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  1. I’ve started adding some of this in my tank now that E10 petrol has been brought in. https://www.opieoils.co.uk/p-69352-millers-oils-eps-ethanol-protection-fuel-treatment-additive.aspx Might be useless, but time will tell I guess. Might be worth sticking to the premium or super unleaded as most of those over here still have a lot less than 5% ethanol content.
  2. Nice pictures - thanks for sharing. It really is a small world…even though I’m back home in the U.K. now, I spent my college years in northern Maine and travelled all over. Fort Kent, Presque Isle, Bar Harbor, etc. The winters up there were a bit of a shock to me though! Heard lots of stories of many old cars abandoned in the woods up there, but never had the time to really go out looking. Found a couple though. Surely got to be some old Mopars hiding!
  3. Would this work? https://www.c2cfabrication.com/products/1949-52-plymouth-savoy-front-floor-pan-access-panel-left-side-only
  4. I must be an anomaly - under 40, UK.
  5. Apologies for going off topic, but I love this kind of ultra-niche, specialised book. It’s the kind of thing I tell relatives to get me for birthdays and Christmas. They think I’m nuts.
  6. This one was covered in old shellac, but modern fuel with ethanol in will soon dissolve that. I coated the cork in cyanoacrylate (super glue) before installing - hopefully it will be fine.
  7. Managed to find something that I have been looking for for a few years - a NOS, late ‘54, wagon specific, two-wire fuel sender. The fuel gauge was the only thing that wasn’t working and now it does! Gives me a bit more peace of mind when driving. I did have a ‘60 Beetle that used a stick to check the fuel level...
  8. Welcome Chris. I think I’ve seen your car before.. Skip to 05:43.
  9. Sunday morning errands...
  10. Buntingford Engine Services - they’re local to me. I put it together.
  11. That’s an odd one. What do you mean when you say ‘collecting’? Is it a pool of oil or a mist? Apart from the oil bath air cleaner, all oil lines etc, are on the other side of the engine....have you got any pictures?
  12. Thanks. I’ve tried a few things with the paint but my objective from the start was not to go overboard with it. I’m not really a fan of ultra-shiny patina paint, especially the clearcoated look. I also wanted it to be very low maintenance. A couple of years ago I tried Gibbs oil, and that worked nicely but it was very expensive over here and now seems impossible to find. Instead I went with a couple of coats of Collinite 476S wax - https://www.collinite.com/product-category/automotive/ I put it last summer and it is very durable. With the springs, the rear is on 2” lowering bloc
  13. Had some problems logging in to my account and realised this thread was in need of an update.... Nothing major done, just some tinkering and tweaking. Sorted a few little niggles and have been enjoying keithb7’s YouTube videos that have prompted me to address a few things (thanks Keith!). Fitted a new water pump as the original was starting to groan, new oil and filter, coolant flush and refill, and a wipe down done, ready for the first drive of the year over the Easter weekend.
  14. I see you have a vacuum gauge hooked up - what readings were you getting with the engine running?
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