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  1. I like those old gauges, they were probably well made. If taken care of and handled with care prob give many years of service. In my job I have to use dial indicators calipers and mics. I have always liked Starrett because of the quality and they were made in the USA, Brown & Sharpe a close second.
  2. AMT makes a 41 Plymouth 1/25th scale model kit. Your gonna need to buy one of those kits, build the engine and swap it in to remedy this.
  3. Yale Tow Motor company used 230 Dodge flatheads for several years on up into the 70's. That's where my engine came from. Mine was a Jasper rebuild that was sitting on the shelf of the company I used to work for.
  4. I haven't visited this forum in a long time. It really saddens me to hear this about Don. I never met Don in person but I learned a lot from him and am richer for having known him. He needed a dash emblem once for some project he was doing. I was really glad to send it to him and in a small way return some of the help he had passed on to me through his knowledge and advice. I want to pass on my belated condolences to Don's family and say I was glad to have met him even though it was just through this forum. Mark Bible aka Flatie 46
  5. Merle, I've got a couple of friends that go to Barber days event. They say it's pretty neat, I haven't been able to go but that may change this year or next. They say they race some of the vintage bikes, and have a swap meet. After seeing your pics I think It's just been added to my bucket list. Love the pic of the Crocker single! Veemoney, That's a sweet pan, you do need to get that out more. I have a hinged rear pan fender sitting on my FXR right now. looks like it's just not going to fit right without a lot of work.
  6. My Son Max and I have been to Wheels through Time many times. Its not far from where we live and a must see if you love vintage bikes. Max and his friends rode over last year to an open house event that they had. We have met Dale Walksler a few times and Dale is a great guy. Now Max's favorite vintage bike is a Crocker. The day they were there Dale fired up a Crocker. Max had gravitated around this bike anyway and was close when this happened. Dale saw how excited this made him and grabbed his hand and put it on the throttle and told him "rev it up". Max gently cracked the throttle as one might with a vintage bike of that age and caliber. Dale then put his hand on Max's and rolled it back a few times, really turning it up. This really rocked his world. I had to work that day, he called and was really wound up about his experience. I had a video but lost it when my old phone crashed, Max may still have it. Seeing your post prompted me to share.
  7. Yea I've seen the barn dust for sale a few times on craigslist and Facebook market place. I thought it was pretty funny, kinda like when they sell the smoke for the Lucas electrical systems. I've seen them post a pile of cow chit and list it as a barn find. If you really need some I can hook you up but use it sparingly, too much could throw you into another tax bracket.
  8. Yea an oil leak would kill the sale on a pan. 🙄 A lot of non original parts on that one, at least it has the original barn dust which always drives the value up.
  9. I wish ya luck ole buddy. I'd like to have an 80" ULH flathead myself. Maybe some day.
  10. If you have been following the motorcycle market you will agree as stated above it is flooded with good used low mile bikes. Not as many people buying bikes as their were 5, 10 or 15yrs ago. The younger generation doesn't seem to be interested in bikes. The older motorcycle enthusiast and collectors are gradually fading out. Harley has seen this trend coming for some time, hence all the new models they have been offering over the last few years trying to catch the eye of the younger crowd. I don't think its helping. I've heard of kids not even interested in getting their driver license, we all know what that meant to us. The world has changed. I'm going to predict that the high prices that the old Knuckles and Pans have commanded for years are going to soften. I also think old cars will follow suit. If you go to swap meets, junk yards or estate sales its mostly old fossils just like me. I don't think following is going to be there in the future. I see too many signs of it now.
  11. I turned 50 in November. I have always worked a lot of hours. I generally work 56 a week now and off 2 days. I have no trouble going to sleep, staying asleep that's where it changes. I'm usually up a few times, get back to sleep pretty quick most times. I can never sleep late, not even when I try hard. 25yrs of getting up at 4am has done something to me. For most of my life I haven't been a morning person. Anymore I like to get up, have some coffee, make the family " Big Daddy Breakfast" as they call it. Listen to some Waylon, Bill Monroe or Wayne the train Hancock as I cook. Or maybe just "Barter Time" or talk radio on the old AM tube radio. When I was young I could have slept for days if left alone. No way now!
  12. I put one up recently that I purchased from Harbor freight. It was ( with the cupon ) $199.99 and it's a 10 x 17. The brand name is Cover Pro. I did a couple of extra things when I put it up that may not be required at all. I added an extra tarp between the frame and the top and slid some of that extremely light foam insulating board in between the tarp and the top. I also opted for some of the screw anchors from the pet section that are meant to tie and stake off a dog. It came with anchors but these worked better. I put this up to store a body in out of the weather. This week we had very strong winds, it's done fine. Pretty happy with it, I would buy another. For no more than I gave for it if it lasted 6months I would be happy, I think it will last much longer than that though.
  13. I took my son often to many junkyards off the beaten path when he was growing up. He told me recently that was the coolest thing he remembers as a kid and was so fortunate to have been able to see all the old stuff. He's a gearhead now himself, loves vintage autos and is a pretty darn good mechanic. Which is unusual for this generation. We had fun, it was always like a treasure hunt.
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