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  1. I went to look at it today. It is a 51. It looks to be missing most of the trim pieces and what i did see looks pitted. The owner said it had a new engine put in 1960 and was parked in 1962. The car is in an overgrown area and I couldn't see what was stamped on the block. Im pondering if it is worth taking a chance on the engine not being stuck and buying it.
  2. I met someone the other day that has a 51 or 52 Plymouth that has been siiting for a long time. He said the engine had been replaced a few years before it was parked, offered to sell it for a little more than scrap price. My question is how much other than the engine would work for my 47 Plymouth?
  3. I am blasting inside my shop since it is heated. I dont have any ventilation system in it. I do have a blast hood and a respirator with the replaceable filters. I used a wire wheel to remove as much of the flaky rust as i could get to with it. I have set uo a tarp aroud the frame to try to stop as much of whatever I use from going throughout my shop.
  4. Has anyone tried using garnet mesh for media blasting? Im trying to find a safer alternative to sand for blasting my frame that has pretty heavy rust.
  5. I found a 1952 m 37 for sale locally and I'm wondering what size the factory wheels would be and what would interchange with them.
  6. Trying to find the size and pitch of the bellhousing to engine block bolts on a 218. I'm wanting to put my engine on a stand but don't want to dig through shelves to find my bolts. No luck searching on here for the dimensions.
  7. If the control arms are interchangeable why not swap the whole suspension for the d24.
  8. We are on the southern edge of that system. Could wake up with 3-6 inches. Could be rain. That's southeast mo weather.
  9. I'm going to guess its Mt. Vernon Mo. Merry Christmas!
  10. Thanks for the input. I purchased the media blaster from Harbor Freight. To answer the question as to how to get the sand out of the frame I plan on using a sewer jetter from work to go inside the frame rails when I'm finishe.
  11. I'm thinking about buying a small blaster, debating on weather to buy a soda blaster or a sand blaster. Does anyone who has either have any thoughts on wich would be better? I will be using it primarily to blast the frame and body on my Plymouth.
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