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  1. I'd start looling for A short. You have a 30 amp circuit breaker that automatically resets--I expect this is the cause of your lights blinking on and off. It's located behind the instrument panel near the ammeter. So the circuit breaker is "saving" you from a fire. Turn off you lights and see if the wipers continue to work--if they do, the short circuit is in the lighting circuit
  2. You almost have the turn signals figured out--when making say a left turn and braking the left rear brake/turn light will flash, the right rear brake/trun light will be on. Personally I would use new terminals,, just feel better about connections to fresh metal
  3. Wow, just WOW! I'm blown away by your retoration
  4. I agree with Merle--one direction engages the OD no matter the speed, the center position disengages the overdrive and the third position the OD is controlled by the governor, That's how my overdrive operated , using the same wiring diagram as Thom posted. I did not use the kickdown feature, personally I wanted control the OD manually
  5. AHH a real car lover---loving the style of 50s/60s over the jelly beans of today.. My 2 cents: Dual Master cylinder, SEAT BELTS, LED brake lights...and good tires. I put Disc brakes on my car for safety, but I was living in the hills and mountains of the pacific NW---on the midwest flatlands I expect the drums are adequate. My car originally had the 4.1 rear end and it ran all day at 60 with no issues but was a bit noisey
  6. Really cool, I like it a lot! How did you connect the warning lights for the oil pressure and ammeter/voltmeter?
  7. Airtech (I think that's the name) makes a remanufactured fuel pump that had serious reliablity issues--personallyI tried 3 different ones--the best lasted 3,000 miles and the other two lasted less than 5 minutes. Now my experience is 3 years old so things may hav changed but I had no problems once I used the rebuild kit from then and now....had over 5,000 miles on the rebuilt fuel pump when I sold my car and it was still running strong with no leaks
  8. I had the stock fuel pump with my Dual Carbs--get a rebuild kit from here: http://www.then-now-auto.com/fuel-pumps/
  9. No Don I haven't. I keep looking for him to show up here
  10. Looks great! Does it have that distinctive Horsehair smell? I kind of missed that when I redid my seats
  11. Don, I doubt it--I donated the car to PBS and it was auctioned off in South Bend
  12. I will probably lurk around and speak up once in a while---
  13. If you have to go on rutted gravel roads tho--give me the Plymouth
  14. I hope so too..it is a bit like letting a pet go---these old mopars are more than just a machine BTW. I left a sheet of the "care and feeding of Doris" in the glove box for the nest owner--the last line read: " MOST IMPORTANT PIECE OF ADVICE: JOIN THE P15-D4 FORUM www.p15-24.com. Virtually any question for problem you may encounter will be answered there. The members are quite helpful and know darn near everything about these old Mopars.
  15. The "Z" is a different kind of fun--but it is fun. We took it on a 4,500 mile road trip to the Maritime Provinces and had a great time
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