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  1. Brian, Compliment you on your diplomacy.🙂
  2. My 1948 Dodge D25 was fitted with this type of oiler, ( not AMPCO), same idea back in the day... It is still there mounted on the firewall. I removed the tubing to the base of the carburetor at the intake manifold , and replaced the custom gasket with the proper stock gasket.... The oiler bottle was empty and wasn't serving any useful purpose at the time. With unleaded fuel and added ethanol now the most common regular fuel at the pump, maybe it's time to consider reconnecting the oiler...I don't know. There has been others comment about adding a shot of MMO or Diesel to a tank of gas - but
  3. Not really the "stock" gas cap for my 1936 DeSoto nor necessary - however the price was right on this early 30's DeSoto vented gas cap that looks more cool than the one it replaced...😊
  4. Found this picture on the internet...Canadian version. 🙂
  5. https://www.hemmings.com/stories/article/original-chrysler-batteries
  6. This article from Hemmings, re. Original Chrysler Batteries may be of interest... https://www.hemmings.com/stories/article/original-chrysler-batteries
  7. Interesting...I didn't know there were MoPar labelled batteries back in the day. The electrical specs and wiring diagrams I've seen list Willard batteries along with Willard part numbers for the various models.
  8. It is a 1959 Edsel Corsair looks to be in fair shape...parked next to it in the shed is a 1950 Dodge truck that looks good as well. There are more detailed photos of auction items on the web page.There is a lot of stuff to be auctioned off and they are planning on getting through it all in one day. Although I've had my second covid vaccine shot, cross border travel is still restricted and as much as I would like to attend the auction, doesn't look good. I have some friends down in Shelby,Montana that will be going... https://frontrangeauctions.com/l-matteson-auction-items
  9. Just a short distance south of where I live - South of the border. Worth watching the video...
  10. Tailboard meetings are a necessity. 🙂
  11. Nicely done - probably be a few folks keeping their eyes open for an old cable reel. 🙂
  12. Like the Chinese Chang Jiang motorcycle with sidecar - I've seen a few on the road that have been imported here in Alberta. 🙄
  13. Dan, Your car looks like the 1954 Dodge Mayfair that sold in Canada...Like the US Plymouth Belvedere body only with Dodge trim. Very nice looking car,I'm sure you will enjoy owning it...
  14. I kinda wonder will "Build Back Better" give us an affordable means of transportation that will be around 84 years from now and still be economical to operate? lol
  15. And yet another car for sale here in Alberta... I like it.- The asking price I believe is somewhat less than appraised value. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/calgary/1929-deluxe-desoto-roadster-k-car-for-sale:/1556611272
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