a car I personally care for...but that is just me. I've never made a nickel on this hobby and I don't expect to realize any change in the future. lol
  11. Judging from the photos you have posted on past and present projects you've tackled, I'm kinda thinking once started you would be taking this car well beyond just making it a daily driver. This model Cadillac would be an expensive car to restore properly and if a full restoration was completed, it would be difficult to recover a decent percentage of money spent should it become necessary to sell the car at some time in the future. While it's sad to see some vehicles left to deteriorate, sometimes even if the car is available free of charge,the restoration project would not be not worth undertaking...jmho
  12. ...And we all hope that is indeed the case, (in the event due to circumstances),should we decide to part with a vehicle at auction. 🙂
  13. While I haven't experienced your problem with a Westach tachometer, this suggestion is worth trying... imho.🙂
  14. I'm sure the vendor wasn't disappointed...
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