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  1. I see you have a vacuum gauge hooked up - what readings were you getting with the engine running?
  2. Mine was in pretty good shape but one of the heater hoses had worn a hole in it. I tried patching it in various ways -even tried papier mache, but it ended up looking worse! I’m going to use fibreglass with resin to repair it properly this week. I’ll let you know how I get on!
  3. Sorted my running issues out so took advantage of a break in the thunderstorms to go for a drive....
  4. I’m having a similar problem with mine - I’m running a Pertronix too. Backfired so bad it did blow out my muffler! My coil and module tested fine. Vacuum readings are low indicating late valve timing and plugs are sooty, but everything seemed ok until recently. I’m interested to see what you find out....
  5. As the whole country is still on lockdown and movement is restricted, I thought I would use the time wisely and give the old girl a tune up. I connected a vacuum gauge and with a warm idle, I’m only getting a steady 8 inches of vacuum indicating a manifold leak or late valve timing. I’ve checked the manifolds and can’t find any trace of a leak and given the engine was only rebuilt last year, it’s unlikely the chain has skipped a tooth. I’m scratching my head with this one as I really don’t want to tear it apart if I can help it! Any ideas??
  6. A small update - spent a few evenings over the last few weeks repairing the steering wheel. Unfortunately it was in rough shape as the sun had got to the plastic and it was brittle and cracked. In some places the metal was showing. Whilst I loved the look and originality, it wasn’t safe and wouldn’t have been deemed legal and roadworthy over here. I found a NOS green wheel, but it was too pricey for me ($500) and I toyed with the idea of casting a new one in resin, however it would’ve been an expensive experiment with no guarantee of colour match. In the end, I opened up all the cracks and use
  7. I don’t have a sedan to compare to so you may be right, but I used a sedan rear floorpan on mine and it fit quite nicely. It’s great to be able to find out all the little nuances of these cars on here.
  8. Sedan floorboards are correct. The cubby boxes next to the rear seat unscrew from the side panels and there is a bolt into the floor. These can then be removed. The rear seat support bar does not sit on the floorpan from memory. That wagon with the bulletholes has been for sale for years. The price has come down slightly but it’s essentially scrap!
  9. Yep. A repro pair on eBay is about $90. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1953-1954-DODGE-PLYMOUTH-ROCKER-PANELS-2DOOR-NEW-PAIR-/142825343077 Are you going to document your restoration on here? I'd be interested to see your progress.
  10. I feel your pain. My wagon's front floors were pretty bad. About the only place I found that does replacement panels is c2cfabrication.com Like all repro panels, they will need some fettling, but they're pretty good. I found loads of NOS rockers listed on eBay. Worth a look there.
  11. This is what you’re after.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1953-PLYMOUTH-STATION-WAGON-BRAND-NEW-GAS-TANK-GASOLINE-FUEL-TANK-MOPAR-54/183248979307?hash=item2aaa7d856b:g:EKkAAOSwkjtbDctN
  12. It’s solid now, but there were a few issues. The front floorpans were more suited to a Flintstones car and there were some small holes in the water traps. These have been sorted and some careful paint matching done so they’re not obvious repairs. I’d love to know where this thing was sat for so long as the body was 95% solid but there was a ton of oily, sandy mud coating the undercarriage. I imagine it did a lot of it’s miles on unpaved roads. Thanks. Wagons are hot over here too. I think this is the only one in the country - maybe the whole of Europe as I’ve never seen another
  13. Thanks for the kind words Worden. I’m pleased with how it’s looking. 2” blocks in the rear and Aerostar front springs. I didn’t want to go too low so as to make it undriveable. This weekend I hope to go through the brakes and then it’s just a few little things to button up before I can get it on the road.
  14. Got the ride height where I want it...
  15. Managed to get the engine in this weekend. Most of the ancillaries fitted too. Started after a couple of cranks which was a result. Need to sort the timing out etc., but at least it runs!
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