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  1. This topic brought to mind an incident that happened when I was younger. I was totally focused on a piece of equipment I was working on and didn't realize an older employee had stopped by and was talking to me - Until, suddenly he was loudly cursing me (basically, in milder language the message was, "you can tell me to get lost but don't ignore me!")...Now I've been retired for a number of years, there's no more deadlines and commitments and I find I'm easily distracted, that mixed with a bit of clutter and I frequently misplace tools and other stuff consequently some I have duplicates.😊
  2. Yes,if the vacuum advance unit is working properly it will max out at 14 inches of mercury, (vacuum as presented to the vacuum advance unit = 11 degrees advance) The centrifugal advance will max out at 1300 distributor RPM (10 degrees advance). These figures are for the distributor listed by Merle. Advance curves can be plotted for both the centrifugal and vacuum advance. If you have the number of your distributor,it's possible they may be available. 🙂
  3. You should be reading the addition of the vacuum advance,( vacuum advance working correctly ), plus the automatic advance at a steady engine RPM. In Merle's figures this would equal 21 deg. advance total at 2600 engine RPM for the Auto-Lite IAP-4101-1.
  4. Excuse me for mentioning, Keep in mind the 1300 distributor RPM in Merle's figures represents engine RPM at 2600 RPM.
  5. Schrader marketed a kit. It came in a metal box - "Schrader" Spark Plug Tire Pump ... I have a kit called "Enginair" My daughter, who has a knack for finding stuff, gave me this as a gift several years ago. 🙂
  6. ...Next stop - Hollywood! 🙂
  7. I watched a 15 minute video on You tube this morning. I found it quite interesting,labour intensive manufacturing back in the day. It was titled... Building a bicycle in 1945 "How a bicycle is made"
  8. This is a picture of a (vintage) Carter head bolt heater...
  9. Possibly another block heater,hard to tell from the photo. It does on occasion get very cold here in the winter and an oil pan heater is required as well.😉
  10. Hey Keith, Thank you for the update. A very nice "survivor" vehicle. Looking forward to more photos when you get the chance. At first glance - doesn't appear to be too much wrong that can't be easily corrected.🙂
  11. A great light bike, I also own one... Good for around town - doesn't disturb the neighbours when I fire it up. 😊
  12. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/calgary/1929-deluxe-desoto-roadster-k-car-for-sale:/1556611272
  13. Reading this thread,I feel rather sad that what you had as a vision for your truck when you purchased it has turned sour. As with many members on this forum, I've been into old cars for many years - seen a lot, have some experience - years ago, I personally paid a " learning tax" cost me $150.
  14. With the old vehicles, ( the wiring, battery,generator and regulator in good shape),upon parking the vehicle and not planning on using it for a while - take a minute and disconnect the battery ground.🙂
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