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  1. I did locate the brace referenced above. It was missing from my hood when I got the car. I’ve got it installed and it corrected the alignment issue and also made the hood sturdier Thanks for all the information everyone I’ve been working nonstop on the room addition for the last 6 weeks Got 2 more weeks to go then back to the car
  2. I didn’t ask for anything and he wasn’t offering anything..... for all I know he was going to offer a link to a source. I don’t know that either because I didn’t ask. What was the potential violation that occurred?
  3. I’ve got an assortment of trim pieces but some have minor damage, some major. Haven’t matched everything up yet since I’ve been working on brakes and cleaning/repairing interior. Should have that part finished in a couple weeks.
  4. Duh...... thanks Just found left and right side brackets for a reasonable price. Not sure why I hadn’t thought of eBay myself
  5. Good morning to you all yesterday I pulled the window glass out to rework the mechanism and get ready for paint and reassembly. I’m missing the small upper bracket that holds the top post of the wing vent window in place. Does anyone have a source for this odd part? i searched the technical archives, the parts catalog online and my service manuals to no avail. Not in a rush since it will be a month or more before reassembly starts second picture added
  6. That’s awesome!!! The picture brought a smile to my face just as much as thinking about that chocolate dipped cone
  7. I have a drum that’s also cracked but it’s in the corner of the casting. Impossible to repair. There is a seller on eBay with drum only. Below is the picture of it. Has anyone here ever replaced just the drum on a rear hub?? If so how successful was the process
  8. Thanks that’s what I thought but wasn’t sure. Now to try and find out what body number or serial number was the cutoff for the p15
  9. Got a quick question for the guys who been at this way longer than me. I have a chance to buy a box of chrome trim supposed to be a complete set NOS for a 49 Plymouth coupe. I’m restoring a 48 coupe. Will any of the chrome trim pieces fit on my 48 super deluxe coupe?? Thanks
  10. Good advice. The 1/2” threaded holes are way too small to press in the 9/16” studs. The splines are larger than the threaded parts the Dorman stud specs should give the correct size to drill for the spline to fit properly
  11. Normally I would do the same but I’m in rural Missouri 75 miles from St. Louis. Too far to chase qualified recliner, machine shop etc. Fortunately I’ve got some experience with wrenches and hammers, lol
  12. Thanks Sam, I have ordered weather stripping from them and it came promptly and price was fair. Kanter has shoes for almost 20% less but have found way too many negative reviews. Think I’ll stick with Bernbaum By the way how are you getting pictures to upload? Every time I try it says it’s limited to 3Mb. Only one picture. Maybe I’m doing something wrong
  13. The rear drums are off and time to start reassembly. Looking at getting shoes from Kanter or Bernbaum. Does anyone have any opinions about product quality and service from these guys. Thanks.
  14. SUCCESS!!! Drilled the stripped hole to 31/64 and tapped it with 9/16 - 18 tapered plug tap. Used the heavy puller and dead blow hammer..... bingo both drums off time to replace the wheel cylinders, shoes and lines.
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