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  1. As the saying goes - "The devil is in the details" 😎
  2. I have heard that the population of domestic cats is on the decline in some areas because of predators ...
  3. T120


    Pause for thought...
  4. I have a coil of silver solder that I've had for years and would probably use it for a small job like that.It takes very little and flows well.
  5. Two John Wayne movies I would consider watching again if I have to self isolate and can't make it out to the garage...The Searchers" and "The Shootist".
  6. A couple of other submarine movies that come to mind that I found entertaining and also thought-provoking were, "The Enemy Below" and also,"The Bedford Incident"...
  7. I had the opportunity to work on the refit of the USS Burrfish SS/SSR-312, (HMCS Grilse) and the USS Argonaut SSR475,(HMCS Rainbow). Both were on loan to the Canadian Navy. During the time I worked at the Navy Dockyard I had the experience of working on a number of ships that had been in service during WWII as well as working along side a number of veterans who had served. Das Boot (German subtitles or dubbed in English) is also a movie I enjoyed watching.
  8. Back in 1968 I was in a downtown bar in small town outside of Chicago; they featured an exotic dancer on stage whose performance included fire-eating while in the company of a live boa constrictor,that and the theme music to "The Good,Bad and The Ugly" playing loudly in the background. Whenever I hear that music,it brings a smile to my face.😉
  9. The Hurt Locker (2008) Casino Royale (2006) Unforgiven (1992) American Graffiti (1973) Hud (1963)
  10. T120


    Another alternative for a clean butt...No, I don't own shares in the company. 😎 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juilRGZXLwM
  11. T120


    Needless to say ,the current situation is particularly hard on small business,causing hardship on a lot of families in many areas.. Sad ,and we can hope things will recover soon.
  12. T120


    Not sure local sewage systems in most locations today will be able to handle makeshift TP...We've progressed since the time of the backyard privy.😉
  13. T120


    The outlook seems to be changing rapidly in all locations. Although I'm well aware of the problem, I tend to avoid watching the news coverage on TV.This is the only ""social" website I Keep up to date on and occasionly comment. While still wintry here in southern Alberta, I had a really nice drive this morning down to Sweet Grass,Montana to pick up some car parts. The sky was clear and the highways bare.Heavy truck, (transport ) traffic at Coutts,Alberta was backed up a little over a mile headed south to Montana. About a dozen vehicles ahead of me at the crossing...Headed north to Alberta was a different story,but still not too bad considering the long lineup of RV's and other travellers heading back to Canada. Happy to have the parts I ordered and as forum member, DJ194950 mentioned, we probably are safe spending time in the garage, not gonna catch any virus from our vehicle(s). 🙂
  14. T120


    ...A country boy can survive. 🙂
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